A special something

It’s been with me my whole life even when I was a baby. It was my first ever cuddly toy.My mum and dad bought it before I was born. It used to be really fluffy and white. If I go round my friends house it comes with me if I am watching  TV it comes with me if I’m in a show it goes and watches me and I sleep with it.I like sitting down and giving it a big cuddle and lots of kisses. It has a black nose and black paws. I love it with all my heart.

3 thoughts on “A special something”

  1. Hi Amy
    I really like that you still have your item with you for a lot of time . I think you could add what it looks like now because in one of your sentences it says ” it used to be fluffy and white ” so what dose it look like now ? Even I have something that I have even before I was born . Was your item a polar bear stuffed animal ? Also, I think that you gave a lot of detail . I also think that you could add some important memory with your stuffed animal.
    Happy writing, Jack in Illinois
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  2. Hi Amy! I really enjoyed your post. I like how you provided vivid details to describe your item. I also like how you described the items physical details. Is your a stuffed animal or a real dog.

  3. Hi Amy!
    I really enjoyed your post. It was really good, i think you could’ve added how it looks now since you said in your post how it used to look white and fluffy.But other than that it was very good.Keep up the good work!


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