But What If I Was In Charge?

Once upon a time there was a boy called Bob,Bob was always thinking to himself”what if I was in charge?”Bobs mum and dad were always giving him what he wanted like a Nintendo Switch and a PS4.  Bob loved to play.   if Bob  was in charge he would send his kids to school on the weekend and punish his kids for saying a word when they were getting told off by their mother.For dinner he would give them Cod and give himself KFC.With a cold oreo milkshake from Shakie Jakes.


The End

2 thoughts on “But What If I Was In Charge?”

  1. Hi Aiden,
    Brilliant story! I like the way you thought about reversing the roles of parents and children. Great idea! I wish I could eat KFC everyday but I don’t think that would be very healthy. Just make sure to always use a capital letter at the start of every sentence . Other than that, good job.
    Michael (Team 100wc), Warwick, UK

    P.S. I am a big fan of the Nintendo switch as well especially Zelda and Mario Odyssey.

    1. Hi Michael,
      i really appreciate your lovely comments.I will tell you a fact here i like the Nintendo switches I play on them at some of my friends house and they are really fun to play with. I like Mario as well especially when you have to get through really hard courses such as the bowser level. I have heard of Zelda but never played it.

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