In a museum at the bone part loads of people. There was a boy called cherry he has no bones that is why he can do boneless it is a Fortnite dance. Cherry is from Japan  an the best Fortnite player is called Ninja and ninja is from America. Fortnite is made by a company called Epic Games. Over 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 people see the museums bones and Cherry  is the second best Fortnite player he plays fortnite 24/7 with his fried called orange and he plays fortnite 24/7 and he is the third best fortnite player in the hole world and the bones come from his arms.

The End

Rainy Day

One day a family woke up and it had been raining all day. So they went to a bowling alley. And there was a boy called bill who won the 2  match so we treated him to a pizza. His favirout pizza was peperroni.  And then he went home but it was not raining any more. So they went for a walk with there dogs. And they are called Rob & Bob and they are both boys. until they didn’t see the biggest cloud in the world and it was a hale stone about 50cm long it waighs 200 tones so they got sqaushed 
                                                      The End! 


Once there was a town called New York . In the middle of  Tilted Towers was a gun called a rovolver. It has weird not on the barrel  and the person who made is a metal worker. It took 56 days to build. It is to stop shooting guns and stop having them. So every time you go to  New York . loads of people  stand in frount of the gun about 10 000 million people visit New York to see this gun. 


pink billy goat

Once there was a farmer called Terry Barnns he has all the farm animals you can find every owl every cow, sheep and lots more he has 300 acres of land full of pink dafadiles  sprincels. You have to walk over on a bridge so you have to water the plants on the bridge who ever walks on the plants will get tazerd. Terry’s favorite  animal is called pink billy goat the reson why he is pink is because Terry has a huge can of pink spray paint and Terry’s middle name is billy. And he is a goat.


Lemon the Lion

Once there was a lion called Lemon Lion, he lives in space.He lives on a  planet with lions it may sound wired but it is true. All they eat is carrots they have carrot drink carrot cake carrot meat for real vegetarians. carrot every thing. Thats what makes them orange and yellow. Every night they go to Tesco they steal carrots even from peoples houses from rabbits then they fly off to there home to eat carrots all morning then they do it again and again forever until they have piles and piles of carrots to share with my family.

 The End

The Tree That walked

Once there was a Alex called boy. Alex liked walking in the Jungle with his Mum. Liam likes climbing trees and one day he saw a tree with legs Alex was really sceared so Alex climbed up a tree and jumped on the leg of the tree. Sadly Alex broken his leg but he killed the tree monster so Alex went to a hospitale  the next month Alex was out of the hospatale. Alex went back to the forrest to see if the tree monster was there but no only the suroundings of a tree Alex was happy.

The  End 🙂

Hide and Seek

Once there was a boy called Jake he likes playing hide and seek. Jake lives in a really big city called London, all his friends like playing hide and seek but in the city. Luckily there is a play area a few miles down the road so they went to play hide and seek …although they ran quickly, they were not making enough progress… Jake ran as fast as he could to find a hiding spot. A few moments later all my friends were found and then I won the game. We had a lot of games of hide and seek and then they went back to their houses.     

The End


Lost and found

Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin at his door. The boy opened the door 🚪   and screamed so loud that the penguin ran all the way home were he lived. So the boy went to find it the boy New were it was in the Artic Circle so the boy set of  to find the 🐧 penguin. So I went to get my sandwich and set of to find the penguin 🐧. Finnaly I found the penguin siting on a cliff hanger all sad until the boy went up to him and sail sorry do you want to be friends and the penguin said yes so the boy and the penguin went back to the boys house 🏡             The End 


Tea Cup

Once there was a boy called Jake, he loved tea. Every day he had 5 teas every minute. One day he went to a castle and in stead of a sward he found a masive cup half in the ground and half in the air he was amazed  he sear people trying to pull it out but they couldn’t because it wayed 200000000000000 tones not even the hulk could lift it was that hevey. He went home and lifted some wates the next day he went back to the castle and tryed to lift it and he was amazed because he lifted it out and got to ceep it.

If I was in Charge

Not long ago I wondered, now what if I was in charge, well it’s quite crazy so if you want to hear get reading!

If I was in Charge                                                                                                                                                              By: Adam B

If I was in charge,                                                                                                                            The sky would be light blue,                                                                                                      The only change there,                                                                                                                  Would be that it would never get dark,                                                                                  And it would never rain, Woo Hoo!

The grass would be pink,                                                                                                              The pink would have spots,                                                                                                        Those spots would be black,                                                                                                        It would would be nice and thick,                                                                                          But thats not it!

