The museum was dark and cold as you walked around the small room. The cases where covered from top to bottom in dust but only one of them was clear and had something in it. I slowly started walking towards it the lights came on around the case and I saw what was inside. A pile of bones a pile as tall as a giraffe. Who’s bones were they? maybe it was bones from a dinosaur or a elephant know one knew. I tried to read the label on the side of the case but it had all been rubbed of when the museum shut down. I decided to go home and find out what they must be.

3 thoughts on “bones”

  1. I like the idea you are going with great imagination keep writing!
    i did realize you used the wrong no in line six

  2. Hi Hannah,
    I like your use of description.But the cases ,were did they come from?, were are they in the room?, how did they look? but other than that, then it is n incredible story.keep up the amazing writing!

  3. Hi, Hannah,
    Great story, I love your word choices and creativity.
    Wish: Make sure you use punctuation and capital letters properly and make sure you spell your words correctly. Other than that, brilliant! Keep up the writing!

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