Mrs Red Legs

It all began on a hot summers day when me and my friends(Bob and Eric) were having a little stroll through the woods. We started to hear some strange noises and started to get worried.Now we were being chased by wolves, we thought there was no escape until we came a cross a weird wooden structure. Suddenly the legs of the structure were pushing the wolves back and protecting us. A few moments later the wolves ran back to there home.Now it seemed that the structure was talking to us,It said are you alright and my name is Mrs Red Legs, whats your names? From that day on we were best mates even Bob and Eric were friends with her!

The Haunted Tree!

Oh my gosh! What is that!?! Oh sorry I forgot that I was writing a public book! I guess I will have to write about this then….! It is Friday and I am walking home from the Co-Op. I just saw the creepiest thing…. it was a tree…… with legs!! A normal, boring tree with long, red, robotic legs!! OH WOW!! I know I shouldn’t but I just had to do what I am thinking, I ran up and now am touching it!!! AAAAAAHHHHH those legs just…. moved! Wait I was wrong the tree has no legs. Body-less robotic legs!!!


Hi I’m called Shy, and just so you know i’m a boy, I’ve been looking into trees and let me tell you what happened on Monday. One day there was a tree, Shy was in the wood as he took his map out there were massive, long, legs sticking out. I wasn’t scared because I knew they were metal, but they weren’t, one of the legs moved as I looked closer it was like it a ever lasting giant, until I knew it was my brother playing a game.

“GET DOWN”, now I said he came down slowly,

“AHHHHHHHHHH ” My brother said

“Its moving” He said again.

Now here i am in hospital.


The Walking Tree

Once there was a tree it was a magic tree at night it would walk out and find some one to play with    one night he found a girl called Bella they played with each other every night they would play tag the legs would usauly  it because the girl was pretty fast and one day she went missing they went to play hide and seek she was no were to be seen then it cam to morning time there she was in here room playing fortnight on her ps4 she had won the game so she fond the win to be continued…

The Magic Mirror!!!

She had found it lying alone, deserted, abandoned in the attic. After making the discovery, Anna had gazed and marvelled at it for some time. Where had it come from? Why had no dust settled upon it, as it had done over everything else that resided in her attic? A layer of the thick dust blanketed the attic floor, and as the sunlight glared through the attic windows, the dust particles yet to settle were illuminated as they hovered in the stuffy air. Yet, the mirror looked flawless, untouched by age, not a finger print in sight.

Anna propped the mirror up against one of the thick, timber beams that jutted from the attic floor. Settling down into a comfortable position, she tentatively placed a finger against the glass

As soon as Anna had touched it she regretted it immediately. The mirror started to spin and then the thick layer of dust that had blanketed the floor covered poor and horrified Anna!! Then the whole world started to spin and the next minute she could not see the mirror! What had happened?  Why could she not see the mirror? Then she heard a voice “MWA HA HA!! I got you, you are rapped in me… oh wait the mirror! MWA HA HA!”

To Be Continued……..! This was a Pobble 365 work.