One day I got home from school  and there was a huge parcel with my name on it I said to my mum what is that parcel there with my name on it? My mum said thats your birthday present I thought to myself what could this be? and when will I get it. You will get it on your birthday how many days is it until my birthday I dont know I cant be bothered to work out how many days until your birthday. I think your birthday is a week a way so I went upstairs and asked my sister what my present for my birthday yes I do know but you will have to wait




The Tree With Legs

One lunchtime me and my family went out to the park for a picnic but before we had lunch mum and dad both said that I can go and have a play in the forest. As soon as I entered I saw something that looked like a tree on legs so I got a bit closer to the tree on legs. At first I thought to myself imagin if the tree can talk. I said to the tree can” you talk” so I said to him can you talk he replied saying yes I can talk said the walking talking tree so I said can we be friends then.




The Great Chase In The Park

One day me and my friends were playing it in the park me and my friends had voted for me to be it so I said to my friends fine but because i’am always it I am not going to be it next time thats fine replied my friend. Although I ran quickly I still wasn’t making enough progress so i said to my friends  i’m not being it anymore I cant get anyone so there’s no point of me playing the game because you are all too fast. So one of my friends said that they will be it and we played together until the end of the day

The Penguin and the boys best advnture

One day there was who woke up and heared some nocking at the door I went down and there was a penguin at my doorstep. And then when I went back into my home and all he done was just followed me I thourght to myself and said to the little penguin what are you doing at my door step. The penguin didn’t answer back but what the little boy new he was looking for a friend and he had come to the perfect place to find a friend. We went on so many adventures together we went to the park, we  went bowing and we went to the sea side. And we had the best of days together


The cup of doom

One day I was out with my friend Mike and we were going out on our bikes down to the park. When we got there me and Mike saw  this really awkward thing sticking out of the ground the first thing that came in to both of are heads was that it would be a new sort of ride. But when me and Mike went over there we both just saw that it was an old cup embedded into the ground we both thought what is an old cup doing in the middle of the park. THE END