The Little Kitten’s Day Out

There was once, a Apple Tree Farm. On that farm was Mrs Boot,the farmer. She had two nice children called Poppy and Sam and a dog  called Rusty. Ted also works on the farm. He is helping Mr. Bran,the  truck driver. Mr. Bran has brought some sacks of food for the cows. They said goodbye to Mr. Bran. Mr. Bran waves back to them as he drives his truck out of the farmyard. Ted and poppy waved to him once again .          “Where’s my kitten?” signed Poppy .     “Where’s Fluff?” says Sam. They all look everywhere for Fluff. But they can’t find her.  “Pherhaps she jumped on the truck.” “Here take my car and go after thee truck,TED,”says Mrs. Boot. They jump in the car and drive off . When they caught up with the truck and got their kitten back.    
                                    THE END!

planes of world war 2 Copy

One day Tims farther went to war he flew the flying fortress with his co pilot Fill four spitfires gaurding  the plane that Tims dad was in the plane and heading out to the vilent war back at the house tim and his mum were eating lunch then Tim asked is dad going to be alright yes mum said he will be alright come on let’s have some fun and play some games

froggy fun

One day there was a frog called burty and he loved the water.But one day a evil queen called queen meany cursed him.He didn’t like the water he didn’t even like eating flies which was very strange for burty.One day he got out of the pool and looked down at his feet and relised they wern’t webbed suddenly it came to burty that he was turning into a human.Burty was amazed at what he saw.Then his skin went pale and he grew taller and taller until he was a giant to a frog. He opened his eyes and saw people crowded around him thinking about what just happend.Suddenly they all ran away and burty realised why.It was queen meany and her evil army of ants” I see you have found out what my magic can realy do”she shouted and went to turn and go back but befor she could burty grabbed her staf and turned him self back into a slimey green frog.queen meany was furious and started to rage at the frog but the got taken away and burty lived a long happy froggey life. It

The Cake Catastrophe

After a boring day at school,Zoe got home and moped around her  scruffy, grim house.She threw herself onto the sofa and glared miserably at the boring TV that you could only watch the same baking with bob show over and over again.But this time,she was so bored that she actually got exited about watching it.But for the first time ever , it made her want to bake.So she went into the kitchen and said to her self “hmm what will I need?”and replied back to herself “well it cant be that hard you will just need a bit fish, a bit of milk some cheese and stir it up and there, just ‘bung’it in the oven and turn it right up to 200°c!”After about 15 minutes of waiting “BEEP BEEP BEEP!”The fire alarm went off and her mum came rushing down the stairs and shouted “ZOE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!”Zoe just said “I made a cake mum,”.Her mum said “that is not how you make a cake would you like to make one with me?” And they made one together and it was the yummiest most scrummiest cake ever.

      The moral is ‘ask first and                  work together’.



Sorrows and Secrets *SONG*

I have sorrows, I have secrets

I have speed, I have feet

But they will never keep me…

From following my dreams


Sadness, madness

They keep me on my feet

I fall down, I get up

It will always be that way…


I have sorrows, I have secrets

I have speed, I have feet

But they will never keep me…

From following my dreams


I stay locked away… (Locked away)

I stay far away…(Far away)

My tears fall down, until they hit the ground…


I have sorrows, I have secrets!

I have speed, I have feet!

But they will never keep me…

From my dreams!