The worriers of the woods

One day me and my friend were going for for a walk in a forest we took a picnic and it was a beautiful day to have a picnic before we have are picnic we were going to have a look in the woods because my mum said that there was a really good  park on the way into the woods. We were nearly  at the park on the way we saw something really suspicius it took us quite a while to find out what it was and we got a bit closer and we saw it was dancing trees we went back to our mums and said we saw dancing trees



THE DRAINPIPE!!!!!!!!!!!

One day I was sat at home playing on my xbox and I heard some strange noises coming from my drainpipe I thought I could  ignore it for a bit but if it keeps on doing it I will  have to have a look at it.  I was sat there for a while and I could not hear the drainpipe making the noises. So I carried on with my friends. But then it started  to make the same noise. He went over to the drainpipe and sorted it out he looked up the drainpipe and saw a blocked apple THE END


One day there was a boy who had two snakes as his pet. One was colured red and the other black. He came downstairs to give the two snakes there brekfast they where both really hungrey he colud tell they where hungrey the way they where looking at him. The boy feed them there brekfast and before he could feed them  the red one tried to get out of his cage. Then the boy went for his breaakfast but…


Once there was a boy called Jeff who was going on holiday with his parents and one of his friend they where going to China. It took a long time for them to get there it took 11hours to get there. But they stayed in a hotel for the night. When morning came they started to go in the car and get brekfast . In the end they got there at about 5 in the afternoon they got diner and they got pizza and they enjoyed it so they where going for a week so they where for a few day and they enjoyed it the end.


One day In was out in the forest with the rest of my family in the woods for a nice day we where going to go to the park whilst we where there we got something for lunch and after we went to get ice cream. Then we went in the woods and we tried to build a little den but it did not work every time we tried to build it it just would not stand up straight. Then we saw something go past us we went to have a look what it was but we could not find the susspect.