The sun would always be there,                                                                                             And It would always be sunny,                                                                                            But with a tiddle, tum, tum,                                                                                                        The world would be happy!    

I hope you enjoyed it! More coming soon!

The dancing goldfish

Once there was a girl called Ella. She had a dancing goldfish. She always feeds the goldfish brown fish food. She feeds the goldfish slowly because if she feeds the him too fast it will make him dance too quickly.  One day  the goldfish flew out of its bowl because he had been fed too fast. Dad had to get a ladder to get the fish down from the top shelf of our cupboard. The fish was never quite the same again after this experience in stead of swimming in circles he now swims in squares which means he bumps into the side of his bowl.

The Day of The Bag

Yesterday I saw some children leave the class room and I was all by my self because I’am  in a cupboard squished up with every thing else . I’am a black and wight bag my owner is a teacher called Mr Shepherd. I think the children went to a seaside called Champagne Beach.And then I saw some one with a child he was crying because he got told of for going in the water when he is not aloud Mr Shepherd opened the cupboard and took me out and went home and left the child there with out the child knowing



Fighting Trees

Once there was a boy called Sam ,he lived in a house with his mum and his dad they lived in a forrest Sam liked exploring the forrest.there was something in his way for a long time he saw trees practice fighting because at the other side of the forrest there where more trees practising so Sam kept running back to his house every night he had a nightmare. The next day Sam told his mum the bad dream he said he saw the trees fighting against each other they had swards that were actauly twigs and shields that were leaves

toy shop!!!!!

Once there was a man called Sam he was a zoo kipper . He has a pet snake before Sam went to bed he had some milk and a tablet. The next day Sam cycled to his work he works at the toy shop he makes red fabric and sow it to the toy. Once Sam cut his hand and shot of like a pullet to his house to get a plaster and put it under cold water.he put cream 
then it will get better the next day the cut was gone Sam missed work for a cuple of days 

                     THE END


Once there was a man called  Liam. He lived in a shop. He likes to go for walks. Once he saw a walking hand it had a mouth,nose and eyes. It was walking on two fingers the middle and the index finger . he ran home. The next day Liam went out for a walk. When he went out side he saw the hand was looking right at me and I shut the door locked the lock and hid under the bed and I was tied strangle I fell asleep…



Once there was a robot called ZIGGY. His favourite food is called peanut butter sandwich with electric. The person who made ZIGGY was called Jeff day ZIGGY got brain washed and went outside in the dark he forgot his sandwich and then died until a lady came with a glove holding a penutbutter  electric sandwich she gave it to ZIGGY and ZIGGY ate the hole sandwich and revived and wasn’t brain washed and then went back home and found out it was Jeff Robots who brain washed ZIGGY. ZIGGY went to bed very sad because ZIGGY got brain washed.



Once there was two boys called Sam and Lennon. They were best friends  they lived next to each other  they wanted to go to the zoo but there mum said “NO ITS NEARLY YOUR BIRTHDAY SAM”. And then they just played outside in the forrest . They saw a police man walking in the forrest with a dog and a boy with handcuffs. and a police with a taser walking in front they took the baddy  to the police station there was a tiger there .it escaped and never came back it killed lots of people and then Lennon and Sam had a sleep dart  they shoot it at the tiger………………!!


Once there was a boy called Max he was very fat he all ways eats sweets and chokalat when he is not aloud when his mum or dad cums in he says but were should I  hide it all and he pretends todo his home work  but he acaly  watches  TV. He stays up all night the next day he gouse out to the shop with his frends  all he bye is sweets and choklat and he dousn’t tell his mum or his dad. and one time he was to late to hide his sweets and he got grounded from sweets!


Once there was a grandad called Harry. He was not very good at  taking pictures. He tries  every night but when he takes a photo ghosts appear .Every night he gets a hart atack  the next day he went to the pub and got in a fight and got a noes bleed  and he went home and watched tv he watched  the news. he was on the news because he got in a fight for the last glass of gin and that was the last in the wold he went to bed at 5 o’clock. He went to to town  it was in China  and he went in a pub and got in a fight again.

The MLG sunglasses

Once there was a man called Ben he always wore flaming sunglasses. He went swimming with his friend. They got changed and because he always were’s his glasses all the time he forgot to take them of when they got home he forget his sunglasses he was crying. Tomorrow we will find your sunglasses. The next day he was wereng a white top they shoot of to the pool they looked every were but they couldn’t find the sunglasses eany were but what he could find was a trail of fire it lead to a house he noked on the door and found his sunglasses on the floor when he got home they celebrated.