Where Did They Come From!

“Sienna we’re going to the museum today, ”    I said ,” The website said they have something new and no one has found one of them before and they also found new bones there.”Once we were there I wanted to see the new thing last because they said theres a tone of people there at the moment. First we saw a whole T-Rex skeleton, then at the end of the day we saw the new thing it was a pile of bones. They said it was a new dinosaur called a Junkosaurus.

When Will It Stop

It has been raining all morning and it still hasn’t stopped. We’ve had to stay in, it’s so boring. Every time we start to play my Mum says stop being so loud. Earlier I checked the weather on my Dads phone to see if it will still be raining for the rest of the week and it is. We are now watching TV. My Mum just came over and said no TV. I’m going on my ipad. My Mum is working at the moment so I’m lucky. I’m going to go downstairs now. It’s still raining.


The Huge Sparkly cake.

Last week, on Monday, I made a cake which was shaped as a bridge. While I was trying to find some sprinkles I found some pink edible glitter and they were perfect because I was going to put something that looked like glitter and thats why it was perfect. When I had finally put the cake in the oven  I went to get the grey food colouring. Then after 30 minutes  I put the cake on the side and coved it in grey icing with pink glitter. Then I went to Hannah’s house and ate the cake with her and family.

That’s Strange!

One morning, me and my Dad were walking in a forest near a park.  While we were walking I heard a noise. It
sounded like a cat or fox but I don’t know which one. So we went and explored the woods and when we finally found it after 30 minutes it was a tiny kitten. When we got home we told my Mum and she said to take it to the vets strait away. It take’s an hour to get to the vets so we played eye spy. Nobody guessed my word. We finally got there and the vet said…

Oh No

On Friday, Louise was having a lie-in and she woke up at 12pm. She went down stairs to eat something. Then Louise saw Ben her little brother with his annoying friend Harvey. So she went to her Mum and whispered “When did he get here and why is he here?”.Once her Mum told her she made a really loud OH NO. The worst thing Harvey had done to Louise, was making Ben take her to his room and Ben told Louise open the door then a bucket of water fell on her head. She wounded what was going to happen this time…

The Zoo!

One day, I went to a zoo with my family. The first thing we saw was the lions because they are my Mums favourite animal. They were roaring as loud as a digger! Then when we left the lions we were nearly death! Then we went to my favourite animal giraffes. There were three adults two nearly grown up and a baby giraffe! The baby giraffe was so cute and the Mum was sitting next to her. Next we went to the smelly hippo’s most of them were outside. We didn’t stay there long because they were so SMELLY! Finally we went to see the Elephants but they weren’t there. they were chasing someone and although they ran quickly they weren’t making enough progress!

The Tale Of Two Friends!

One day, I went to my front door and saw a little penguin at my doorstep. Well luckily it was Saturday so if I didn’t get the penguin home I would have Sunday as well. I asked my Mum if I could take it home and she actually said yes I didn’t think she would say yes but she did.  My Mum gave me a packed lunch and some fish for the penguin. When we set of it was very warm but I still brought an umbrella just in case it rained. I told it stories and jokes. When we finnaly got there it jumped out and swam away. When I was heading back I saw something floating when I got closer to it I realised it was the penguin he jumped on and I rowed back.

I woke up next to a door of someone’s door I didn’t know how I got there. But I stood there anyway looking very confused. After about 10 minutes a little girl opened the door and saw me standing there. She then went and screamed, “there’s a penguin a the door”. It was so loud some pigeons that were a mile away could here it. Her Mum didn’t come out, but she said she could take me home! I couldn’t wait to get home she told me story’s about animals I liked that. She gave me some fish. Then when we finally got there I jumped out and swam away. It was so fun back at home. When I was floating on my back I saw a really small boat then it got closer and closer and closer. Until I realised it was the little girl. So I hopped in and She took me to her cozy, warm home.

The Teacup ride!

One day, someone called Felicia Jones fell through a massive portal that sent her to another world and every thing was gigantic. But she stayed her normal size. She wanted to get out of the gigantic world, she went for a big long walk. While she was walking things started to get smaller and smaller but she wasn’t getting taller. Suddenly she saw lots of tiny teacups and a huge teacup in the middle of them. Felicia saw a little baby rabbit with is so cute and sent her home some how…

The Egg Team!

