What is it?

It sits on my shelf every day and i look at it all night.It is shiny and glass and is a delcate animal.It can break and it can smash.It is small and fragile and is a very gracful creature.People look at it when they come round and if i am sad it will chear me up. Some one got it from orlando and was brought for a present.It lives in the sea and is very playful it is blue and green but not until you hold it up in the sun light.what do you think my mysterious shiny object is?


There they are a pear  of them. Thay are black so expens I treasure them . My name is Tim I like lots of Things and my bedroomo is full with toys but these have a speshal tuch  thay are so soft but hard at the botam I wher. Them every Monday , Friday and thersday   These  are my best thing ever  but thay will get worn out one day  so I hoose them when I can.

The Unknown item ?

This is something small, precious and gold I got it from my mum. I hide it in the mini library in my house. I like it very much. It is one of my most prized items i have. There is another thing I would like to talk about. It is a small thing that has two little screens. You can play games on it and you can also use it to take pictures. I like both of them because I got them on special occasions. Try and guess what they are Because I didn’t tell you in my my 100 word challenge writing.

My favourite thing

This thing I love going on at home.It can take me where ever downstairs in my house.I got it for my birthday it was my favourite present I’ve ever had.When I go on it part of it lights up. I love it when ever I’m bored I go on it.When my friends come round I answer the door on it.Or I go on it when my friends are at my house.It is very fast it goes up to 70 mph.It is very heavy.I  love going on it my mum tells me to get of it at dinner you have to press a button to turn it off.

The lost thing

Once there was a man called Zak and he had a wife called Milly. She said “do you want to go for a walk at the park” Zak said”yes why not “. So they did. They packed a pick Nick and they shot of in the car in 1 hour. And Zak lost a thing that he got for a wedding it was a silver thing it is round and it has Roman numerals on the in side of the thing and gold on the in side. He was crying for a long time and they went home and they found the thing and they were very happy