Big Cup, Little Cup

Once upon a time in my house, I was drinking a cup of tea, when suddenly I was being sucked into a parallel dimension. I was spinning and swaying until finally, I had touched the ground. My head was going all funny and then I had adjusted to my surrounding. Weirdly, I saw a flying donkey and a singing monkey until then I saw a giant tea pot. Buried in the ground. It was around the size of a cow.  There were flowers on it and it looked like it had been chipped. Then I heard a whizzing sound I was travelling back home. I wish I had been there longer, I really wanted to see everything else.

One thought on “Big Cup, Little Cup”

  1. Hi James!
    I really like your story this week. I think you really did a good job, and it was really creative. Really great job this week, and I love the mysterious way of the new world!
    -Maya E.

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