A Tale of two boys view

One day I decided to go for q trip in my little rowing boat. On the way I saw a little penguin who was swimming near the North Pole  after a few seconds he swam over to me. He climbed on to my boat and riggled around a bit. On the way home I talked to a couple of people  but every time I did the penguin just hid under the blanket.  I thought to myself that It would be a bit worrying  for all the other penguins to not see him so I turned around and rowed back to the North Pole. When he woke up I carried him on to the ice and left him there. When I was rowing away I turned to look at him but he looked very sad and even sadder than I have seen  anybody be. The next day I set of to find him,it was a very long journy but when I got there he was no were to be found. I felt really bad now for leaving him there. I turned around to go back home when I moored up the penguin was standing at my door. We both ran into each others arms. From that day on then stayed together for ever.