My Awsome Adventure With Matilda

One day i was reading a book and it was called Matilda. Suddenly she some how jumped out of the book. She asked me to go on a adventure with her i didn’t even have to think i just said ”YES of course”. I jumped up and i was gone straight out the door i raced her down the path and we drew we had been walking for ages i didn’t even realise that i was at her school. The first person i saw was of course Miss Trunchtable AHHH. I ran back home and got straight into my bed.

how birthdays should not go

I woke up at 2:00 all ready for my birthday but I  was not in the mood for a birthday. My mum said that I was not ready to turn ten because i was to naughty. I am not naughty i am gust amateur gust gust a bit. In the night i sneaked down stars a look at my present it was a boys skate bored I asked for a girls bike.  Then i thought, well what a start.  Guess what they did not even by me a cake well they did but they did not mack it right not the best birthday

New school

Eric was really  nervous  because it was his first school he walked to school, his first lesson was maths he found it quite hard. Eric’s second lesson was english he wrote  an amazing story. After english Eric went outside for break he found a group of people playing it. it was great fun until he fell over. Then he thought, “well what a start” A huge graze on his knee and a bump on the head. when break was finished he went back inside.His third lesson was P.E he said “oh no, how am I going to do this.”

My start in year 5

as i join the first year of upper school i realise how  good that i need to be now because otherwise i might not get the job i want when i am older my teacher told me to come to her and said i have been very good so far  and i thought what a start and then i saw my other awesome teacher and he is very nice and very smart also i have a lot of friends i really like my new class .I was amazed about how good year five is i love my new class aswell.


as i step on the football pitch. the ball was passed to me gently i ran threw a couple of people and i’m in to score a goal “what a start” i said and it just goes wide of the post. a few minutes later the keeper lunched it up the field then i took in down with a world class touch then i passed to my mate on my team then he crossed it in at he headed it just wide of the post again then the ball got passed to me and i scored in the last minute.

New school

It was the first day at Joshes new school he walked through the gate and went to his class he got told to sit in the corner with two other people. the first lesson was maths and he was the best. he had english and science then it was break I had a wrap and it was dieilisis. I went to my class and he had a english test it was easy for josh he got home and he said to himself and I thought,”well what a start he said to his mum and dad that was a great day.


Over A Jump

”Come on Sugar,it’s time for our first pony riding competition we’r going to enter showjumping and dressage along with gymkhana activities it will be so fun” as Morgan got the grooming kit out she saw that Sugar was rolling in the straw in the stable and she thought ”well,what a start! as Morgan got started grooming Sugar then tacked up after she went into the house to tell mum she was going then Morgan bounded out the house ”we are going now” when they got there Morgan dismounted and led sugar into the arena then they jumped their first jump.

Sports Day Disaster

Hello,today is sports day and I am in the running race in the afternoon.So i am walking to school  and we are nearly there. I always get bored on the way to school  and  I  meet my friends half way at Tesco, well most of the time.Today I got really bored. I saw a anoying boy that I was going to race so I said to him dose he want a race and he said yes.My friend said 3 2 1 GO and I thought, “well what a start” until he pushed me over and I broke my leg and I could’t race.

Three girls

One day there were three girls called Olivia Annie and me Cora. They were all best friends they were in year five and loved playing together.They didn’t really like there lessons much though. One day the girls were walking to school and they new what lessons they were they were boring they were’t going to school today.They walked and walked and saw a house it didn’t look like a good house but they went in it.Some one locked the door behind them.And i thought well what a start.Then we all thought back door soon enough we were all in bed.

Bad first day

My name is Emma and i had a bad day at school.Now  i fell down the stairs and cut my knee ow, then i couldn’t find my reading book for school. After that i missed the bus so i walked there and i was late. Next i got told of for not having my reading book, and i went for lunch i played with Annie and Cora Now i sat and felt frustrated and i thought ” well what a start”. Then i went home and played and had dinner then chocolate and i went to bed with lots of joy.


Once Apon a time there was two twins called Amelie and Amelia and it was there sports day they were doing lots of races such as :skipping,running and egg and spoon.It was time for there first race the egg and spoon race  on your mark…..get set…go! The crowd was roaring and shouting . The race was over. I came 3rd and Amelia came 5th. We went went to see our parents and our mum and she said and i thought ‘well what a start’.We competed in loads of advents and we got loads of medals it was a really good sportsday

lost horse

Today I woke up early to go and see my loving horse, Twilight. When I got outside Twilight wasn’t in her stable and I thought,”WELL WHAT A START!”I raced inside and told my Mum all about it,she was shocked! My heart was thumping, I got really scared, were is she is she hurt. All theses questions went though my head I had to go and look for her.I raced round my village and I went to the woods and I checked in the town and I checked ever where I could think of.” I have lost her forever,”I SHOUTED!


one day it was a nice day and me and me and mum was sun bathing  in the garden and i went in the pool with mummy and played with kittens and they went up the tree and one of them went in same one eals garden and it was so so so nice and a pretty day i loved it i want to my aunties house and i thought well what a start of a new day the next day it was  the same because i went in the pool and had an ice cream and it was cold