This is not really serious, there’s a hand in America in Louisana crikey! I was thinking where did it come from huh? This is the first time I’ve seen a hand with a face in my entire life. “Mom this hand is creeping me out AHHHHHHH I’m serious this is creeping me out”., said my [ annoying] brother. My mom doesn’t care anyway. The hand said hello to everyone in the town in Louisana I went like wow is this real? Well it feels real I said hi back to the hand,”Are you real”?. I said. “Yes I am indeed any more questions?”Yes”. I continued. “How’d you become a hand”? The hand said “Long story I made from DNA and I didn’t knew how I created myself”.

If you see a hand please ask a question about it.

7 thoughts on “A HAND WITH A FACE”

  1. Hi Reena,
    I liked how you had dialogue in your story. For example, one of the characters said,”Are you real?”
    Also, did you know that fist bumping is better than to high-five others to help prevent germs?
    A connection, I have is I have never seen a hand with a face either in my life. Maybe something to improve on is not using said and use replied or answered. Lastly, a question I have is what do you mean at the end by, “If you see a hand ask a question,”?
    Happy writing,
    Trinity in Illinois

  2. Also thank you Yousef Ha you’ve commenting my other stories but thank you so much for that.

  3. Hi Reena , Great post I liked how you put a bit of comedy in it that made me laugh a little ! Well done keep the good work up!

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