The Odd Object

Mum said she had ordered a parcel for me, “you’ll love it!” she said, I wasn’t quite sure though, whenever she wanted to order a present for me, she would let me choose, it was mysterious, very mysterious, until the parcel actually ARRIVED. I was up in my room, when mum called up to me, “your parcel has arrived!” I rushed down the stairs, to find a MASSIVE box, it was nearly larger than ME. Honestly, I was AMAZED… until I opened it, because then I was HORRIFIED… it was a-a p-pile of b-b-bones!! The next thing I knew, I was up in my bed, no bones at all…

To be Continued...

The Treat Traumatise

I was NOT excited about today, the weather report said it would rain! And it did, it had been raining all morning, raining TREATS!! I had my window open and heard a pitter, patter on it, I went to close the piece of glass and looked down, to my surprise I saw the ground COMPLETELY covered in chocolate doughnuts, fondant fancies, cupcakes, cans of coke, Dr. Pepper, 7Up, The LOT! I say! It wasn’t even just SWEET TREATS either, because I’m pretty sure there were some Xboxs and a few Playstations dotted around as well! I cleaned my wellies THOROUGHLY so I didn’t get icing on my legs! and bounded in to the garden… to see a DOG as well! It was a Labrador, I was SOOO happy! I’d always wanted a Dog, and instantly took him inside, cleaned him up and called him Flaps, I guess I didn’t need all those sweet treats after all! I still ate some of them though…!

Moral: never judge something before you have witnessed it!

The Twisted Trebuchet

The Twisted Trebuchet is an example of serenity. You could stand for hours marvelling the statue of tranquillity, a sign of peace and calm. It stands outside the the government blocks, New York, United States. It was a gift from the rulers to the people, a gift of quietude, a gift of silence. They gave it because they wanted a good place, a BETTER place. They dreamt of no more wars, they dreamt of a flood of peace, a flood of good people, where a sudden wall of gentleness hit the city, a much better place it will be, soon.

It’s a Mystery…

Once, in a nature reserve far from you, a couple of youths were walking down a muddy, sloshy path. They were admiring all the wonderful, colourful flowers and the emerald leaves. ” Oh! How nature is so wonderful!” exclaimed the first youth while sketching an allium on his pad, “It’s like magic!!” said the other youth, as he spotted something that hasn’t been spotted before, and then he started bleeding, and I hope you never spot it, because those things are deadly. They are armed with fifty razor sharp spikes that if you LOOK at them you will start getting wounds, and then there is the middle but I can’t bare writing about it…

The End…                                                                                                                                          (or is it?)

“Oh, no…”

That was the first bad sign… PINK DAFFODILS! Yup, you read that right, pink daffodils, it was funny at first but now it’s not, Humf… what kind of  town has pink daff-, oh, great, now the HUGE bridge is being sprinkled with, ARRGGHHH, turquoise chewing gum!! I’d better go and stop them readers, so bare with me for a second! “Hey, what on EARTH are you doing!” “Errrm, sprinkling turquoise chewing gum on the bridge.” “YES, I CAN SEE THAT, BUT WHY!!!!!” I shout “W-e-el-l it’s t-he l-l-lat-e-st f-fa-d, a-nd  so i-s pai-nt-i-ng  d-d-dafodils pink!” Uh, oh… I’d better call this off, see you guys later!

The Amazing (and massive) Lego Set!

…’When did it arrive?’ I asked, the MASSIVE Millenium Falcon had come, and I was VERY pleased. ‘Today,’ my Mum answered, ‘get building!’ I shot over to the GIGANTIC box like a bullet, and ‘got building’ STRAIGHT away! I was a bit daunted by the SIZE of the instruction manual, but I didn’t care. It was great having one of the biggest sets in the world, and I couldn’t wait to have the finished model on display! After about 3 hours I had put together about 1000 pieces and there was about 7541 pieces in total, so it was going to take a long time…

More coming soon!!!


Once upon a ti-“, “BORING!”  “Once there was a tree, but not just any old tree, it had legs!! Those legs seemed to be made out of metal! Which was definitely unusual for a tree, anyway, it seemed to be lonely and miserable and I wanted to help him out. So I started climbing on to his legs and tried to scramble up his trunk, but it was no use. He didn’t move, then it dawned on me, I was being really dumb, it wasn’t real, it was just architecture, ARRGGHH!! I screamed, but then I thought ‘Oh well, ok,’ and walked off.

