Hide and Seek

Once there was a boy called Jake he likes playing hide and seek. Jake lives in a really big city called London, all his friends like playing hide and seek but in the city. Luckily there is a play area a few miles down the road so they went to play hide and seek …although they ran quickly, they were not making enough progress… Jake ran as fast as he could to find a hiding spot. A few moments later all my friends were found and then I won the game. We had a lot of games of hide and seek and then they went back to their houses.     

The End


Lost and found

Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin at his door. The boy opened the door 🚪   and screamed so loud that the penguin ran all the way home were he lived. So the boy went to find it the boy New were it was in the Artic Circle so the boy set of  to find the 🐧 penguin. So I went to get my sandwich and set of to find the penguin 🐧. Finnaly I found the penguin siting on a cliff hanger all sad until the boy went up to him and sail sorry do you want to be friends and the penguin said yes so the boy and the penguin went back to the boys house 🏡             The End 


Tea Cup

Once there was a boy called Jake, he loved tea. Every day he had 5 teas every minute. One day he went to a castle and in stead of a sward he found a masive cup half in the ground and half in the air he was amazed  he sear people trying to pull it out but they couldn’t because it wayed 200000000000000 tones not even the hulk could lift it was that hevey. He went home and lifted some wates the next day he went back to the castle and tryed to lift it and he was amazed because he lifted it out and got to ceep it.

If I was in Charge

Not long ago I wondered, now what if I was in charge, well it’s quite crazy so if you want to hear get reading!

If I was in Charge                                                                                                                                                              By: Adam B

If I was in charge,                                                                                                                            The sky would be light blue,                                                                                                      The only change there,                                                                                                                  Would be that it would never get dark,                                                                                  And it would never rain, Woo Hoo!

The grass would be pink,                                                                                                              The pink would have spots,                                                                                                        Those spots would be black,                                                                                                        It would would be nice and thick,                                                                                          But thats not it!

The sun would always be there,                                                                                             And It would always be sunny,                                                                                            But with a tiddle, tum, tum,                                                                                                        The world would be happy!    

I hope you enjoyed it! More coming soon!

The dancing goldfish

Once there was a girl called Ella. She had a dancing goldfish. She always feeds the goldfish brown fish food. She feeds the goldfish slowly because if she feeds the him too fast it will make him dance too quickly.  One day  the goldfish flew out of its bowl because he had been fed too fast. Dad had to get a ladder to get the fish down from the top shelf of our cupboard. The fish was never quite the same again after this experience in stead of swimming in circles he now swims in squares which means he bumps into the side of his bowl.