Bonfire night

One night my friends where coming round for fire work night but first we where going swimming, my friends where coming with us. we were having fun and my friends where slepping round my house tonight, Tomorrow were going to have the fire works party. It was the next day it was the day of the party my friends and I where all excited  we were all bored then we thought we should play with our scooters and bikes it was the night of the party and out guests are turning up to our house, we start doing the fire works and flames where coming from everywhere  and we all celebrated the different coloured flames there were  white ,red, blue ,and green flames.







The epic fall

One day there was a man walking his dog they went to a place where there was loads of space for the dog to run around and stretch his little legs they had found a really good place for them to have a walk and take the dog for a walk when they had let Matthew the dog the dog of the lead and he went like a bird that was getting chased by a bird he ran so fast he did not recanise that there was a tree in front of him coming to wards him and he jumped into a lake to have a swim he tried to get Matthew out but he slipped and went head first in the lake

The dog was wearing glasses

One day there was a dog that loved wearing glasses he loved wearing glasses so much he could not even count how many pers he had of glasses. One day he went to go and by some more glasses he saw a per that he really wanted to by them but then he saw the price of them and they were a lot of money he went home and got the rest of his money he put it with the rest of his money he had enough to get his glasses he wonted to add some detail but he did not have enough so he just bought the normal ones and the dog was wearing the glasses.

The purple crocodile

one day there was a profeser that crept a purple crocodile one day he was twisting around and was difficult to stop him from twisting the profeser thought that he might be ill so he called the vet to see if they could do anything yes we can do something but you are going to have to call someone who takes care of them. Ten minutes later the person who takes cares of crocodiles terns up and says hats the problem  I don’t know take a look he seems to be fine hes probely just be  having a bad day.


the mistery light bulb

Once upon a time there was a smashed light bulb that was smashed all over the floor peices went every where but they wernt just normall coulers they where yellow,red,geen and a little person came out of it and i piked him up and he was as light as a ballon.He diddnt know where he was so he asked me where he was so I answerd him and I said you where at someones home.He asked how do I get back? he said i dont know but cums to think of it where do you live? I yuesed to live in that light bulb well any whey you can live whith me THE END!


the football player

One day my football team played a match against Priory .loads of people  thought one player inparticular  was a rubish player and loads of people hated him and bulled him. Every time he played a match he tryed his best bet they just wolud not leave him alone. When he turned up for football training he tried and he tried and he tried but he just coud not get it right. One day he turend up to a football match he tried and he tried and he got it right he scored!!! then the other team scored then it was a draw then it was the last minute and he scored  now every one was happy with him.