The big chocolate egg

AH AH AH AH a mento




 it a chocolate egg but big the workmen had to get a drill to crack it open and to see in side it was gloomy  with custed it was a big egg but why workmen ate a bit of custed  and like it  tased like a chocolate bar milk dairy k i k k k k k k k k n j j h n n nn n n n j  j k j jk j  u f h k k i i b g  jk   k u y e r w g 


6 thoughts on “The big chocolate egg”

  1. nice job on the story but I can see no full stops so you might want to work on that. that’s all I have to say. Goodbye

    from Tyree

  2. dear Sean
    Your story was very fascinating and I really love how you use sizzling start because I love the sizzling start. I personally think you could make your story more descriptive but in the end your story was fascinating. Make sure your other entire stories are more descriptive but overall I Love your story!!!!!!!!!

  3. dear Sean your story was really good because you use a little bit of strong word and you also use your sizzling start too. thank you

  4. cool! I like how you have used the workmen in the picture for your story and I also like how you use bigger words when your describing something! great work and keep it up! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Dear Dean,

    I thought your story was exciting and i really liked your sizzling start which was the most amazing part, i hope you make more stories on your blog as exciting as this one.

    From Ma Myat Way

  6. Dear Sean,

    I personally liked your story but i hope that you could make your story a little bit better by making it more exciting but overall good job.

    From Lay Lay Htoo

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