The sad girl

Once there was a girl called Penny and she was upset.So she went into the attic put her finger against the mirror and sang a song.Penny was a very lonely girl thats why she is mostly upset.She  lives with her nan because her parents she lost.Penny was at the disco and got teased so she ran all the way home in her pretty dress.Years later.. Penny has made a friend she is called Roxy they are best friends.Roxy stands up for Penny.Penny found friends  because she moved school somewhere where the children are kinder. 

The Sleepover

Hi our names are Nia,Amelia,Nicola and Nika. We are baking a cake now and it getting really messy !.If you are wondering the sleepover is at my house and its Amelia who is writing this story.We are home alone which is an opportunity to mess around !!.30 mins later…. “The cake is ready” I said. When we were taking the cake out of the oven we heard our alarm go off so we went to check and there was a person trying to get in.It wasn’t the alarm in the kitchen.We got to scared we snuck out of the back gate and biked to my mums work to tell her we did call the police as well if you are wondering.We just got a call from out neighbours saying the police were at my house.But there wasn’t just one person there was a gang of them.Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress.

The Two Cheecky Dogs

Hi I’m the owner of Percy and Pinky my dogs.My name is Sandy.My dogs are very fluffy and cute.On the first day of work it was scary and I had to leave Percy and Pinky by their selves !.They snuck into the kitchen and made food and drink!!.But thats not it they had a doggie party and the house was a mess.I think from now on I’m going to ask my family to look after them.The reason why they are called Percy and Pinky is because when I was little I had two pink teddy’s and I named them that ( true story).