Ant man and the tasty light bulb colours.

One day there was a boy how lived in a light bulb,he had 12 sisters and 6 brothers his mum and dad kept on saying ‘NO’ to going out to the fist class light dance up in the key room, his oldest sister said ‘haha your not older to go hahahahahahah’.That night he saw something in side the key room, he saw  a man  with orange hair, black suit and a pair of roller skates. Anti was huffing and buffing to get down there to stop him then something smashed Anti looked behind him there was a round of colours. He got a bag and licked one and then said’  these are tasty lets bring them home to eat’. THE END

3 thoughts on “Ant man and the tasty light bulb colours.”

  1. Well done Nicola. I love your story. Inside is just one word. Remember that for next time.

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