The Octopus

In the beginning…I came back from school and when I got home I saw two people destroying the wall downstairs. I asked my mum what they were doing. My mum said ” they are destroying the wall so the tank for the octopus can go there “. I shouted “REALLY!”. Then I went to go and tell Sienna, she couldn’t believe it. Then she came and looked for herself, it really noisy. The next week for the tank to be full. On Saturday there was a parcel at the door know one knew what it was the sand and rock it took a day for the sand to sink down and the just fell down and now we have got the octopus!





One day, my family were going to the rainforest in Africa. My sister was not going to the rainforest, she was going to Auntie Janet and I was staying at home. My mum, dad and brother Ben, were the people who were going to the rainforest. The amazing rainforest in Africa was called the Congo Rainforest. “It is going to have Gorilla’s, Chimpanzees and it is also going to have  Elephant’s”, wailed my mum. After that my mum went to pack her thing so did my dad. Then I told Ben to go and pack his bags so he went to pack his bags. The next day they left to go to Congo. When they got there, a tiger was blocking there way.

My Class

Today, I we had, an assembly ,then we sorted out our draws. Next, we did some times tables and spellings, then we went out for lunch. After that, we did some English. Finally I went home with my bestest best friend Hannah it was so fun. The next day, there were some people who were really annoying! Then after that school day when I got home I stole some of my sisters sweets, I said in my head “but where would I hide it all”. When Sienna went to get some of her sweets, she had noticed that someone took lots of her sweets and she shouted “Who has had lots of my sweets!”

Is There A Ghost!!!!!

One day, I was in a shop buying Christmas things. It was dark and no one was about. There was only about fifteen people in the shop, it was so wierd infact it was really wierd. I did see some fady people outiside. My friend Hannah went shopping with me and I said to her “Hannah do you see the three people who look a bit like ghosts out there”.She said “No”. Any way the people I saw were really creepy because they were there but Now  There Gone. The next day I went to the park with my two kids called Lila and Teddy. While they were playing on the swings, I think I saw a ghost!!!

A School Trip To The Lake

One day a class called 5LM/BR went to the Great River Ouse. The names of 10 of them were:Hannah, Amelia, Chloe, Poppy, Nia, Aiden, Adam, Lennon, Sam and Mathew. They had 2 teachers and their names were Mr Murphy and Mrs Radwell. They were getting a new teacher called Mr Chapman. Any way when they left to go Poppy said “I need to go and get my boots”.Mrs Radwell said “yes”. So Poppy went and got her boots from her locker.When she came back someone was sitting in her seat then Poppy said “I was sitting there”.Then Hannah said “do you want to go sit with Amelia”.”Ok” Poppy said happily.then they finally left. While the couch driver was driving they sang a song called Hale To The Bus
Driver. When they finaly got there the Great River Ouse was frosted over with ice. When they got out the couch the teacher said lets go ice skating on the river. So they all went ice skating on the river. Then suddenly somebody fell in.

What Is It?

One day I was walking down the road and I saw three of my friends there names were Hannah, Chloe and Poppy. They were going down the local pools slides. Then I came in the pool and I said, “hi ” and asked Hannah,”wasn’t it just us two”. “Yare but then they said to me who are you waiting for, so yare and anyway, come in “explained Hannah. Then when I went down the slide I saw something glittering in the water I thought what is that thing on the floor. So I swam down picked it up, when I was holding it I didn’t know what it was. It was glittery, pink it shimmers in the light it looks so beautiful but I really didn’t know what it was.

Play Time

One day I was playing with my best friend Hannah we were playing The Question game. It is very fun you ask a question and who ever didn’t say the question will answer it true fully. I said to Hannah do you love your toys and she shouted at me saying YES because I know she LOVES toys and I do to. When it came to the end of the day I said “Tomorrow it is the weekend” . She didn’t say any thing and I think it was because she didn’t  hear me. I went swimming the next day on Saturday. When I went swimming, the walls had changed white I was so confused but a change is a change, I didn’t mind any way. There were flames every were and I did not like that. After that day, we celebrated my birthday, I was six years old my cake was massive you should have seen it, it was crazy any way it was a massive teddy bear, I loved it.                                            




One day when I went to the park, I saw a dog and I asked what its name was and the owner said Stanly. Then I said, I know a different dog called Stanly. I asked next, Oh and what is your name. She replied by saying that her name was Hannah. And then I froze and thought about my best friend that was called Hannah, which moved house I didn’t want that to happen and neither did Hannah, but her Dad was moving jobs so she couldn’t do anything about it, but at least we can come over to each others house. The next day I went to the park again because it was the summer holidays. I saw Hannah and the dog was wearing glasses, so I came up to her and said why is your dog wearing glasses wasn’t you wearing those glasses yesterday. Hannah said, You mean weren’t you wearing, yes I wearing those glasses yesterday.

The End

The Science Lab

Year 5 were going to a science lab in Huntingdon. When they got there they met Professor Lucy and when they came in she was in the middle of making a crocodile purple.”What are you doing”,asked Ben. I’m trying to make a crocodile purple and I know it looks a bit weird”,replied Professor Lucy. “Oh”, said the children. “Go and explor I’ll be with you in a minute ok”,told the year 5s. So they went of . The thing that Lucy was trying to do was very difficultThe children saw a weird, looking ,twisted thing. Finally the children went home.


The light bulb that broke!

Once there was a gigantic  light bulb that fell from the sky and struck earth in the middle of the night. It woke every one up some people even screamed. It made a big SMASH! Only one person the smallest person in town was so brave he went to see what it was. He found out that it was a Gigantic Light Bulb. He didn’t know what to do because there was glass every where and for some reason there were lots of sweets as well. So he helped himself to the sweets and being careful of the glass.

The End

How Did A Giraffe Get Its Long Neck

There was once a giraffe with a short neck. Her name was Lucy and she has two friends called Chloe the hippo and Ellie the elephant. They were playing in the garden with the ball and then they found a hole a big hole that all of them could fit in. So they all went in without a torch. “what do you think that lies ahead of this big rock,”asked Lucy. “shall we get out of here,”said Chloe.”I want some honey,”said Lucy. So Lucy went of to get some honey. She stuck her head in and had some honey and then realised her head was stuck. Her friends came and pulled and pulled and pulled. Suddenly Lucy’s head popped out. Thats how a giraffe got its long neck.