The 1000 year old Brain

I went to this Musuem and it has lots of interesting things in there which are real! When I saw this big brain inside…IT WAS AMAZING!!!! The brain said it is 1000 years old and the brain was the old mans brain. It looked kind of weird when you look at the 1000 year old brain. It looked all musty and looked kind of pinky and it all sorts of bones in the brain! I haven’t seen a brain inside a Musuem before, it seems like my first time seeing a real brain in the Musuem.

Todays the day

Ok, lets take this from the top , today is the day that we start decorating my room, it might not seem like much to you, but I can ashore you it is to me as not only am I going to have a whole new room, but my dad bought me an amazing model togo in my room.

A day later

I have painted my room now(white) and everything is done all I need to do is put some models as decor. So I put 3 spiderplant’s in my room two on each end of the windowsell and one on my desk. then i put the amazing model of bones on my desk.

Panda’s rainy day 1ūüźľ

Panda was angry because it had been raining all morning. He just wanted his morning bamboo. Panda was so angry he put on his rain coat and went to see frog. He was joyfully jumping on the wet rocks when panda found him. All of a sudden a dragon and took panda he was almost scared to death. So frog went to get dog and cat and they went to find him

To be continued…

Why is it raining ?

It was raining all morning and the Cooks had planed for a picnic in the park. “Why is it raining ?” asked Jack. Mum replied with a thought of “The elephants where stamping on the clouds and it forced the clouds to explode with water,”. Dad said that all different types of cars…

When Will It Stop

It has been raining all morning and it still hasn’t stopped. We’ve had to stay in, it’s so boring. Every time we start to play my Mum says stop being so loud. Earlier I checked the weather on my Dads phone to see if it will still be raining for the rest of the week and it is. We are now watching TV. My Mum just came over and said no TV. I’m going on my ipad. My Mum is working at the moment so I’m lucky. I’m going to go downstairs now. It’s still raining.


Rainy Day

One day a family woke up and it had been raining all day.¬†So they went to a bowling alley. And there was a boy called bill who won the 2¬† match so we treated him to a pizza. His favirout pizza was peperroni.¬† And then he went home but it was not raining any more. So they went for a walk with there dogs. And they are called Rob & Bob and they are both boys. until they didn’t see the biggest cloud in the world and it was a hale stone about 50cm long it waighs 200 tones so they got sqaushed¬†
                                                      The End! 

Animal Agent

Amalie got in her rocket and started the engine “good luck” said the King and Queen as amalie’s rocket blasted into space. “Nearly there” she said to herself¬† Brushing her teeth and getting ready for the next day “tomorrow I will be the best ant agent in the world. She was on mars and ready to find the alien. She walked a few steps and heard a snapping noise and then a voice “are you looking for me” said someone with a deep voice. Amalie didn’t know what to say and hid in the crater and looked around to see if anyone was there but she couldn’t see them. Will she catch her enemy find out next time…

Raniy day

It had been raining all morning the sky was dark and grey and the mood in the house dull as well. The rain covered the ground and would be amazing for jumping in ,you could almost swim in it. The more it rained the deeper the puddles got,and they got very deep. Ruby’s mum decided to go to the park they all thought it was a great idea and got in the car. They bought there wellies so the could splash around in the puddles by the lake. When they got home Ruby thought it was the best day ever.


It had been raining all morning Tim was fed up. He had brown hear and blue eyes he loved to play outside. It had been lovely yesterday it was the second day of the summer holiday. He was hoping on going on a bike ride with his friends. Then he ran out side to go to his friends house to play football when nooooooooooooo the rain his clothes had all disappeaed was p purple and and hungry very very hungry! He went to the nearest shop evety one ran shouted HELP ITS A MONSTER and soon they were all gone!!

The Rainy Day

I woke up and it had been raining all morning¬† later in the day it started to thunder. So I had to sit inside playing games the worst bit about it is that I had to play with my MUM! I was demented. The next day i woke up and the hill that we live on is flooded. Right to are house so I went to go and wake daddy up and he said ” WHAT!” I know its so cool can we go swimming in it. its like the biggest pool ever it was 30 deggres out side plz can we go out side¬† ok said daddy.



