Carys’s tree house

Carys’s tree house was not an ordinary tree house because it didn’t have a house around it she just stood on the leaves at the top of the willow tree. Carys even has a sunflower on the tree. But she did have a little house on top of the tree like the sunflower. The flower was very droopy so she went to go and water it. It had lost three or four petals because she had been at Spain. The little house was blue, yellow, green, purple and gold.

The Writer

Once upon a time, there was a brilliant writer. He wrote stories with at least two hundred pages and when he had finished them he scribbled a signature on the last page. One day, when he was thinking about his next story, he decided to display under the flooring in the local library. But there was on problem – he didn’t have paper the right size to fill the library!

The next day, The Writer asked The Press to create the biggest sheet of paper they had ever made! He needed a piece of paper the size of twenty four sheets of A4 paper.

So The Press made the paper and The Writer wrote the story

After 5 weeks the story was finished and The Writer put it in the library.

The End


One day, there was a girl called Esmay she loved going on the zip wire at the park. So her mum took her to the park and all she done was go on the zip wire. on one turn she got to confided and didn’t hold on properly  within in a second Esmay  had fell of the zip wire and in the bush she went. Her mum screamed she was so worried she didn’t know what to do all of these things were going threw her mind it was a massive shock. Her mum though maybe  I should call the abulenece………..


The Plate

In the beginning, I was having my  breakfast and I had bacon and eggs with my family and after that we went to town and sore some china plates. So we bought them for £34  it was a good deal. At lunch we used the new plates that we bought. For dinner we had  a Sunday roast and after that we went to bed. The next day we had breakfast and went to the garden centre and my sister came to have a cake. Then we went to have dinner with the new plates but for some risen all of them were gone!


Take it to the top

One morning, boy called Jack woke up in  and said to himself “I want to play football,” So he got out of his bed and dashed into his older brother’s room. He told his brother that he wanted to play football but he just laughed. Jacks older brother had a big, strong, muscular body whereas he had boney, weak and skinny legs. So Jack sadly strolled back into his room and went back to sleep. He then dreamed about playing for Man City and he scored the winning goal in the champions league final. Then he woke up and went outside in the garden and did 100 keepie uppies. That dream had given him a confidence boost, surely. Later on in his life he was playing for Man City FC whereas in the beginning he was just an ordinary boy.