Budgie ryme song

A budgie flyes

A budgie dives

A budgie eats

A budgie flees

A budgie talks

A budgie stalks

A budgie is cute

A budgie is like a flute

A budgie has twenty years

A budgie fears

If a budgie likes this song

Then you should sing it to one

2 thoughts on “Budgie ryme song”

  1. Hey Max! I really liked your song/ poem and thought you did great having the poem rhyme. By the way, what’s a budgie? Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the question Colin F! A budgie is know as a parekeet, a small bird what is the easiest bird to look after! It can also copy you like a parrot! It eats seeds and drinks water, i also have one for myself, Thanks!

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