The Sleepover

Hi our names are Nia,Amelia,Nicola and Nika. We are baking a cake now and it getting really messy !.If you are wondering the sleepover is at my house and its Amelia who is writing this story.We are home alone which is an opportunity to mess around !!.30 mins later…. “The cake is ready” I said. When we were taking the cake out of the oven we heard our alarm go off so we went to check and there was a person trying to get in.It wasn’t the alarm in the kitchen.We got to scared we snuck out of the back gate and biked to my mums work to tell her we did call the police as well if you are wondering.We just got a call from out neighbours saying the police were at my house.But there wasn’t just one person there was a gang of them.Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress.

I have to go fast!!!

One day there lived a man called Adam.Adam lived next to this running  place where people all around the world race for the world trophy Adam was a really fast runner so he decided to sign up on his first round he came 1st although they ran quickly,they were still not making enough progress Adam was going to vs some of the fasted runners in the world tomorrow so he went to bed when he woke up he went to the running place and he won again turns out he was the fasted man alive he got a lot of money and he was famous. THE END

How Sassy my Mom is in Real Life

My Mom is amazing at making fish and chips at my Mom and Dad’s fish n chip shop in St Neots in Cambridgeshire and also my mom and dad have two shops in Eaton Socon and one shop in Eynesbury. Everytime we go shopping in Birmingham or Milton Keynes, my Mom will let me have anything at any shop, but MY MOM LET ME HAVE MY SLIDERS IN JD! My Mom is from Birmingham, Walsall. My Dad is from Scotland, Glasgow, I love my Dad’s accent as well and in real life always says CHEERIO! Mom always gets everything that I always want however, if I am doing well in school or I get could get too many things on my birthday. Sometimes, if I wanted to get  jeans for an example she sometimes says no because it’s not the right size. Maybe I think she doesn’t like it, but I really want to buy it and it depends what my Mom always say she’ll maybe get it in my birthday or in Christmas. Still, my Mom is very nice and kind, if you wanted Nike for Christmas or on your Birthday she’ll always get it for me. Where my Mom is from, she is very SASSY.


On one cold windy night a young boy called Jack was stuck in prison….

he wanted to get out the prison. He was quick but he didn’t make any was the day I should escape hahahahahahahaahah!!!! ” could you be quite”said my inmate . Time to make my great escape I will dig with a spoon! so i did an it was the best escape ever no gards saw i ran and ran untile i found a jungle  and made a tree house and i lived the for the rest of my hole life eating brokile and it was nice. 

The End


Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. “Hey,”Ella said to her best friend (Matilda) as they walked into the massive, blue gates ,with an amazing and warming field next to it. They suddenly remembered that today was the race. Matilda was excited because she was very good at running but, Ella was not! “Its the race today” they both blurted out at the same time. They giggled. But then it was time for the big race. Ella was worried. If she fell over, if she came last, if she did not try, then she would let down her friends.”You can do it Ella” Matilda whispered in her ear.