On Friday, the egg team decided to go to Australia. They always wanted to go to Australia and now they are. Ben really wanted to be in charge of the tickets and he was because he kept on moaning and every one got annoyed so they shouted “yes”. Hannah was in charge of the passports and Chloe was in charge of the sweets for the plain. Freddie took us to the airport in his car. I was in charge of booking the plain seats and the hotel room. When we got to the plain Ben couldn’t find the tickets in his bag Chloe said” But if I was in charge they wouldn’t have been lost.

The Poorly Goldfish!

On Sunday, I saw my Dad climbing a ladder, holding a bucket of water and cleaning my window. Just then a brown bird flew over my head and landed on my shoulder then it flew away. I went inside and told my Mum that a brown bird landed on my shoulder. Then my Mum said excitedly ” WE’RE GOING TO GET A NEW GOLDFISH!”. I got in the car and my Mum slowly got in the car then we went to go and get the goldfish we called it Quagmire. Quagmire looked happy in with the other fish. It was so small compared to the other ones !

The Day Of the Pens!

Last Wednesday, Chloe (the owner of the colourful pens), got a lot of letters from us. My one was at the top and yellow’s was at the bottom of the pile. She saw the letters and opened mine first.

Chloe read it out loud and it said,” Dear Chloe, Hello it’s pink you hardly ever use me. Is it because you think I’m a girls colour cause I’m not, I’m a girls and  boys colour. Why can’t you use me for clouds, maybe even an odd pink dinosaus?

The Outside Museum!

One day, we went to a outside museum in Cambridge. It was a museum of statues made out of tree’s and some were made out of stone. My mum said “there are also small statues made out of sweets and you get to take them home to keep forever unless you eat them”. When we got there we each got a wrist band that we had to wear to  so we could see the statues. The first statue we saw was lots of statues together made out of sticks. Then we went to see some knights made out of stone.


The Zoo!

One day, I went to the zoo with my Mum, my Dad and my sister Sienna. First we saw the elephants and there was a baby elephant and she was so cute. Then we saw the lions and one of the younger lionesses roared really loud. Next we had a picnic and I had a ham sandwich and it was really nice, then I had a slice of cake. When we had all finished our food we went to see the tigers there are four tigers, but we could only see two of them. After we went to the reptiles.


One day, I went swimming with my sister Sienna, my brother Ben and my mum.When we got in the pool my brother said,” do you want to go on the water slide”. We both said “yes”.
So me Ben and Sienna went on the water slide in a chain and it was really fun and Sienna was at the back of the chain and Ben was at the front of the chain so I was in the
middle. Then we all jumped in as far as posible.

New Zealand!

One day, I went to New Zealand my Mum, Dad and my sister Sienna. My Brother Ben, had to stay at home and feed our 35 pets. Well he didn’t need to feed 6 of them because they eat the algae off of the rocks. When we got there we didn’t stay in a hotel we stayed in a camper van for 3 weeks ( 21 days). Me and my sister saw a snake outside our camper van. So we left and went to the camper van. Then we played a game we were describing the snake first I said “red”, then Sienna couldn’t think of a word so I one.On my birthday we all saw dolphins.


On Monday to Sunday, We went camping in a forest and it was really fun. When we arrived  it was about 9:30 in the morning. we were there with Katrina, Natalia and their Dad Steve. My Mum, Dad, Sister (Sienna) and finally my brother (Ben).After Dinner me and Katrina had smores and it was the first time I had one. When we went to bed it was about 9 or 10 in the evening. Then about 30 minutes later we all heard two foxes and calling for each other. In the morning, me and Ben woke up first so I went in his tent. Ben whispered “in the middle of the night a deer or something hit my head”. While I was just sitting there laughing my head of.

Cradle Song!

O Timothy Tim,

Has 10 pink toes,

And 10 pink toes,

Has Timothy Tim.

They go with him,

Wherever he goes,

And wherever he goes,

They go with him.

O Timothy Tim,

Has 2 blue eyes,

And 2 blue eyes,

 Has Timothy Tim.

They cry with him,

Whenever he cries,

And whenever he cries,

They cry with him.

O Timothy Tim,

Has one red head.

And one red head,

Has Timothy Tim.

It sleeps with him,

In Timothy’s bed.

Sleep well, red head,

Of Timothy Tim.





Carys’s tree house

Carys’s tree house was not an ordinary tree house because it didn’t have a house around it she just stood on the leaves at the top of the willow tree. Carys even has a sunflower on the tree. But she did have a little house on top of the tree like the sunflower. The flower was very droopy so she went to go and water it. It had lost three or four petals because she had been at Spain. The little house was blue, yellow, green, purple and gold.