A Tale of Two Stories

Pinku The Penguin was a lonely penguin, he had no friends, no family, no owner even. But one day he saw a boy, a sad boy. He stared at the ground with his arms folded tightly, with a frown plastered across his face. Pinku was curious and courageous so he waddled up to the young boy with a joyous smile. The boy looked surprised in a happy way!  Pinku felt loved and grateful and so did the little boy. He had a human.

Michael was a young, thoughtful boy. Nobody really liked him. One day he saw a penguin! He tried to stay calm but smiled bravely. He quivered and shaked trying not to b noticed by the terrifying creature. He hated animals, especially penguins. They were his worst nightmare! Michael felt strange and uncomfortable. He had a penguin as a enemy.

One thought on “A Tale of Two Stories”

  1. Hi Chloe! I really liked how you told the story through both of the characters’ perspectives. It really helped the reader understand what they were thinking even more. I really enjoyed your story. Good job!

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