It does not make sense

one sunday morning I was bored so I decided to play with my kittens . when I tried to find them I failed so I went to my friend’s house his name is Archie and I wanted to see his dog . Anyway I got to Archie’s house and the dog was wearing glasses I said” why is your dog wearing glasses?” Archie said it was because he could not see properly all of a sudden everything went black and I ended up in my bed . I heard a patter on the stairs and my mum burst through the door you are in trouble young man why because you went to Archie’s house without telling me wait what .


Deep underwater where nobody goes there is a world of creatures . From small fish to tall fish round fish brown fish but worst of all crocodiles not just normal crocodiles but purple crocodiles purple crocodiles are the worst type they have the worst killer instinct . Proffesers are starting to think they may be the animal that has killed the ost thing that has ever walked the planet . It is difficult for scientists because they can not study underwater . Purple crocodiles have twisted tails and a scary appearance they are terrifying     underwater creatures that will roam the earth for years .

Light bulb catastrophic

Once upon a time a time there was a young man named Freddie he lived by the sea and often he would walk along the sand .One day Freddie was walking along the shore when he saw something huge in the distance.He got so close that he could just make out a light bulb.It was a broken light bulb with objects scattered around it.”Oh no” he said this is going to take ages to clear up.Freddie told the council and after a week everyone in the town was helping to clean up.Finally it was clean and the town was left never to be harmed again.

The weird twists of the forest

I was running round on a forest when I tripped and fell down a hole.It was deep and dirty and was not the place I wanted to be. It was tight and I struggled to breath so I tried to climb up.When I was half way up I saw a tunnel so what lies ahead of this I thought.I got so curios that I decided to enter it.It turned out to just be a cave so i turned to carry on climbing and saw another tunnel it went uphill and it took me back to the forest i ran home and said that will be it for today.