Where Did They Come From!

“Sienna we’re going to the museum today, ”    I said ,” The website said they have something new and no one has found one of them before and they also found new bones there.”Once we were there I wanted to see the new thing last because they said theres a tone of people there at the moment. First we saw a whole T-Rex skeleton, then at the end of the day we saw the new thing it was a pile of bones. They said it was a new dinosaur called a Junkosaurus.

When Will It Stop

It has been raining all morning and it still hasn’t stopped. We’ve had to stay in, it’s so boring. Every time we start to play my Mum says stop being so loud. Earlier I checked the weather on my Dads phone to see if it will still be raining for the rest of the week and it is. We are now watching TV. My Mum just came over and said no TV. I’m going on my ipad. My Mum is working at the moment so I’m lucky. I’m going to go downstairs now. It’s still raining.


The Huge Sparkly cake.

Last week, on Monday, I made a cake which was shaped as a bridge. While I was trying to find some sprinkles I found some pink edible glitter and they were perfect because I was going to put something that looked like glitter and thats why it was perfect. When I had finally put the cake in the oven  I went to get the grey food colouring. Then after 30 minutes  I put the cake on the side and coved it in grey icing with pink glitter. Then I went to Hannah’s house and ate the cake with her and family.

That’s Strange!

One morning, me and my Dad were walking in a forest near a park.  While we were walking I heard a noise. It
sounded like a cat or fox but I don’t know which one. So we went and explored the woods and when we finally found it after 30 minutes it was a tiny kitten. When we got home we told my Mum and she said to take it to the vets strait away. It take’s an hour to get to the vets so we played eye spy. Nobody guessed my word. We finally got there and the vet said…