The Dangerous Tiger.

One day me and my freinds where in a jungle with my dad Bear Grills me and my friend we where staying in the jungle for the night. The next day we woke up we had to go and get some breakfast we saw a monkey to eat we killed it. We went back to camp to cook it it was really nice we had to go and get some wood for the fire we found some wood and then we went back to camp.  But the next day we had to leave them jungle but on the way we spotted a tiger that was bloking are way and we had to go so we had to go round the bush THE END

Why Did I Do This…

Me and my bro Lennon were spy’s and we want to rob a bank so we get money and be rich but we shoot blanks hahahaha. The day we made the plan  so it was an abandened bank and it was in the jungle so we are not scared. the day we go we are setting of to bank suddenly we hear something so i have my hand on my gun! we got there it looks more like a police staion than a bank we still go in and there is a tiger and he cornnerd then i herd sirens.

Escape Temple!!!

I was just going to the temple fair and I went inside one temple and said,” Oh no I’m stuck!” It said on the map that I had to complete a monkey puzzle which was sticky, slippy and gooey. After I did that I found out something that there was a tiger and the tiger was blocking our escape and then my two friends came and saved me they were called Nicola and Amelia. Then it was time to go home and it was disgusting but great and funny. It was bed time now but adventures are great fun Cya.

The catastrophic cage

One fine day, Ross and Finn, who were two adventurous twins got up to an early start. An early start because they were going to the zoo. It wasn’t any old zoo though, it was the brand new zoo in Royston.  They got ready, shot out out of the door and went straight into the car. The two boys were very over exited for their day out at the zoo. Their mum soon came in after them. After around three hours, they got to  the zoo. Ross and Finn looked around the boring dull carpark, they could see mysterious things around them. But when they looked to the left they just ran and screamed ” THE TIGER IS BLOCKING THE ENTRANCE!” They ran for their life. And don’t get me started on what happened to the car.


Have you ever heard of the a animal called meerkat this story about a meerkat that jumped into radioactive wast and got supper power and flew around the world in 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 nano secsand this name is and was Oleg the meerkat. But his best friend Dowdeg da Deerdat was being chast by a tigger the tigger was blocking are exit and then out of no wear out melbot was wrouing pizen at him to say thank you oleg gave him a batter samwigch the end