Rainbow Easter eggs

One day I went outside to find my Easter eggs which my mum hides in the garden every year, but this year they were different instead of the normal wrapped this time they were the colour’s of the rainbow. It was weird, mum did not recognize any of the eggs at all. mum went to investigate in the garden but in the end she found absolutely nothing. We decided to unwrap the Easter eggs to see if they were real chocolate Easter eggs. They were chocolate but the chocolate was the same colour as the wrapper it came from. It tasted much better than the old ones. It is still a mystery today.                                                                THE END 

The Underground Basket.

One evening a boy named Jeff was out riding his bike  when he bumped into something he picked up his bike up and examined  the thing he bumped into, it turned out to be a basket he tried to pick it up but it was stuck in solid, but then a hatch opened  he didn’t know what to do so he crawled in. He was wowed it seemed to be a whole secret base all to himself, so he made himself at home it was a miricale!



He was a mad scientist…..all because of this…..

To be continued. For EPISODE 2 please follow my stories about Jeff!

A teacup in the garden!

It was a Saturday night and we were all watching a movie. All of a sudden everything started to shake, the lights flickered, we thought it was an earthquake. My sister got up and  looked outside, to her amazement in the middle of the garden, on it’s side laid a huge beautiful china teacup. All I was thinking inside my head was where did this come from? How did it get here? We all rushed outside to take a closer look, our street was a live with people trying to take a closer look at the mysterious cup.



100 years ago

100 years ago there were only one old giant, the giant dropped the tea cup and then ran away. The the giant done that because, he saw a tiny animal, with 2 legs and 2 arms. On Monday, there was a little boy called Fin, he went out side to find a rock, then he didn’t find a rock he found a massive tea cup.

Fin felt tiny and miniature( although he was little), Fin saw his nan coming this way. He said

” na na there is a massive tea cup” the nan looked and in a shock she said ” oh golly gosh what a surprise”. Then heard a voice

” I’m stuck help, please HELP”. 


This is amazing the nan took the boy and said” your just fine now go”.

The boy saw his mum but the weirdest thing is that it was 100 years ago an he wasn’t dead.” ha ha ha i’m free the next giant is slowly getting bigger”.


Big Cup, Little Cup

Once upon a time in my house, I was drinking a cup of tea, when suddenly I was being sucked into a parallel dimension. I was spinning and swaying until finally, I had touched the ground. My head was going all funny and then I had adjusted to my surrounding. Weirdly, I saw a flying donkey and a singing monkey until then I saw a giant tea pot. Buried in the ground. It was around the size of a cow.  There were flowers on it and it looked like it had been chipped. Then I heard a whizzing sound I was travelling back home. I wish I had been there longer, I really wanted to see everything else.