Project Alien

Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. Going downhill was one of the aliens’ strengths, and there was no doubt about it. With one swift motion a battered, old, green tentacle swiped them of their feet and and dropped them into it’s mouth- it missed. The alien roared in fury as it struggled to get up, as for the people, they ran as fast as they could into the foliage ahead- lucky for them- not lucky for me. I was standing next to a nearby wheelie bin, the monster stared at me, it took ten steps forward then three back, I stood there astonished, I then ran, as fast as I could right into a nearby hotel, and I am still relieving my stress.

The End, or is it…

A Tale of Two Friends 🐧

The Boy

Today I was opening the door and there was a penguin! I went shopping but it followed me! I went to my room to tidy up and it followed me! So I thought It must be lost! I went to the coffee shop to see if there were any posters for a missing penguin, but there were none there, I went to the dock to ask the local seagulls, but they just ignored me. I asked the sailor of the seas, but even he didn’t know! So I went to bed, unsuccessful and sad with the penguin lying beside me. In the morning though I had more hope, because I had discovered that penguins lived in the south pole. But first I needed to get there. We packed all we needed, food that kind of stuff, I said bye to my parents and then went to the harbour. There was a boat just about to go, I shouted with all my might, but it was no use, my voice could not be heard over the loud noise of the boat. So I had to go back home and get MY boat out, and see if that was in good condition. Luckily, it was and I took that out. Said bye to Mum & Dad and then set of to the south pole. It was a rough journey with waves as big as mountains, but eventually we made it, all in one piece too! I helped the penguin out of the boat,  but he looked really sad, and when I was leaving he looked the saddest I had ever seen him! A couple of minutes later I realised I had made a big mistake, the penguin wasn’t lost it was lonely! I quickly turned around a quickly as lightning & in a couple of minutes I was back but the penguin wasn’t there! I panicked then settled down & started to cry, now I was lonely! But soon I saw a little thing in the distance it was bobbing about like a umbrella with a PENGUIN IN IT! Then I cried again but this time, it was a relieved cry, relieved because I was with my penguin again!!!!! 

The Penguin

I was lost in the far, far oceans I felt lonely, cold and sad. So soon I made up my mind – if I went to England, or some other place I could find a loving and caring child to look after me, but you may be thinking ‘why is this poor old penguin on its own in the deep dark sea, when he should be with his mate on the ice!’ If you are – here is your answer – well in the first place I didn’t even have a mate, I was lonely in the first place, I am on the sea now because I needed someone to look after me – and there you go, my story, pretty boring, anyway I am nearly there! Yay! I am here! “Now, time to find a house! One there, one there, one there and one there, no, nowhere, oh we – Ohh, That One!” and with a hop, skip and jump, of the penguin went , RING RING, RING RING, RING RING, and moments later a boy opened the door, “Umm, Hi There!” “come in,” it was very clean, I LOVED IT! I followed the boy up to some kind of room, I think.

The Mysterious Tea Pot

One day I was just walking along the fresh, lush grass when I saw this!? It was a really nice, quality tea pot stuck in the brown, filthy mud! ‘Poor tea pot,’ I thought ‘it must fell really miserable and lonely out here! So without thought I ran back home, tripped over my front door, quickly got a shovel and I was out again. But I was so sad when I got there, because instead of a tea pot there was a little Guinea Pig! So now, I look back at that unfortunate day  (with my Guinea Pig), I say to myself, ‘now what if I just pulled it out?’


When the Pens Give Up

I was just getting out my pencil case ready to do some doodling, I got to the compartment where my pens were stored, and instead of pens I found a letter, which was addressed to me! It was a nice surprise until I read it,

Dear Adam,                                                                                                                                      We really enjoy being used and we’re really happy that you are using ALL the colours. Especially pink! It’s really good! But we are getting in to an argument, and me (light blue) are  trying to stop them but I can’t! They are all boasting about who is used the most and who is not! Please help me talk some sense into them!

Your Favourite Pen,                                                                                                                      Light Blue                        

P.S. Please talk to them TONIGHT because we jumped out of your pencil case, Sorry!

Well after that I didn’t know WHAT to believe, I felt like, Erm… Umm,  well I wanted school to end INSTANTLY and I wanted to talk some sense into them! (In light blue’s words) When school ended I ran all the way back home not even stopping! I shot up to my room to open the door to a shock, There was a massive doodle that was all assigned to me with my name on the front, all the Pen’s names were on the front as well and there were some lovely compliments on the back, it was PROFESSIONAL! I loved it so much that I gave my Pens a huge hug and never EVER, EVER bothered them again! Today I still have that picture on my wall and I’m never, EVER taking it off!

P.S. This is not a 100 word challenge so don’t comment on the number of words. (: >_< 🙂

The, well Umm… Ninja Ermm, umm… TREES! Umm well, Trees! Umm, AGHHH!

