The amazing bonfire night !!!

“Oh hi there i am called Amy tommorow i am going to see the greatest things at night its so exciting  but right now i am on my way swimming for my lessons”.1 hr later …..” I just finished swimming i am about to go home now see you in the morning”. At 9:00pm at night the next day Amy is at the firework event at the park.”Hi its me Amy i am just watching these fireworks they are pretty so my favourite firework is the big white one  there was also flames at the front to make it more exciting”.2hrs later “That was a great time so our family came over to celebrate . So we celebrated until 11:00pm so late night tonight bye i have got to go to bed now” .

The end !!!!!

3 thoughts on “The amazing bonfire night !!!”

  1. Good work! I think that having Amy talking to the reader was a great idea. I never thought of doing that. I can not wait to see your Week 9 post.

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