Once upon a time there was a monkey called Pete,Pete wasn’t just some ordinary monkey he was an angry monkey.One day Pete  even set fire to his owners dog,it’s just one day Pete done something that was ordinarily strange ,Pete was sitting in his room on his computer watching a video about monkeys.It was good until it said ”monkeys have a percentage of 22% and dogs have a percentage of78% in likeness.So Pete pushed his laptop on the table it slid and cracked,Pete was so sad he went to his owner and done sign language for my computer cracked his owner was astonished.


THE END!!!!!!!!!

the spy who broke into my house…

Once upon a time there was just a normal  boy called Sam until one day he got robbed.  While Sam was going to biggleswade he was eating a sandwich he bit into the sandwich and there was a battery in it.  It made him very enegetic all he saw was white.  So his mum and dad stopped the car and he ran away so they got out the car and hurried.  When Sam got back a window was smashed his mum and dad called the police.  The police came and said a spy had put the battery in the sandwich to make him enegetic.

The day i caught santa on christmas

Once upon a time there was just a normal boy called bob. On christmas eve Bob set up a camera in his living room on the sofa hidden so santa couldn’t see it.  His video went on for an hour because he went to bed at 3:00 in the morning and santa came at 4:00.  On christmas he watched the video santa was fake, it was his mum and dad by the way, his mum or dad didn’t know he was doing it.  He was watching it while his mum and dad were making breakfast.  He said to his mum and dad santa was fake they said ”how do you know” .  Then he showed them the video and they gasped.  Bob told all of his friends that santa was fake and they didn’t believe him so he showed them the video and they gasped to.

The Epic Fail

One day there was a farmer who once had a big lake that was all murky, dirty and green.He tried to swim in it once but it guess what it was an EPIC FAIL!!!.So he tried again but he went a bit higher and jumped on a higher spot and it was an EPIC FAIL again.So he tried again with higher jump with the biggest jump he could ever do and it was the most funniest fail ever.I had never seen anything as funny as that was it was hard for me to breath it was that funny.




The not so good pond to go fishing…

Once upon a time lived a boy called William. he was a very good boy his hobbies were football and fishing he liked fishing more than anything.Until one day he went to riverside to go fishing but something pulled him head first in the pond.His dad tried to save him but he didn’t quite get him.His dad screamed so loud everyone in town could hear it[it made somebody burst their eardrum].It was so loud it was only his mum and dad left in the house.The dads favourite thing is football like mine.He plays for the best team ever man united…

Something lost at beach

One day I was at a beach in Australia and we were going sand surfing we were at one side of the beach and the sand hill was at the other.So we picked up the tent and something fell out and before looking around .I knew what it was it was something that you wear it goes up high on your body it has four sides.We got to the sand hill without anyon.

My favourite thing

This thing I love going on at home.It can take me where ever downstairs in my house.I got it for my birthday it was my favourite present I’ve ever had.When I go on it part of it lights up. I love it when ever I’m bored I go on it.When my friends come round I answer the door on it.Or I go on it when my friends are at my house.It is very fast it goes up to 70 mph.It is very heavy.I  love going on it my mum tells me to get of it at dinner you have to press a button to turn it off.

The dog who wore glasses

Once upon a time there was a dog called Billy. One day I went out to shop for halloween. I got a clown costume I got back home and the dog was wearing glasses they where my glasses but how did he get them on?. The very next day I took Billy for a walk around the park he loves the park.It was a nice sunny day we saw lots of other dogs especially small ones.When we got home we had to take him to the vets not for any particular reason.It takes about an hour to get their we live in Cormwall the vets are in Cambridge. when we were home we sat down had a rest and fell asleep when I woke up I saw the dog he was wearing my glasses again!.

Professor Crocodile

Once upon a time there was a crocodile called professor crocodile.He wasn’t any ordinary crocodile he was purple. It was difficult to figure out what he actually was.His job was a footballer.On the back of his t-shirt it said twisted because all his shots twisted round the people.Because he was a crocodile he hit it with his tail.He won all the best player of the season every time.All of his team mates where exhausted.They wish they never where a footballer.He scored one million and seventy goals he was so good. when he came home he had another trophy that was his millionth trophy.

Sweet bulb

Once upon a time there was a little person called Bob.He lived in a light bulb with his sister  2 brothers mum and dad.One day something horrible happened. The people that lived in the house not the people that lived in the light bulb.One day they had to change the light bulb when they were changing the light bulb it smashed.Bob was so scared he didn’t know what to do.He screamed that he didn’t want to die so he got his suitcase just in case and packed everything.He was the only one who survived the fall.So he had to live with his rich, posh cousins.

My pet Cat

Aiden was 4 years old when he got his pet cat Charlie.He was black  and white.When my dad was out fishing he caught 245 Fishes then when he finished something tucked on his leg there was nothing it was a ghost he didn’t know it was a dog ghost a vicious one.But when he went to turn around he saw Charlie fighting something.He was thinking what was there he was getting a bit scared now so he ran.The cat followed him the whole way back home it was an hour away the cat was so fast at least 999 miles per hour.Faster than a jet a car and Usain Bolt the fastest runner in the world. he wondered what lies ahead of him everyone was acting strange …


The end