The Storm

One day there was a girl called Charlotte.Her mum left her home alone so she can quickly go to the shop.Charlotte heard thunder and got scared.Her mum came home in time for Charlottes bed.They though it was thunder ready for a heatwave but that never happened.Instead it had been raining all morning.

The newborn puppies

Hi my name is Phoebe .I have 15 puppies,23 dogs,10 cats and 5 hamsters .My house is crazy.Im a pet lover.No one wants to live with me because I have too many pets.The puppies were born 4hrs ago.They are so small and fluffy.When it comes for a walk I have to get my friends to come with me .Altogether I have 38 leads.

Summer holidays

Today is the beggining of the summer holidays.Me and my family are going to drive over a huge bridge to the airport.We are flying to Spain.I brought my bright pink suitcase with me and all of the things I will need.I brought a shiny daffodil at the airport to remember when I went to Spain I go to Spain every year.As soon as we got to the apartment we all went in the swimming pool.I have a sister called Ellouise and i’m Amelia.While I was sat down drying of Ellouise came and sprinkled me with water!.(True story appart from the daffodil,bridge and we didnt go at the beggining of the summer holidays).

The parcels

One day there was a girl called Amelie and she was old enough to live by herself so she did.Amelie went for a walk.She ordered loads of things on the internet and they said it would arrive tonight.When Amelie got home she saw her packages and said “when did it arrive?”.So next time she goes on a walk she has to be quick!.

The sad girl

Once there was a girl called Penny and she was upset.So she went into the attic put her finger against the mirror and sang a song.Penny was a very lonely girl thats why she is mostly upset.She  lives with her nan because her parents she lost.Penny was at the disco and got teased so she ran all the way home in her pretty dress.Years later.. Penny has made a friend she is called Roxy they are best friends.Roxy stands up for Penny.Penny found friends  because she moved school somewhere where the children are kinder. 

The Sleepover

Hi our names are Nia,Amelia,Nicola and Nika. We are baking a cake now and it getting really messy !.If you are wondering the sleepover is at my house and its Amelia who is writing this story.We are home alone which is an opportunity to mess around !!.30 mins later…. “The cake is ready” I said. When we were taking the cake out of the oven we heard our alarm go off so we went to check and there was a person trying to get in.It wasn’t the alarm in the kitchen.We got to scared we snuck out of the back gate and biked to my mums work to tell her we did call the police as well if you are wondering.We just got a call from out neighbours saying the police were at my house.But there wasn’t just one person there was a gang of them.Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress.

The Two Cheecky Dogs

Hi I’m the owner of Percy and Pinky my dogs.My name is Sandy.My dogs are very fluffy and cute.On the first day of work it was scary and I had to leave Percy and Pinky by their selves !.They snuck into the kitchen and made food and drink!!.But thats not it they had a doggie party and the house was a mess.I think from now on I’m going to ask my family to look after them.The reason why they are called Percy and Pinky is because when I was little I had two pink teddy’s and I named them that ( true story).

The Super Duper Cheecky Amelia

One day there was a babysitter called Anna and she had to babysit a baby one day but this was a cheecky baby and her name was Amelia . Amelia would climb up every wall she sees, she would stay there for about 1hr doing a gymnastic pose on a wall.Like one day she could really hurt herself while jumping off.For the children reading this please do not try to do the same as Amelia !.

The Day I was in charge

On a Friday morning the teacher wasn’t here but the teaching assistant was here so she choose a child to be the teacher for the day I was really excited.But right now its a thursday night I have to go to bed now bye .While I was sleeping I was dreaming  but what if I was in charge? I was dreaming .The next day at  7:30am I woke up and went to school hoping that she would choose me to be the teacher today i’m very nervous.The teacher of the day is Chloe said the teaching assistant. Yay its me I have been choosen finally.

The Day in The Life Of a Laptop

On Monday morning I could hear the owner come through the door I really wanted to be turned on but he was just checking us.In the afternoon the owner came and turned me on.It was quite rude because the owner never said good morning to me . I got cleaned really well which made me excited for the day.About 20 minutes later the whole school came in and a class had a session and I  was picked up by a boy and he was hurting me by tapping on my keys extremely hard  I felt useless.People chuck me around the table and scratch my body.But coming to the end of the day I  got shut down but before that happened the owner watched some you tube and I got scared because they always stare at you. After the lights got turned of it was  bed time for me I deserve a rest.

Holiday in Spain Disaster !

One day there was a girl called Ellouise and her and her sister  went to Spain on holiday.While they  were at the beach they  swam with dolphins.Ellouise has a younger sister called Amelia.Amelia was a naughty cheeky girl!.They both swam with dolphins on a monday afternoon they were very excited . Until …. Ellouise slipped on a bunch of pebbles underwater and her foot was bleeding.Its a holiday disaster.( True story appart from the slipping on pebbles part ) !!

The lost watch

One day there was a girl called Alexa and she had a very smart watch. Alexa was walking in the park and she accidently tripped over the drain and her watch fell down the drainpipe so Alexa remembered that she had a shrinking poison so she drank it and she shrunk. So she went down into the drain and the watch slowly came down the drain pipe.So Alexa finally caught it and she then climbed up the pipe with the watch and drank another poison  witch was normal size and then she became normal again that is the story of the watch .

The crazy daisy restaurant!

One day there was a girl called Daisy who was a teenager and Daisy owned a restaurant called the crazy Daisy’s.On wednesday morning a van parked up outside the restaurant with three pretty statues which stood up straight in hight order on the patio.Daisy went to see what they were they were famous rich statues but the question is who bought them ? Daisy was worried that it wasn’t hers so she called up the place were the statues get made by famous artists and they said it wasnt a mistake.Now daisy is really confused.The wierd thing is that there mouths were talking what were they saying? hmmmmmm TO BE CONTINUED ……….

The red snake

One day there was a snake which was coloured red and her owner was called chloe smith.She escaped from her cage and was in trouble and while she escaped she knocked the clock of the wall.Before this story started she was locked up tight in her cage .She was left alone once and her owner Chloe went for a cycle around the park for fresh air for an hour.But when she got back she was gone !!!

The Handy Dandy Man

One day there was a boy  called Fred he always dreamed of being a superhero.Fred is aged 7 so he goes to school.At his school it was dress up day , but no ordinary day you had to dress up what you wanted to be when your older.So of course Fred came to school in a hand costume and said he was some kinda superhero.His mum said he could be called the “handy dandy man “. 13 years later …So now Fred is 20 years old  he still wants to be a hero so he put up posters everywhere saying if in need of a hero call the handy dandy man so everyone called him and now he is on tv, you tube and more and he is very popular now .The End