Ceramic Kitty *PART 3*

Nibs wandered aimlessly around Maddy’s bedroom searching for her. Soon after, Maddy walked in with a frown plastered across her face. “Poor Maddy!” Nibs thought quietly. Nibs padded over to Maddy who sat on her bed silent and motionless, still with a frown. “What’s wrong Mads?” Asked Nibs enthusiastically. “I failed my Maths Test, and now i’m a laughing stock!” Cried Maddy sadly. Nibs cuddled up to Maddy and they eventually fell asleep.

Maddy woke up to a shock of lightning coming from right outside her bedroom window.


Once there was a town called New York . In the middle of  Tilted Towers was a gun called a rovolver. It has weird not on the barrel  and the person who made is a metal worker. It took 56 days to build. It is to stop shooting guns and stop having them. So every time you go to  New York . loads of people  stand in frount of the gun about 10 000 million people visit New York to see this gun. 



It was a summers morning, the sky was blue and the sun was shining, but a girl named Susie wasn’t excited for the day ahead because she had to do a maths test. Susie was scared because she was one of the worst at maths even though she was in Year 6. When she got to school she was still scared, when she was in class she was still scared, but she just thought happy thoughts. At the end of the lesson she found out she got the highest mark, she was amazed, however, she couldn’t believe what she had done !

The Spygirl

Hi my name is Mia, i’m a spy but don’t tell anyone. My whole family are spy’s. We love our new home in Cotton Village. Sometimes it’s very quiet but we like our neighbours they are very kind around here. I also already made friends with one of the neighbours daughter ,she is called Millie I do trust her but still I can’t tell her that i’m a spy. Oh she is here finally let’s go to the mall! While we’re  in the mall there was a robber I had to go and change outfit so nobody recognise me but she said she will go with me to the toilet so she did go but she watched how I transforemed  but after I had to make her faint however, I couldn’t believe what i done to her but I had to… to be contineued…

A Strange Portal For Ghosts

She had found it lying alone, deserted, abandoned in the attic. After making the discovery, Anna had gazed and marvelled at it for some time. Where had it come from? Why had no dust settled upon it, as it had done over everything else that resided in her attic? A layer of the thick dust blanketed the attic floor, and as the sunlight glared through the attic windows, the dust particles yet to settle were illuminated as they hovered in the stuffy air. Yet, the mirror looked flawless, untouched by age, not a finger print in sight.

Anna propped the mirror up against one of the thick, timber beams that jutted from the attic floor. Settling down into a comfortable position, she tentatively placed a finger against the glass. Her long, shaking finger went right through the glass like a portal. She flinched backwards in shock! Anna stared back, confused and bewildered! All she could think is, why do I feel a bad vibe. Anna felt a cold chill on her neck, as if some spirit was slowly breathing on her neck as if just being in a freezer! She turned herself around, but no one was there! Anna thought there might be a draft, so she ignored it at first. Until she started seeing orbs and hearing faint whispering! She was an expert in everything paranormal, so this was quite normal, to her at least…

A few months later, Anna had forgotten about everything that happened in the attic, so she was quite confident to go get the Halloween decorations. All she hated was cobwebs and spiders. Anna lived in Australia, so it was quite normal to see large spiders and snakes. But Anna hated huge bugs, all bugs in fact. As Anna climbed the ladder, she heard an eerie sort of singing coming from a dark corner of the attic. She saw a little girl in chains and ropes, she sat there singing a sad, spine chilling tune. “Oh mother of me, how dare you…” She sang. Anna crept backwards and never went up there again…