The epic fall

One day there was a man walking his dog they went to a place where there was loads of space for the dog to run around and stretch his little legs they had found a really good place for them to have a walk and take the dog for a walk when they had let Matthew the dog the dog of the lead and he went like a bird that was getting chased by a bird he ran so fast he did not recanise that there was a tree in front of him coming to wards him and he jumped into a lake to have a swim he tried to get Matthew out but he slipped and went head first in the lake

the mistery light bulb

Once upon a time there was a smashed light bulb that was smashed all over the floor peices went every where but they wernt just normall coulers they where yellow,red,geen and a little person came out of it and i piked him up and he was as light as a ballon.He diddnt know where he was so he asked me where he was so I answerd him and I said you where at someones home.He asked how do I get back? he said i dont know but cums to think of it where do you live? I yuesed to live in that light bulb well any whey you can live whith me THE END!


The Strange Fairground!

It was Friday the 21st of July and I am slaking school.Horray!!!I am slaking school because my parents have got us tickets to a fairground.But we have to travel to Great Yarmouth that is a 2 hour drive.We finally arrived and are at fairground the first ride that I wanted to go on was definitely the Merrygoround.When I arrived the horses were running away and out of sight. I was so upset because I didn’t get a go.

Worst trip ever.

Rachel and Sally

“Wow this is so beautiful,” Rachel murmured to her best friend Sally. It was a sunny Saturday morning where Sally and Rachel lived and it was also the summer holidays!! Sally and Rachel loved the summer holidays because they got to go to the amazing fair when they arrived at the fair there didnt seen to be any one else there which is really weird because there is normally hundreds there. They just tried to ignore that they were the only ones there and went to there favourite ride the merry go round. When they got there they realised that there were no horses!

Carsel run of.

On sunny morning me and Jack woke up with a bright smile on our face,we got dressed as usual, went down stairs and had breakfast. “Now what adventure are we doing today,” said Jack. “Lets go to………um………,I know let’s go to the carnival down the road,it’s on today,” I said. So once again we started packing.

To be continued!