The Bone Ball

Bang!!! I heard as I relaxed in the bath I quickly jumped out and grabbed a towel.I then raced down the stairs to find a humungous bone ball that had fallen through the ceiling.It landed on a table and it was now rolling to the side  of the building it broke through the wall and landed on the floor outside I was really worried. In the end I called the police they turned up and soon it was the top headline on the news and I got payed a lot of money to fix my house so it was a happy ending.

The rainy day

I was downstairs eating my breakfast when my mum called me and explained that football is canceled because of the rain “ooooohh,”I moaned. Ok can Archie come round, fine because there is nothing else to do she replied.But I don’t want you to go on any devices play a game or something.When Archie arrived we played monopoly for a bit and then we played catch with a tennis ball then we had lunch and it was still raining it had been raining all morning.Then he went home and we played on the PS4 together.

The Big Revolver

Today is the day we go to the museum I thought on my way to school.As soon as I got there it was time to leave and I was just in time for the bus.On the way there I sat next to my best friend Alfie.When we got there my group went to the sculptures.The best sculpture was a big revolver it was as big as a giant.Next we went to the war artefacts.We also found a life size revolver.I loved this trip but I will be happy to go back home.On the way back I sat next to my friend Thomas and when I got home it was time for bed.

 The Chef Giraffe

I was really excited as I got dressed,my family were going to the zoo to see the animals. On the way I read a magazine about Giraffe’s it said people could feed them food and it was today. When we got there there was a sign that said this way for feeding time with  a picture of a Giraffe on it so we walked up to them and  got in the line. It was a long wait but we finally got to feed them the one that I didn’t eat the food instead it picked me up it took me to their shelter.Where there was a chef giraffe who cooked them spaghetti and meatballs hotdogs burgers chips sandwiches I was just amazed then he gave me a burger and fries I ate the fries and half of the burger . suddenly I woke up and realised it was all a dream then I rolled over and saw a half eaten burger next to me was it a dream?

The forest giant

This morning I was woken up by some loud footsteps outside of my house.I quickly got some clothes on to see what it was.But when I got out outside there was nothing I was about to go inside when I heard the noise again I thought something was very suspicious .I turned round and saw a pair of giant tree legs at first I thought I was dreaming but it was real all it wanted to do was look around but when it saw me it ran away the next morning I woke up thinking  it was a dream but when I looked out of my window  and it was just sitting there.

The big race

This morning I woke up very excited because it was sports day at school I ran all the way to there and when I got there my class were just getting ready.My teacher told me I was in a race with my friends.When we were at the start line the judge ran over the rules and I was ready.”On your marks get set go”we all ran really well.Half way through the race I was second the more I ran the more I wanted to win .Although I ran quickly I still didn’t make enough progress I came second and had a great time.

The best Easter ever

One morning I got woken up by my mum she reminded me that it was Easter . Then She said that me and my brother had an Easter egg hunt .We got our shoes on and went to look for the chocolate I found one egg under a plant .There was even one in the tree another was on the roof and the final one was in the barbecue my brother found five and together we found eight they were all different colours they formed a rainbow when we put them together we were an amazing team next year I will remember Easter


My big teacup

One Saturday I woke up and my dad said we are going to a fair I was very excited . We got in the car and drove to the fair it looked very fun I could not wait to get in the first ride I went on was the giant teacups they were massive I got on it was very fun until they broke they went flying through the air one of them got stuck in the ground another hit someone and broke their leg the rest of them hit rides and the fair went crazy luckily no one got hurt

The tale of the two friends

One morning I was watching the television in my cosy house when there was a knock on the door “I wonder who that is I” said to myself. I got to the door and to my shock there was a penguin standing standing there he looked sad so I invited him in. He seemed to like my house so I let him stay for the night. The next morning I realised that he was sad because he missed his home .We went to the harbour to see if a boat would take us to the South Pole but they couldn’t hear us over the loud sound of the boats horn so went and got the paddle boat out of the cupboard. We rowed on and on and on then we finally we reached the South Pole so I helped the penguin out of the boat. But when I was sailing back I felt lonely and sad I kept looking back at the penguin but he was more sad then when he first appeared at my door and the more I looked back the more I thought . Then I realised he was not sad about no time being at home he was lonely so I went back but he was not there I searched and searched but he was not there . I just decided to go home but on my way I saw something in the water as I got closer I could just make out a penguin it was my friend so we went home and lived happily.One day I got bored so I swam across the ocean when I reached the other side there was a house so I pressed the doorbell . When they opened the door there was a boy he looked confused but he said I could come in I liked his house so he let me stay for the night.In the morning he took me out of the house and tried to put me on a big boat luckily they couldn’t hear him so we went home for some reason he went in the cupboard and pulled out a paddle boat we went to the sea and we started to paddle we paddled all the way back to where I used to live he helped me up and then sailed away . I was sad so I paddled after him but he was gone . suddenly I felt someone tugging me it was the boy and we went home we lived happily ever after.

who will run the company

One cold winter morning I woke up to go and see my grandpa . He was working on things for his company when I interrupted  “are you alright grandpa”. “No not really he muttered” I am getting to old to run the company just then dad burst in” I will run the company “he said but grandpa didn’t seem to keen on the idea . We all went downstairs to tell mum the news. She also asked if she could run the factory but grandpa didn’t like the sound of that either” what if I were in charge ” yes the company is saved .

