The Bone Ball

Bang!!! I heard as I relaxed in the bath I quickly jumped out and grabbed a towel.I then raced down the stairs to find a humungous bone ball that had fallen through the ceiling.It landed on a table and it was now rolling to the side  of the building it broke through the wall and landed on the floor outside I was really worried. In the end I called the police they turned up and soon it was the top headline on the news and I got payed a lot of money to fix my house so it was a happy ending.

The rainy day

I was downstairs eating my breakfast when my mum called me and explained that football is canceled because of the rain “ooooohh,”I moaned. Ok can Archie come round, fine because there is nothing else to do she replied.But I don’t want you to go on any devices play a game or something.When Archie arrived we played monopoly for a bit and then we played catch with a tennis ball then we had lunch and it was still raining it had been raining all morning.Then he went home and we played on the PS4 together.

The Big Revolver

Today is the day we go to the museum I thought on my way to school.As soon as I got there it was time to leave and I was just in time for the bus.On the way there I sat next to my best friend Alfie.When we got there my group went to the sculptures.The best sculpture was a big revolver it was as big as a giant.Next we went to the war artefacts.We also found a life size revolver.I loved this trip but I will be happy to go back home.On the way back I sat next to my friend Thomas and when I got home it was time for bed.

 The Chef Giraffe

I was really excited as I got dressed,my family were going to the zoo to see the animals. On the way I read a magazine about Giraffe’s it said people could feed them food and it was today. When we got there there was a sign that said this way for feeding time with  a picture of a Giraffe on it so we walked up to them and  got in the line. It was a long wait but we finally got to feed them the one that I didn’t eat the food instead it picked me up it took me to their shelter.Where there was a chef giraffe who cooked them spaghetti and meatballs hotdogs burgers chips sandwiches I was just amazed then he gave me a burger and fries I ate the fries and half of the burger . suddenly I woke up and realised it was all a dream then I rolled over and saw a half eaten burger next to me was it a dream?

The forest giant

This morning I was woken up by some loud footsteps outside of my house.I quickly got some clothes on to see what it was.But when I got out outside there was nothing I was about to go inside when I heard the noise again I thought something was very suspicious .I turned round and saw a pair of giant tree legs at first I thought I was dreaming but it was real all it wanted to do was look around but when it saw me it ran away the next morning I woke up thinking  it was a dream but when I looked out of my window  and it was just sitting there.