A special something

It’s been with me my whole life even when I was a baby. It was my first ever cuddly toy.My mum and dad bought it before I was born. It used to be really fluffy and white. If I go round my friends house it comes with me if I am watching  TV it comes with me if I’m in a show it goes and watches me and I sleep with it.I like sitting down and giving it a big cuddle and lots of kisses. It has a black nose and black paws. I love it with all my heart.

1 thought on “A special something”

  1. Hi Amy
    I really like that you still have your item with you for a lot of time . I think you could add what it looks like now because in one of your sentences it says ” it used to be fluffy and white ” so what dose it look like now ? Even I have something that I have even before I was born . Was your item a polar bear stuffed animal ? Also, I think that you gave a lot of detail . I also think that you could add some important memory with your stuffed animal.
    Happy writing, Jack in Illinois
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