A Painful Day In The Life Of A Football

The other day I was minding my own business in my favourite spot in the garden when  a little boy came and kicked me ”hey what was that for” I muttered I went flying through the air and landed in a net “GOAL!!!” the little boy shouted what do you think I am , a football .

Uh oh I am a football the boy called his friends to come and play they were all kicking me ow aaa ouch stop that hurts oww .The more they kicked me the more it heart . It felt like a bullet passing through me every time they kick me .

They even took me in there van to a horrid place called a holiday park, why are you smiling this is horrible “I love going on holiday ” the boy said . Holiday are you joking this is not holiday this is torture . I  had to sit in the van practically the whole five days we were there . On the way back theuy stopped of at a fast food resturant But the boy brought me outside and kicked me to the resturant ow aaa ouch stop that hurts oww when we got home he dropped me in the net and they went to bed but I could not sleep because I think I broke my back from being kicked so much .

karate trees

I am a tree that can move and walk and talk  but I am disguised as a normal tree . There are lots of other trees like me but nobody knows about us . We live in groups of three with our close family . We come out of shape on a Sunday when the park is shut . The parents are always practising karate but the kids have their own group . We all love karate and we’re all really good at it . My favourite  move is the cunning kick . In this move you kick with both legs to leave the opponent in pain .

stay inside kids

one sunny afternoon I was playing my favourite video game when my mum burst through the door “have you seen the time ” she shouted. “what is the time” I asked  look there is a clock there. oh its nearly five o’clock.Why don’t you ride on your new red bike before dinner ,fine I murmured . so I went out on my bike. But I wanted to go somewhere that I have not been before so I decided to go to the woods I was just entering the woods when I saw a snake AAAAAAAAAAAAA I screamed as it  pounced at me.I cycled as fast as I could  all the way home.

The Dangerous Tiger.

One day me and my freinds where in a jungle with my dad Bear Grills me and my friend we where staying in the jungle for the night. The next day we woke up we had to go and get some breakfast we saw a monkey to eat we killed it. We went back to camp to cook it it was really nice we had to go and get some wood for the fire we found some wood and then we went back to camp.  But the next day we had to leave them jungle but on the way we spotted a tiger that was bloking are way and we had to go so we had to go round the bush THE END

The energetic sandwich

Once upon a time me and my mum were getting lunch and there was a new sandwich I really wanted to try it so my mum bought it for me . When we got home I ran up to my room to try it I lifted it up to my mouth and just as my lips closed around it it came to life it was so energetic . I thought it must have a battery in it as the white sandwich hurried around I was amazed I am going to sell this I thought but instead I kept it as a pet .

A day in the park is not always what you expect

One day I was walking in the woods when I saw a sign it said ghoul this way “thats a load of rubbish there is no such thing as ghouls,” I chuckled . I carried on following the signs then I saw it exactly it is just some metal to look like a ghoul . When I spun round it was in my face  I screamed , I ran as fast as my legs could go I wish iI would of stayed at home I did not want to look behind me so I just kept running all the way home not again .


Hello I am telling you about a boy called James smith and that is me I am about to move house and my family are not very wealthy so we are trying to make money by selling toys and things but I do not want to . Unfortunately I have the grumpiest meanest dad so I have to sell my precious toys I am going to hide my toys                  . But the question is where would we hide it all . I know where I could hide it in my secret box that was given to me by my great aunt Edna I went to hide it but my dad was watching me . Get here know oh no I thought .



One cold frosty morning I was sitting on my bed by the fire .  The flames were growing rapidly ,they grew so big that I ran downstairs to tell my mum . But there was no sign of her so I went in the garden to get the hose . Then I wound it so far that I could go all the way upstairs . I went to spray the fire .But when I sprayed the fire ,  the water was a white sort of colour . The water was spreading quickly , I put the fire out and while I celebrated I thought I hope when I go swimming tomorrow it won’t be like this .

lake town

Once upon a time there was a group of houses that lived underground .  But it was a secret nobody was suppose to know .  They lived under a lake in the middle of a small town . But there was a young boy in this town that wanted to live normally . The boy was not very good at keeping secrets and told lots of people about his town and before he knew it the whole town were aware of it . There was also an ordinary boy who was adventurous . He had heard about the town under the lake and tried to find it . He dived in the lake and his hands got wrapped in seaweed he unfortunetly drowned .

My something

It lives at my house and is soft as can be . A cute smiley face which often joins me .  I have had it since 2008( when I was 0)I still have it now . It is always right next to me when I go to bed . My great auntie bought it for me the day after I was born as a present that I have kept and will keep forever . It will come on all the journeys I go on . It is something that never bothers me it makes me feel happy looking at it . It cheers me up to see it and it is a lovely thing to have .