the lost stick army

One day there was a stick man army to represent all the people   who died in the war  every year on the 1st of March they when’t there to remember them but one day they went missing we searched for them and i saw them on the back of trucks “hey stop” said the boy  with all of the trucks might he pulled away  up higher into the mountain the truck when’t “weal never see them again bye bye life well never live with out them” ok we will see them again” to be continued…


Stick Man

One day, as my clan walked through the park we found a… HUMAN! It was old and wrinkly, it needed a baby stick to use it’s… Legs, is that what they’re called? I shrunk to meet the size of a ant. As I walked closer, I leapt onto it’s… Body? I was known for my sneakiness, so this was easy for me. I climbed onto the baby stick and pushed against it with all my might. It fell to the ground, along with the human! I quickly hopped away, and shrunk the baby stick to the size of me. “Here Smudge, here Smudge!” I cried as the little squirrel sat down in front of me. Me and the baby stick shuffled onto Smudge’s back. We flew through the wind, the baby stick cried with laughter as she fell backwards! Suddenly Smudge stopped and paused. I looked beside her head and I saw… My Dad! “Dad!” I screeched, as I leaped off Smudge’s back. My father ran forward, he was huge. I rose from my tiny appearance and hugged my Dad. My Mum was next to him looking disgusted. She wasn’t always nice. I went to hug my Mum, but she turned her head away from me! I said goodbye to everyone and hopped onto Smudge and we rode into the sunset. They all waved back, so did I.

Stick Thingy

Once upon a time, when I was walking in the park, I saw some large logs, lying on the ground. Then I looked away. I looked back and they had moved! I was wandering what was going on. So I decided to go back home.

The next day, I went back to the park they had moved again! Suddenly, the logs got up. They started doing forward lunges. It was an amazing sight. Loads of stick people walking. I didn’t know what to do? I thought I should go back home again.

When I got back home, I went to bed. I woke back up in the morning and realised it was just a dream.

Wood warriors invade the Great bird woods! BONUS PART “A woods no more”

See part 1 for full understanding.

“Alright, ill give you all my wood,ONLY for the safety of my birds” So Jack handed them all the wood, it took a while for the trees to come down. After 5 days the warriors were gone and there was no wood in sight. Jack was really upset and had to find a new woods what people will come to and his birds could fly around freely. The woods where really special to him and his birds but now his and his birds woods was a woods no more. But he got tricked and now his old woods is now a secret base for those wood warriors and they created plans to take over the world but firstly they did something first. A few weeks ago Jack died a mysteryrious death on april the 19th on friday. His family will take care of the remaining birds, some of them died a mysteryrious death as well…

A woods no more ending

Part 2 coming soon

a walk in the woods

One day i was out walking in the wood and i heard some think but ignored it.The next day I went for a walk in the woods again and heard that exact same noise and relised that it was a tree moving in the distance and walking towards me. I ran for my life and went back home and told my mum all about it she didn’t believe me so I took her into the woods the next day and the tree wasn’t there. I went again the next day and the tree was standing in front of me. I relised that it only came when i came by myself.