In a museum at the bone part loads of people. There was a boy called cherry he has no bones that is why he can do boneless it is a Fortnite dance. Cherry is from Japan  an the best Fortnite player is called Ninja and ninja is from America. Fortnite is made by a company called Epic Games. Over 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 people see the museums bones and Cherry  is the second best Fortnite player he plays fortnite 24/7 with his fried called orange and he plays fortnite 24/7 and he is the third best fortnite player in the hole world and the bones come from his arms.

The End

Rainy Day

One day a family woke up and it had been raining all day. So they went to a bowling alley. And there was a boy called bill who won the 2  match so we treated him to a pizza. His favirout pizza was peperroni.  And then he went home but it was not raining any more. So they went for a walk with there dogs. And they are called Rob & Bob and they are both boys. until they didn’t see the biggest cloud in the world and it was a hale stone about 50cm long it waighs 200 tones so they got sqaushed 
                                                      The End! 


Once there was a town called New York . In the middle of  Tilted Towers was a gun called a rovolver. It has weird not on the barrel  and the person who made is a metal worker. It took 56 days to build. It is to stop shooting guns and stop having them. So every time you go to  New York . loads of people  stand in frount of the gun about 10 000 million people visit New York to see this gun. 


pink billy goat

Once there was a farmer called Terry Barnns he has all the farm animals you can find every owl every cow, sheep and lots more he has 300 acres of land full of pink dafadiles  sprincels. You have to walk over on a bridge so you have to water the plants on the bridge who ever walks on the plants will get tazerd. Terry’s favorite  animal is called pink billy goat the reson why he is pink is because Terry has a huge can of pink spray paint and Terry’s middle name is billy. And he is a goat.


Lemon the Lion

Once there was a lion called Lemon Lion, he lives in space.He lives on a  planet with lions it may sound wired but it is true. All they eat is carrots they have carrot drink carrot cake carrot meat for real vegetarians. carrot every thing. Thats what makes them orange and yellow. Every night they go to Tesco they steal carrots even from peoples houses from rabbits then they fly off to there home to eat carrots all morning then they do it again and again forever until they have piles and piles of carrots to share with my family.

 The End