Are they real

One day, there was a girl called Nicola, she had pink hair, blue eyes ,purple shoes and a blue hairband with a black dotty Jo Jo bow. When she was 12  her granny told her that ghost were real, but that was rubbish until a loud bang came from down stairs kitchen, Nicola was scared to death she went down but she realised it was only a rat. The next day was here and Nicola went to town,Nicola saw a vision everyone she looked at  were blurry even the nearest people. Nicola was getting faint then fell to the ground she woke up and she was in a her bedroom.Nicola said to herself” don’t be silly they aren’t real.” THE END.

One thought on “Are they real”

  1. Hi Nicola! I just wanted to say that I loved your story and how you were the main character in your story even though you were the one narrating. I like that you were dreaming in the story because it reminded me almost of Nightmare on Elm Street. Over all, I think you did a great job!

    P.S. do you think ghosts are real?


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