A Weird Spaceship

Jenny was walking down the field and she saw something flash it was aliens there were only three of them. There spaceship was a giant cracked cup  for tea. She was so scared when the aliens found Jenny she fought she was going to turn into a alien but all the aliens wanted to do was to be friends they were quite cute there eyes were purply pink skin was purple little feet they were the shape of a circle. there hands were soft as a baby’s bottom. The fastest they could go would be as fast as a lion. 

3 thoughts on “A Weird Spaceship”

  1. Hi Nika,
    Your piece was really cool. I loved the part where you said that the aliens hands were as soft as a baby’s bottom. Did you know that I had a little part in my writing that had an alien in it. I said that it might have been an alien that dropped it there. I wonder why did the aliens drop it there and why? One thing you could work on is don’t make so long sentences and also try to make the sentence not start with the same word. So do different words. The rest of your piece was very cool.

    Happy Writings,
    Mackenzie in Illinois
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  2. Thank you Mackenzie for the lovely comment your blog is good too!!! Also thank you I will do more better work have a good day!!!

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