A Tale of two penguin view.

I was swimming near the North Pole which is were I come from when I saw a boy on his little rowing boat. So I decide to join him as I was lonly. His boat was quite neat and It felt really commfy.On the way to his house he talked to lots of people but the problem was,I was shy and I hid under his blanket. When I had come out we were back at the North Pole,he jumped of with me and then left me there. After a few seconds I became really sad, as sad as I had ever been. The next day I set of to find him,it was a long journey but I finally made it to his house. The way I found his house was that on his boat it had his name on and a time the front of the house I saw it had the same name on. A few minutes later the boy was back, he stopped At the harbour and we both ran into each other’s arms. From that day on we stade together.