The Mysterious City

St Noels: that was the name of the city. One fine morning a man was walking down a street. Now no person had ever walked down this street because it had just opened. He was just minding his own business when his vision suddenly blurred and was then transported to what looked like another world. He was scared in fact really scared but no in fact he was really really scared so scared that he fainted!!!!! But when he fainted he went back to his old world where it is definatly not creepy nope not creepy or is it… AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue reading “The Mysterious City”

The Best Bonfire Night… Ever!

Once upon a time there was a boy called Adam. He liked to have fireworks! (well now he does but he didn’t when he was baby.) So anyway he is going to celebrate fireworks soon so Adam is going to have lots of fun (hopefully). He will have sparklers and magical fireworks. The first firework was white and was in-between a red one and a blue one they all were ended with a couple of flames. The whole thing was fantastic and everyone was very happy ,also it is his Mum’s birthday tomorrow which is brilliant. Adam had her present under his bed they were going swimming as well as that! Adam went to sleep happy on top of his comfy bed.

I Fell in the pond…

Once upon a time I was pondering around a farm in my jeans, my boots, my coat and a T-Shirt. I went to see the cows in the fields and the chickens in the farm house. I finally reached the duck pond which was quite mucky and slimy but there was still plenty of ducks in the pond. So I went to stroke one of the tame ones, when suddenly the duck I wanted to stroke sped out of the way and I fell in! My Mummy had to get a member of staff to get me out but I didn’t mind because in the end I was just fine!

The Most Magic Thing EVER!!!!!

One fine sunny morning I was just getting out of bed – well not getting out of bed having a lie-in so I was just waking up to get my book and got a lovely soft cuddly thing. I sat there and read and cuddled and cuddled and read until it was 9:30am and got out of bed.”The things I would like to do today Mummy,” I said ” Is to go to the park with Lewis and James and stay here and watch TV with you and my cuddly thing.” My Mummy said it was “ok,” so I went to the park with James and Lewis and watched TV ” This was the best day ever !”I said as I snuggled up in bed.

The Cra-z Dog

Once upon a time there was a dog called Ruffus now he was a strange dog indeed, lots of people always took notice of him because he wore CLOTHES! He was obviously had a lot of attention on him so one day he wore glasses. A boy turned round and said “Mummy the dog is wearing clothes and the dog is wearing glasses” and that was it everyone burst out laughing so the dog stopped wearing clothes and began acting like a normal dog and people did not laugh at him anymore it was great! So he was happy! YAY!

Professor Chuckles Jingleberry McMonkeyburger Jr.

Once there was a man called Professor Chuckles Jingleberry McMonkeyburger Jr. He was the smartest person in the whole of the USA. But there was a problem, everyone laughed at his crazy name and its really long so people don’t even bother saying his name! So one day the professor built a twisted pit full of purple crocodiles it was very difficult to get across. The mad Professor now could get on with his work. Now there was a boy who lived somewhere in Washington in America now he had heard about Professor Chuckles Jingleberry McMonkeyburger Jr. He felt sorry for him he wanted to go and help him with his wild inventions but he could not get over the crocodile pit. So he hatched a cunning plot to get over the pit and believe it or not it worked!!!! The plan was to create a flying Skateboard so he took of the wheels and added a new tech plasma hyper rocket boosters he flew across and went in the secret lab the Professor worked in and said a friendly “Hello!” to the Professor the the incredibly long name Professor seemed happy enough to have the boy in his lab. So they worked on his latest invention in the lab he and the boy got tons of money from that so the professor was in a good mood for the next invention the the flying Skateboard. In fact they already had one-the one that the boy made! It was a tad bit broken but the Professor didn’t mind and that sold really well to the professor and the boy we’re happy once again. The next invention in line was the chores robot they worked on bolts, cogs, nuts, wires, and metal in one short week they were finished. So they sold that and once again it sold really really really really well in fact the sold all of the robots!!!!!!!! The professor and the boy were now millionaires so they went out of the lab to buy some stuff. They bought a years supply of chocolate, 30 soda cans, 50 rainbow swirl lollipops, 100 cans of coke, 10 massive comfy sofas, a wireless TV and 80 pizzas. “This is the life” they said to each other as the walked out of the shop. At home the put their comfy sofas placed there TV opened up their sweets and sat down on the sofas to have a rest. Continue reading “Professor Chuckles Jingleberry McMonkeyburger Jr.”

The Broken Lightbulb

One upon a time there was a broken lightbulb. There was a total mess everywhere, and there was one teeny weeny man trying to clean up the mess. Everyone laughed at him and said “you are not good enough to clean up that mess! ha ha ha!” but he was determined to  do the animals some good, even though they were being so nasty. So he carried on night and day and soon enough he had finished!!! Then the animals cheered and whooped until 24:00 midnight! The animals finally settled down and went to sleep, but the man never went to sleep.

The Magic Building Bricks

One day I was building a nice lego tower, as you do then for some reason it formed together to make a tower, literally they formed together! So I thought that was a bit weird so I carried on building again and the same thing happened AGAIN!!!! So I went down the stairs and told my Mummy and she didn’t believe me “so, what lies ahead of these bricks” I thought as I walked up the stairs to collect the bricks. When I walked down the stairs again, some of the bricks formed together downstairs I said “told you!” and went upstairs.