One beautiful ,sunny morning there was a girl called Millie playing happily in her massive back garden. Millie was a lovely, pretty, wonderful ,nice girl . Millie was  really excited because she was going on holiday to Spain in a couple of days . The day had finally arrived and it was round about 3am in the morning . When they got in to the airport and had all of there breakfast Millie needed to go to the toilet Millie was older so her mum let her go to the toilet by her self .Just that moment ,Millie heard the scary voice in the world she jumped out of her skin this  is what it said “be careful ” Millie ran out of the toilet even though she was despite for the toilet and she had a little insterdent and when they got to Spain they went out on that night and Millie took a picture and when she took it ghost came up on her phone and she remembered  in the bathroom and she put up with it for the wrest of the weak.




I was walking on the same street as GHOSTS ! I heard lots of voices coming from  different directions saying her name “Poppy” “Poppy” said the wired voice . Later that evening she went to London . Was it just Poppy or was it the people in the street really turing in to ghosts? Now her mum was turning  into a ghost to. This was sad .She decided to run .  Poppy was scared so she ran even faster. Then Poppy found her self in her room she felt like she just woke up. Did she see a real ghost or was it a dream .


The unknown ghosts

Tonight i was out with the woman of my dreams. We had fun together, we played pool, chess, arcade games and more. Someone almost stole her purse so i beated him up, he must be drunk. But i saw some one with a computer and he was playing around with commands. I wonder what hes typing… But then i saw him type, c:\summon coded_ghosts             He entered the command, Are you sure? Y\N            He went for yes and random ghosts summoned “EEEEEEAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!” she screamed. But there were harmless but he typed, c:\make the coded_ghosts attack          an entered the command. Then the ghosts started attacking us, everyone screamed and then he typed, c:\make coded_ghosts dissapear         Then it sayed       not a valid code So then they started to get faster. “YOU IDIOT TURN THE CONNETION OFF”  Then he did and the ghosts slowed down. I snatched the computer off him and typed   c:\delete system_32 and clicked yes………….. The computer turned off but the world turned off……..


The city of ghosts

Hello, I am a ghost and my name is Harry and I am 5 years old.All me and my family are ghost and we live in a big city called Candy land.And there were more sweets than ghosts so we went on the candy.And saw a brilliant view of candy.Guess what happend we jumped on every piece of candy and fell but we didn’t heart ourself it was more fun than heartful.We carried on until we got to a massive doughnut and it was a challenge who could jump the furthest and get through it.So we tried but it failed.



Suddenly I heard a loud boom boom BOOOOOOOOOOOOM! And it the sound  got louder and louder and I was scared I was just was walking in the middle of Japan no one was their but me but I started seeing explosions. and heard boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom! And then I remembered  were to go I piked up a proton pack all people and then I shot them back out and they turned back into real people and I never heard a boom ever again boom boom boom THE END!