Molly’s Diary Entry *1*

It had been raining all morning, and I was starting to get quite frustrated! All I could think was, could there be a large rain or thunder storm on it’s way? I had been playing Animal Crossing and Pocket Knights 2 since eight o’clock to eleven o’clock. I levelled up quite a bit, but it was still very boring. This particular day was not a lucky day… I started to feel ill. But luckily it was a Saturday, so I didn’t have to worry about school and I could just sleep and tell my Mum. Soon after, a large storm approached…!

Raining All Day Long

It was on Sunday morning,there was a dark clouds in the sky looking all miserbale and horrible. Some people,go to church on a Sunday, but on a miserable day? It is not happening! Other children can’t go to the park or catch cold. When it was a sunny day, we could do anything we want!

When it’s a miserable rainy day, don’t go anywhere stay at home.

The Storm

One day there was a girl called Charlotte.Her mum left her home alone so she can quickly go to the shop.Charlotte heard thunder and got scared.Her mum came home in time for Charlottes bed.They though it was thunder ready for a heatwave but that never happened.Instead it had been raining all morning.

One bad Sunday morning

One rainy Sunday morning I was sat at home playing on my xbox and I saw heavy rain coming down from my bedroom window. I wasn’t sure if my mum or dad knew about the rain but even if they didn’t they would¬†soon know. So I went up and told them and they said would you like to go for a walk in the rain so we all said yes that would be nice getting a bit wet after all we never get rain. So we all said yes why not.



What to do when you are bored! Part 2

Before I carry on , I would recommend reading part 1 otherwise¬†this one won’t sence.

indoor things:

You can colour in . Colouring in is so relaxing and it will take your mind off of things .

Play with your pet(if you have one). This is so fun ,you will love it and and I am pretty shore your pets will to !

Go to sleep. . It may sound boring but when you wake up you will feel as fresh as the morning sun.

Outside things (just saying i only have 2 outdoor things).

Go to an outdoor swimming pool , nothing like a refreshing swim.

Play with friends down the street. Knock on your friends door. At least now you are not bored and you have someone to play with.


What to do when your bored! Part 1

You bored? Your not alone, I know the feeling. Yesterday it was raining all morning and that is why I am writing a story on what to do when you are bored. Some will be to do outside and some will be for inside.

Inside things:

A good thing to do inside is to colour in. Colouring in is so relaxing and it takes your mind off of other things like school .

Another thing to do is play with your pet (if you have one) as you will love it and I’m pretty shore they will to.

The Rainy Day

it had been raining all morning, the rain was pouring down no power to play Fortnite. The power turned off because there was a plug outside.The rain caught it and that was connected to the power socket. The weather man said it was going to be sunny all day long, but he was wrong VERY WRONG! it is minus 3 degrees celsius.  Somehow my brother Tim is playing Fortnite. By the way my life is revolved around Fortnite nothing else. My favourite place to land is Tilted Towers. I play on ps4 because that is better than xbox.

Radio crash

Me and my family was watching the news at 4:31 in the morning. Then the TV when into static, then we realised it had been raining all morning and all the radio severs have all crashed and nobody could watch TV for a few hours. This made everyone sad and upset and nobody did anything because they just wanted to watch TV and do nothing else but a few people did something… They went to the TV studio and wouldn’t leave them alone until the TV servers would come back. This made the studio people annoyed so they did their best to fix it and then the severs were back online

The Rain Went On All Day

My name is Reece and one day I went outside to¬† play football it was really early so I didn’t kick the ball hard because I didn’t want to disturb anyone or wake them up. I was just about to kick the ball when I heard a massive roar of thunder it was as loud as a plane crashing into a train. So I decided to go in and I think the thunder woke my mum and dad up. I went in put the TV on and got all warm and as soon as the TV turned on. It came up with the weather forecast and it said it will be raining all morning and thats going to be a long day.