Bad first day

My name is Emma and i had a bad day at school.Now  i fell down the stairs and cut my knee ow, then i couldn’t find my reading book for school. After that i missed the bus so i walked there and i was late. Next i got told of for not having my reading book, and i went for lunch i played with Annie and Cora Now i sat and felt frustrated and i thought ” well what a start”. Then i went home and played and had dinner then chocolate and i went to bed with lots of joy.


Once Apon a time there was two twins called Amelie and Amelia and it was there sports day they were doing lots of races such as :skipping,running and egg and spoon.It was time for there first race the egg and spoon race  on your mark…..get set…go! The crowd was roaring and shouting . The race was over. I came 3rd and Amelia came 5th. We went went to see our parents and our mum and she said and i thought ‘well what a start’.We competed in loads of advents and we got loads of medals it was a really good sportsday

lost horse

Today I woke up early to go and see my loving horse, Twilight. When I got outside Twilight wasn’t in her stable and I thought,”WELL WHAT A START!”I raced inside and told my Mum all about it,she was shocked! My heart was thumping, I got really scared, were is she is she hurt. All theses questions went though my head I had to go and look for her.I raced round my village and I went to the woods and I checked in the town and I checked ever where I could think of.” I have lost her forever,”I SHOUTED!


one day it was a nice day and me and me and mum was sun bathing  in the garden and i went in the pool with mummy and played with kittens and they went up the tree and one of them went in same one eals garden and it was so so so nice and a pretty day i loved it i want to my aunties house and i thought well what a start of a new day the next day it was  the same because i went in the pool and had an ice cream and it was cold