The fair


One day a fair there was a wheel with  animal on it where people ride on I it started to move fear. I m k k k k k k k k k k mp oo k l k k k k l o o k k k k I I started to should GET ME OF IT,! NOW cries then the housre being real then they me off me flying in the air cried then fall to the ground in a coma then wake up in the hospital then said what happened the threw you off ok 



At the green there was an avent going on.There was a merry go round with a lot of horses on it.There only pretend horses but they are really fun to go on.”Mum “”yes honey””Can I please do the raffle it’s 2 pound””Ok then”.There was a nice little girl running the stall “Hello”said the little girl if you get a 0or a 5at the end you can get any of these prises if you win”.Oh and what do you say I just got a 5 and a0 at the end and look I just won a figet spinner .And that is the end


Part 2. The rat has gone to the fair but not just any fair the magic, fun well one of the best fairs. You will find out what this rat did. The rat jumped onto the horse on the ride that goes round but it did not. When the ride started the horse jumped and ran around the fair. The rat told him to go to the cheese stand because as you know has loves cheese. He saw that there was no one there so he ate the yellow, soft cheese but then the magic clever horse had gone. The End

The run away horse

It was the first day of the summer holidays and me and my family and friends were at the park. At the park their was a carisel, we saw some little kids on th carisel. We said “who would go on that its boring.” Me went back to get some food and a drink from the shop then when back and we saw all the horses jumping around the park with little kids in. We ran to try and catch them up but they were to fast luckerly we cornered them and got the kids off and they thanked us

The day the merry go round came alive!!

It was a hot summers day, my best friend and I were at the summer fair playing games. The more we played the more happy and hot we became. We had finally played all of the stalls when we saw the bright merry go round. “Lets go on it!” said my best friend. “Ok yay!” I screamed. Then we waited on the oak bench. Eventually it was our turn and we were about to go on,  then the golden and silver horses came alive and jumped of the merry go round! We stared in awe at what had happened. We weren’t sure what to do, what would you do?