Female Bear

It was a freezing-cold,Jim had already run out of petrol as he had been driving around for hours.Thump,thump,thump something was coming, something big,something giant. Jim,who was already starting to feel the effects of frostbite, peaked round the corner of the 4×4 and was terrified by what he saw. It was a polar bear the size of a car, maybe bigger. The white, female polar bear cautiously approached the car. She sniffed the air, it started to run. A dark shadow creeped over Jim, it seemed to be much bigger than a female polar bear…

The Polar Bear

It was another freezing cold winter day in Canada and a man was driving around in a rather battered truck. Looking for a place to stop for petrol, there had been nothing for miles and miles but snow. Until the driver saw a shimmering light in the storm, this is just what the man needed someone to help. He was so close until a massive polar bear came crashing out of the woods. There were roars and terrible screams the bear was smashing everything in sight.until he stopped roaring and more bears came charging out of the woods.

The Snow Warden

I’m the snow warden and  one Sunday evening the council sent me a letter saying that my truck would be out the back and that my assignment was this evening. I got the keys and grabbed my coat. I drove the truck for two miles. I stopped there and saw a great white thing in the road. I beeped my horn and it still wouldn’t move so I got out and left the keys in the car. The door shut behind me and I realized it was a polar bear!  I was trapped outside with a polar bear!!!


It  was a cold, stormy day ( as it usually is in winter in the middle of the Arctic). My car had become stuck in the ice and it would not budge. I got out and tried to push it out of the snow. When I saw a polar bear it was coming towards me I stood stock still. He was gigantic. Then it did the strangest thing the polar bear clambered into my car and shut the door with a hefty paw. “By SUCKER” it yelled. I was so surprised I fell backward  then  I realised it was my brother Thomas!

The Fight – by Charly

It was a cold winter’s day and I was driving my car on the frozen lake. “Steady…steady,” I murmured concentrating on my driving. As I got to the edge there was a thud. I looked out my window and saw two large white paws. A low growl erupted from the creature’s mouth.  I scampered out the opposite side and stepped out into the freezing toe shivering air. I pulled the car towards me and watched as the polar bears hands started to slide leaving dangerous claw marks. Finally the bear got the idea and walked off like nothing had happened…

Range Rover by Rosie

It’s cold in the Antarctic. Snow every day and freezing water. If I have one more ice-cold bath, I’m gonna get frostbite. Not the usual frostbite, oh, no, but frostbite where your limbs go purple and fall of, one by one. First your toes, then your ankles and your feet, your legs, your hips and your waist, your stomach, and finally your shoulders, until all that is left is your head and neck. Luckily I have a Range Rover to sleep in. And, this may just be me hallucinating, but is that bear leaning on my vehicle looking at me???

Pull over right now! by Barney

“Where’s your ticket!” Boomed the polar bear.

“Right here sir.” Replied Loki.

“Pull over right now!” Remarked the polar bear.

This was the polar patrol, until Loki came along. Loki was a young man, only 27, and lived in Kaktovik by himself. He got out of his car for the polar bear then to go and flip it over like it was a grape.

“Woah! Woah! Woah! That was unnecessary mate!”

It was, it was very unnecessary and so Loki called the government and shouted at them as loud as he possibly could. In the end Loki died very loudly.

CRASH! by Evie

I had finally made it back to my car after seven cold hours. The air was freezing my bones- at least that’s what it felt like. I dived into my car quickly, ready to drive far far away from the wicked place. That’s when I heard it. CRASH!! My heart skipped a beat as I looked up to see two humongous paws with snow-white fur leaning on my window. My car was beginning to shuffle over and the shining claws gave me the idea this mysterious creature was NOT friendly. Lets just say, I was very much correct…

Stuck Lucas – Emily

Lucas was stuck in the middle of nowhere. His truck had started slowing down. At the beginning he thought nothing of it though as he assumed it was just the harmless snow. As Lucas stormed out of his midnight-black truck, he spotted large footprints engraved in the snow a few feet away from him. “That’s strange”, he whispered. He was aware that he hadn’t been out of his truck so these footprints must belong to someone else. That’s when he saw it. A polar bear. A very large, angry looking polar bear.

“Run”, was Lucas’ last ever word…