break the egg

Me and my frend went to the LEGO shop. We lookt arand we sor some cool batman LEGO stuf. Wen we left the LEGO shop there was some litle figer on the grand. The litle figers trid to brak the egg on the grand. There tride ages so I stod on the egg a litle bit there said thank you to me. All there have to do now is to clean the mess up. There cleand the mess up so there got there stufe and went home and hade some diner.  we went home and wathed tv and hade diner.

6 thoughts on “break the egg”

  1. Dear Harley

    I’m sorry to say but your spelling is bad but I believe you can make it better. But about the story you made it sound like it would actually happen so nice job. continue the good work.

    from Tyree

  2. Dear Harley, your story didn’t exactly make sense especially because of the spelling errors but dont give up anyone can improve>
    Thank you and goodbye!
    From Moo Dway^^

  3. Dear Harley,

    First of all i think you should improve on your spelling because it didn’t really make sense that much but don’t give up you can still try and practice your spellings.

    From Ma Myat Way

  4. wow you have a great imagination and great writing skills!
    the only thing you should work on is your spelling, other than that you are doing great, keep up the work!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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