About Diwalli

One Saturday afternoon.I went to swimming then after that it was evening we celebrated Diwalli.I’m a sikh,for sikhs in Diwalli is very important because it celebrated the release from prison of the six guru.In Diwalli we decorate our special ‘diva’ in white and then we put oil in the ‘diva’with a woolen wick,the ‘diva’is litreally swimming in oil.Then we light the flame for the ‘diva’.While we celebrate the fireworks,we cheer!Tomorrow we’ll clean up the bits of the Diwalli and the mess.

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  1. Hey Reena! Your celebration of Diwali really sounds exciting. You made sure to include what you are spcelebrating, and then listed the activities you do. Awesome job! One question, where do you celebrate this?

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