Suger the horse!


“There you are,”said Mia.I was looking for you. I thought you were in your stable not your favourite field. Mia had a pet hose called Suger. Suger is an adventures horse. “My friend Milena  is coming to play,” as said Mia. There was a lime tree right next to them one lime fell on her head she fell down and saw a rat run away. The door bell rang. Mia ran existedly to the door. Are you ready to hep me choose my horse at overboard stables.

The day it was a summer fair .

Today after school it is a summer fair on and I am gowing to it . I had to woke up early so I looked at my clock and I saw a rat one of my kitty’s had one . and when my mum said about the summer fair I was so excitedly about the fair . Then my dad went rowing and he was overboard. Then her drancked lime . and then he had more lime and then he went to I house and that time it was time for him to play with me and then he did and that was time for dinner and that is the end.

The stables

As I walked into  the house there was a big lime green clock. When I went into the  barn to get  My horse Bella and I saw a rat run across the floor. Bella got so excitedly she ran away she ran to the shop called overboard. I found her we golloped  back to the stables. We got there in time for the lesson I had to jump on Charlie he was really good we did jumping he’s the best jumper ever. He was in the field when he jumped jumped out the filed he golloped around the huge files.


My sleepover

One my BFF is Annabel

Two I am going round to hers and we are going to have a blast .And if you didn’t know what a blast is a blast is when you have a lot of fun.

And I am going to bring a lot of chocolate and cake and crisps and chocolates milk. And ice cream.And I know of by heart that we are going to have a blast .And we always do all the good stuff .We did all the good stuff we did tattaos and even makeovers we had such a grate time.The End bey

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Camping Trip!

One morning I woke with my 4 BFFs. Charoline, Chardoney, Isla and Jack. It was a bright and sunny day so we thought about where we were going today.Charoline suggested we go to the water park.Isla suggested we go to LegoLand.Chardoney suggested that we have a sleepover, and Jack suggested that we go camping. Then everyone started yelling ” CAMPING,CAMPING,CAMPING.” So we all suggested to on a camping trip.

The creeps

Bang! I was really scared from a robber that came yestaday. He had a line jacket, he was a bite silly. Over board yelled someone, excitedly. The clock clicked as a rat ran around my room. To get over my worie I went to a really scary place. You should have saw it. So I went home I felt quit a lot better. Bake then I was 10 but now I am 19. So I hope that will teach you how to deal with that typ off problem. That did not actually hapon to me yet.

My new crazy house

I packed my stuff and got in the car because I am moving house today! When we got there  I looked out the window and it looked  extraordinary. I walked in and what I saw was lime green walls and carpet everywhere. Then a rat ran past me and I jumped. I heard something ticking. Walking slowly I saw the clock ticking and I breathed a sigh of relief. I excitedly leaned overboard the balcony and I just wanted to go home but I decided I better start liking this house so I went and decorated my bedroom. It felt like home.

The Rat

The rat that claimed the lime Spot that was overboard the excitedly over the clock. He looked over to the darkness of the sea and wondered why he was a rat. He sneaked out of the ship and looked at the wightness of the Isle of Wight. He stared out of the window and looked at Portsmouth and saw his family waving at him. Is children his wife. His grandpa and grandma.

The best day !

One hot summers day I had a pool party (yay).And I made my faverote drink it is lime juice .Its very cold .”why is it so hot? “I said .As soon as I got hotter I jumped in the pool with my friend Gracie. I had a pirate ship float and I pushed Gracie overboard .Excitedly,I was I pirate. The next morning my clock went of really loud and I had a rat an my bed and this was, the worst day ever.


The suicide

The rocking ship swaying side to Side as the people on the boat was trying to get to a place where there was no rats. As the first class part of the ship had no rats and they had grandfather clocks. Suddenly the ship hit a iceberg and the ship started to sink. Everyone jump overboard how were not first class who went on a other boat to get back to England and the others people had to wait in the freezing cold water until the next boat comes.


I woke up board I thought what was I going to do today suddenly the bell rang I quickly ran down stairs and poked my head out the door and it was a box saying overboard 3000 I took it in my house and built it. On the instructs it said if you press this lime button it will sowe you a clock. Under neath it will sowe you exactedly  what the time is on a digital clock. The overboard 3000 is designed to kill rats and throw them in the bin. What I don’t want it to do that!!!the next day he throw  it out.

the crazy day!

