A very very interesting thing that is very very very dangerous especially in this story. One day that started like a normal Monday morning but suddenly purple Crocodile with a twisted tail burst out of the ground and was eating everything and everything it ever ate made him grow bigger and bigger and bigger and boy that’s name was Zoomy inside the crocodile    got powers and he ran at the speed of light out of the crocodile’s mouth and made a dimension but when he was being sucked into the dimension he turned into a cristal and peace returned to the world. THE END!


One thought on “ZOOMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Hey Daniel,
    I really enjoyed reading this. It had a great structure with a clear beginning, middle and end – that’s not easy in 100 words!
    One of your sentences was really long, I wonder if shorter sentences might have been more effective.
    Good work! Keep it up!

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