Lost and found

Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin at his door. The boy opened the door 🚪   and screamed so loud that the penguin ran all the way home were he lived. So the boy went to find it the boy New were it was in the Artic Circle so the boy set of  to find the 🐧 penguin. So I went to get my sandwich and set of to find the penguin 🐧. Finnaly I found the penguin siting on a cliff hanger all sad until the boy went up to him and sail sorry do you want to be friends and the penguin said yes so the boy and the penguin went back to the boys house 🏡             The End 


The Tea cup

I looked in my Mom’s cupboard but it wasn’t my teacup it was a cracked one! I took the teacup out, I tried not to crack it, but I showed it to my Mom and she shouted strangely “REENA DATS NOT MINE WHERE’D YOU FIND IT”, then I said “Excuse moi, I found it in the cupboard”.  I put it outside just for one day then the next day it was full of seeds! It looked really good, and it grew flowers on it.

Tale of two partners

One fine morning, I rose from my bed  and grabbed my cool-looking silver computer and and started playing a really hard coding game, hard but fun. Then I slammed the lid down when I had enough. I carried my computer down to the dining room, ready to have my breakfast. I dropped my computer on the table and accidentally spilled a bit of oranges juice on the screen. “BEEP!”went the computer. “Oops,” I mumbled, and wiped the splodge of juice of the bright shiny screen.

From the computers perspective………

One tiering dull morning, my head got lifted from my neck. I wished I could change my awful clothes. My owner, Millee, started playing with myworst enemy Co-operative Coders. Grrrrr that game really makes my brain itch! Then, she decided that it was OK to just slam my head down onto my neck. Next she carried my down the stairs and finally sat down. She then spilt some icky sticky orange juice on me! I always dreamed of having a bath, but not one like this!

how did he do that?

One day there lived a poor boy named Matthew and he was the most poor boy in town. one day he wanted to go  rock climbing at first he went in doors and He  was the best at it   so i went to a small mounting and all the children said how did he do that? He felt proud so he went to climb a higher mountain and the parents said show off  so he went big like mounte Everest he climbed and climbed until he got to the top and said hooray 😁 and the perents said how did he do that?



The Easter Rabbit (sounds like peter rabbit:)

I”m fury I’m magic did you guess who I am, if you guessed the easter rabbit then you’re correct, I’m the one dropping chocolate eggs in your garden. I do it every year but heres how Easter really started. It all began when a rabbit named No turned 3 he was called No because when everybody saw him they said No don’t do that No don’t do this…. But No got really upset so he went on the rabbit island when… HE SLIPPED! No fell down a hole and there was tons of machinery he told the others about it after that they made chocolate eggs:)