Can I Be In Charge

One day I was at school and I thought to myself how call would it be if I was in charge. So at break I went up to are headteacher and said can I n charge of the school ? The headteacher screamed NO way!!!!!!!!!! you can not be in charge of the school why? I asked because your not triand to be a headteacher. So it was the end of break so I ran back to class and I said to my friend Jake that it didn’t go very well she said that I cant be the head of the school.

3 thoughts on “Can I Be In Charge”

  1. Hi Alfie! I liked how you wrote down what you were thinking in your story. I also like the color that you chose for this post. The red makes the words “No way” even more louder and bigger. I think being in charge of the whole school can be pretty hard. You have to make announcements, help with everyone, and do a lot of paperwork.

    1. Hi Jocelyn thanks for all the kind posts that you have been sending me and I will comment on some of your posts

  2. Dear Alfie,
    Thanks for taking part in the 100 Word Challenge Week 23. It would be interesting to see what would happen if a student were to be in charge of the school. I wonder if the Headteacher in the story would allow someone to be in charge of the school for a day as a prize? It is not as easy as it seems, I suppose. Maybe you could write a future post telling what happens if that students does get to run the school for a day. Keep on writing!
    Mrs. Schmidt (Team 100WC)
    Grade 3 Teacher
    Pennsylvania, USA

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