I umm, well… umm, well I was wa – wa – walking through the trees in the forest and umm, well… ermm, can I go to the doctor? So I was walking through the f – f – forest and I saw some TREES! But not just any trees s – s – some n – NINJA TREES so I-I-I  RAN for my life! Now when I say n-n- ninja I mean LIVING NINJA! So when I got home I contacted the police and they went straight to ‘trees’ but claimed not to find any… that was when I spotted them IN MY GARDEN!!!! NO NO NO!!

TO BE CONTINUED…                            

The Red Clock goes Tick! Tock!, or does it…

The red clock goes Tick! Tock!                                                                                                 Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!

The red clock goes Tick! Tock!                                                                                                Before the snake got cycled.

I made that song up, it great isn’t it – well I won’t brag to much, it’s kind of random and weird, so I won’t brag anymore – yes I won’t – yes I won’t,  yes I won’t brag. Or will I… no of course I won’t brag! Ha Ha! Did you actually fall for that! Ha Ha!

Well I guess I’ll be going after all those tricks Ha Ha! wait don’t go I like tablet time So Geometry Dash would be good! Thanks! Bye Bye!

Umm… am I seeing things…

One day on my daily stroll to the the park I couldn’t help think that something was different, even though I was sure it was the same sort of stroll I had every day. But then I heard it, the chaos that followed, there was a massive hand on top of a building and, then I fainted…………./……………/…………. Sorry about the long pause but I am now in hospital being served for a smashed head! Oh well not every stroll goes well does it? Now I must stop writing because my din-……. I have just finished my dinner now. Bye Bye see you another day.

The Magical Forest

“Once in a galaxy FAR, FAR away-.”  “CUT!” Screamed the director “we are filming a magical forest! NOT A STAR WARS MOVIE!” “OK, OK,” I said “I will start. OK.” Once in a land in the beginning of time there was a magical land full time full beautiful plants and creatures, like snow topped mushrooms and delicate flowers. Or little woozles and graceful birds darting around the trees or wooshing through the skies like a silent bi plane. But among all these glorious things there were vile things, like a thing called MUK or GARBODOR or-.” “CUT.” The audience will lap it up EXCELLENT work.” Exclaimed the director.

The Mad Monkey

One upon a time there was a monkey, but not just any old monkey, but an………………………………………………..     angry monkey. (Sorry if you were expecting something more exciting but hard luck). Anyway so there was a angry monkey now this monkey was very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very angry. This was because it had just seen a programme where a man had hurt a wild monkey,  he was furious! He pulled back a computer and pushed it on to the floor, it hit the ground with a THUD and a CRASH! now he had been adopted so that is how he got the computer. OK.


The Jungle DoomsDay

Here we were on the beach, next to the jungle having the time of our lives. There was a kind of white line on the horizon but I didn’t notice it though until later…

So as I was saying we were on the beach. Until I spotted it… I didn’t know what it was for a minute, but then I realised what it was. The top of the deadly wall of water: a tsunami. I ran into the forest. But then there was the the tiger standing tall, I thought ‘the tiger is blocking our escape what are we going to do?’ But then the tsunami crashed upon us.

Inspired by Michael Morpurgo’s “Running Wild.”

The Sandwich Battery

The sandwich battery was a strange thing. When there was leftovers of sandwiches you would put your battery in there and ,BINGO, there was your sandwich. The battery was white it was basically a robot except it ran like a human. It was very energetic because it ran to charge up it also ran round the street in a hurried expression. It loved eating to it ate salad and vegetables so it was very healthy, except it was to healthy that it was starting to die down! So it started having a balanced diet and it started living a normal life again.


The Ghoul in the Forest

Flash! went the lightning Flash! Flash! Flash! Then out of the darkness came a voice saying “You will die MWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”                 I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came out.”MWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”I saw my house in the distance, then I saw nothing more… It was a regular day although I never knew my life would change forever. So I had my regular walk in the forest and then out from behind from a tree came a menicing figure a statue like figure I ran for my life but it was to late he grabbed me by the ankle and pulled me to the ground then I saw nothing more.

The Great Robbery

The day of the great robbery started quite like a normal day. It was the normal rush hour in London when suddenly a loud blaring noise went off. Loads of people went scattering from the city bank while armed cops sped in to the lane. Then suddenly from behind the pillars ran three nasty looking men. One had a red bandanna and a scarlet face, another one had a scar that ran down his face and the last one had a ripped T-shirt and a black eye. They all thought the same thing: but where will we hide it all, all the loot? No-one knew where the robbers are now but they should soon find out…