Bone Ball

Once upon a museum stood a big bone ball slowly spinning whilst people walk by it glaring with fascination.Because it is that precious it is in a glass tank. But no one knows where they have came from and everyone is trying to figure out. Then all of a sudden came an ear piercing scream which I think said ”I’ve found out where the bones have came from.” Everyone charged over  shouting and screaming. But all it was ,was a small boy saying to his mum  ”I know where my bones have came from they have came from the stuff I eat.”


One thought on “Bone Ball”

  1. Hi Lennon,
    I enjoyed reading your story this week.
    It made me laugh!
    That small boy and his Mom must have gotten a huge fright when everyone ran over to him.
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce
    Team 100W

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