It was a Saturday, A normal Saturday. Until 10:15. When it's 10:15 I want to have a lime. Then a few seconds later I sprinted up the stairs excitedly and watched Titanic and most of them jumped overbored. The Clock was ticking and when I went down stairs to have my breakfast I saw a rat. A big fat rat. I wasn't frightened but I was shocked when I saw it. Finally it has tured 10:16 I won't be all crazy. But I'm still very very confused that I get extremely crazy at 10:15. Oh and why 10:15 I don't know? But bye anyway! BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Eric’s Colour boat

Eric has a lime green boat ,he loves it . His dad got it for him when he was younger he uses it every day (it a toy ) . One time he imagined that he was a captain and every time his crew did something wrong he would throw them overboard. Another time he imagined that he was getting thrown overboard and his pet rat jumped in and saved him . One other time he imagined that he was listening to a clock and excitedly through a party for the clock because the clock said it was his birthday ?.

Eric loves his boat and he always uses it.

My horrific new house

I walked into my room of my new house and it was LIME GREEN! Are you kidding. In the car I was jumping around excitedly and now I didn’t want to stay here. Suddenly I heard a scream in my mum’s room and I rushed in there. There was a rat in the middle of the bed and it was moving. Then my sister went into peals of laughter, it was just a toy. ” I think we are all going overboard here,” I said. I don’t think I will like my new house, even though it’s huge and it’s meant to be posh.

The day in the life of me

The first thing I do is check on Tom. Then I get dressed. After that I go down stairs and eat my breakfast. Then I go brush my teeth. After I brush my teeth I get ready to go to school. When I get to school I but my bike in the shed and go to the front  the school to wait for the doors to open. When it’s break time I go play with my friends. At the  end of school I biked home and jumped on the couch and watch tv pes I do this most of the time


There was a girl called Megan who lived in a huge house which looked like a mansion. Megan was about to go outside as she suddenly heard a knock at the door as Megan came closer to the door the letterbox opened! AHHHH!!! “Who is home let me in?” Megan ran upstairs but before she knew it she heard the door bang again it was a lot louder this time. Then everything went silent! Slowly, Megan walked down the stairs and turned into the lounge and saw the someone sitting on the sofa. What do I need to get rid of this stranger.

Dunkens things.

One day duken got a pill of letters. One sead. Frome the tolit stop sitting on my mawthe then pooing in it. An other sead. From you're dut I've been sick for 10 years drown sloppy stuff has been comeing out of my mouth. My curry Seid "do you wont some curry well call  0055799 that's the evel curry line" 



The Missing Kitten

Scarlett lost her cat Ginger. Ginger was running around the park she thought what should I do now I’m lost I think I should run to the pet shop. Scarlett was in her room crying. Emma found me and took me to the pet shop I thought Scarlett would find me but she didnt find me. Then Scaletts mum found Ginger. Ginger was so happy to be home. Scarlett was so happy to see Ginger. They were both so happy to see Ginger. Ginger was hurt she had cut her leg. She went to the vet. She hade broke her leg.

Holiday time

SQWEAK THUMP HISS ROAR the zoo chattered as all the animals escaped from the zoo to go on holiday.They whizzed of in the car all the way to the beach.Awesome said rana the tiger cub as she jumped onto the soft sand.Norman the  elephant got out the car and started to unload it.While he was doing that all the other animals got into there swim suits ready to play in the sea.Now what do I need said sleepy the panda.Oh year I need my rubber ducky.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK! They cried as they ran to the sea and jumped in.weeeee weeee weeeee yay .

The Failed Fathers Day

It was a Sunday morning and the boiling hot sun beamed melting heatwaves down on my family’s sweaty bodies. “Now what do I need?” Dad thought to himself. “That’s it: sun cream and lots of cool refreshing water.” As we went of to Stanwick Lakes, we saw an ice cream shop called Cafe Romè. We each stopped to get a lovely cold ice cream and it was really funny when my brother mistook sicilian lemon for sillican lemon but it was the worst time ever to get ice cream because it has just starting to pour down.