New Years Eve

Hi,my name is Lola and I have a pet fish called Charlie .It is currently 10 minutes before the midnight fireworks on the television but we are babysitting my baby cousin so we have to be quiet and try not to wake the baby.Oh and by the way my baby cousins name is Joshua.10 minutes later….. Hey now we are just counting down for the pretty fireworks I’m so excited.In the begging I lost my fish just before I started this story now I’m a little bit upset anyway I have to go to sleep it’s 00:00 night everyone.In the morning … Hi I just woke up I’m at my house still last night was the best night ever I’m going to do another part 1 soon ,bye.

The Adventure

Hi my name is Freya and I live in the jungle by myself.Can you help me ? I’m stuck the other side of the zip wire I can’t get across to my hut I built because there is a bear heading towards me if I run it will chase me and that will be bad so I need your help .1hr later …. ok I finally made it across the bear jumped down eventually which is quite good but I have to go now but there is a part 2 .

The day the monkey was angry

Hi i have a pet monkey its currently snowing outside but we cant go out because its to cold.Oh and if i havent said my monkeys name is Sam and he is very naughty.I just went in the kitchen and Sam was having  a meltdown he was throwing his computer across the room in anger.He is angry because there is no wifi and he needs to do his 100wc.He threw it across the room because he thought that  would be a good idea but it wasn’t.If i was Sam i would be so mad and upset.Okay i have to go to help Sam now bye read episode to to find what happens next ….

Series 2 “The time the Tiger charged”!!

To be continued ….”Okay I may have been writing a series two “Amy wrote. This is series two of the time the tiger charged.Remember us from series one me and Matthew.  After me and Matthew tried to run it was too late because the tiger grabbed my hood and slowly pulled me backwards towards him. I thought it was really scary but I wriggled out and tried to run again. Oh and if I never said we are in the local zoo in Spain.Until the tiger was blocking our escape we didn’t know were to go unless we climb over the gate. If we climbed over the gate there were spiky tips so we slid under the fence. Until……….this happened…. Read the next series for more !!!


The time the Tiger Charged!

Hi my name is Amy and i am with my best friend Matthew.Today me and Matthew are going to the zoo.3hrs later….Its us again we have now arrived at the zoo “oh look at this its a tiger this is cool Matthew”.A few mins later.. we are now in the fish section until this happened.They shut the zoo down and the gates closed we were trapped their overnight until the tiger charged at the cage he was in 3..2..1.. CHARGE!!!!!!.The tiger broke the gate down. Me and Matthew tried to run but it was to late.TO BE CONTINUED!!.Read the next episode coming up  in series 2 and more !!.

Bear and Cub

One day I was walking in the woods with my best friend Nicola M.We found a Bear and a Cub in the centre of the woods.They were laying with each other the mum and the daughter are happy.The baby Cub was 3 months old and the mum was young.They are feeling very happy about exploring in the widl.It is a very special moment because the Cub was born a three days ago.There are stars around them because it is night time and the sun will be coming up soon.The end thats was the story about a Cub and a mummy Bear.

The yummy sandwich !!

One day a girl named Poppy was on her way home from school she was hungry so she said to herself “when i get back i’m going to have a sandwich”.So she was home and she made herself a sandwich out of fluffy white bread.After the sandwich she felt energetic so she went on a walk by herself.She got her phone out and randomly played video games until her battery died.All of sudden she started feeling sick so she hurried home just to make it for the bathroom.”Yuck!! “her mum sighed.Now Poppy can only have  a sandwich with brown bread.

The strange experience in Paris

One day i was with my friend Nicola and we were at Paris we just arrived on the plane today.Oh and if i haven’t told you my name is Rea .Me and Nicola were walking down the road exploring how wonderful Paris is until we found this really awkward statue on the side it was like a few legs in a flower pot.Me and Nicola thought it came from a precious store in a different country.I knew what this statue was the story behind it i remember at christmas my grandma telling me a story all about the three legged statue in Paris but i was about 6 years old then.When she told me i really thought they were real legs but they were plastic legs. So me and Nicola  went back to the apartment  from then that evening.Apart from the story we have had a great holiday.

The End

Th wierd person in London !!

Hi im Nia and my friend is Amelia today we are going to London to explore we haven’t really seen much of London so this is the time to go.When me and Amelia arrived in London it was really busy so we found a short cut to enter the shopping mall but its was quite a walk.10 mins later we finally got somewhere but either me or Amelia done know where it is .So we followed these people and it lead us to the mall but as we were passing we saw this really creepy statue in the woods it was glaring at us we we took a picture of it and then ran away okay we have to go see you when we are back home in Camebridge.6 Hrs later we are home Amelia came back to my house in the end and i showed the picture to my mum and she was shocked.So after that day we were tiered and from that day on me and Amelia should always stay near well closer to home.

The End!!

The creepy neighbour

Hi I’m Allie and I’m 17 yrs old . Today I have to go to school but the good thing is that it is a Friday  and soon to be the weekend .On  Friday morning 7 hrs later , morning guys today is Friday yay I’m happy okay so its  time to go to school.3 hrs later after school my friend  Annalissa came around my house.  when we were about 11 minutes away from my  house my neighbour was just walking slowly behind us and it scared us so we walked faster and faster and then he followed me home and I said to Annalissa “But where would we hide it all” .But  Annalissa didn’t know what so I said “My phone and expensive items”. Until he grabbed my phone and I was shocked so I tried to get it back but he had a knife .We spied on him to see what he has doing with my phone it was locked up in the cupboard but I need to find a way to get that phone back. My phone has to be moved by the police or something .So  that was my shocking Friday story but the good news is that I got my phone back.

The End !!!

The light show on halloween

One day there was a girl called Annabelle and she was 22 years old.Today she was going to town at 8pm to see the lights come on .She met her friends  in Starbucks and they had a warm drink because it was really cold outside.At about 9pm the lights were on people were dancing on stages and it was great fun.But there was a problem Annabelle took a picture of the lights and these faint people appeared in a picture she found it really creepy  so she said to her friend  “Kacy i just took a picture of the lights and there was something not normal in it “so her best friend Kacy replied “Thats awkward we will leave town as fast as possible ok”.”Okay replied Annabelle lets go. So they all went to Kacy’s house and they zoomed in on the picture until Kacy saw  a faint couple passing by staring at them and they were scared after that night  this is what they said toghether “We are never ever going out the house on halloween ”     The End

The amazing bonfire night !!!

“Oh hi there i am called Amy tommorow i am going to see the greatest things at night its so exciting  but right now i am on my way swimming for my lessons”.1 hr later …..” I just finished swimming i am about to go home now see you in the morning”. At 9:00pm at night the next day Amy is at the firework event at the park.”Hi its me Amy i am just watching these fireworks they are pretty so my favourite firework is the big white one  there was also flames at the front to make it more exciting”.2hrs later “That was a great time so our family came over to celebrate . So we celebrated until 11:00pm so late night tonight bye i have got to go to bed now” .

The end !!!!!

Going fishing with my Uncle

Hi my name is Amelia and my uncle is Sam.One morning my uncle came to my house and suprised  me with a trip to the public fishing lake i was super excited so i raced downstairs.When we arrived at the lake i said to my uncle “How many fish do you think you will catch”said Amelia.”I think i’m going to catch more than you lets do a challenge”.”Sure” said Amelia.All of sudden my uncle caught a fish and it was  super heavy so he fell in i tried to help him but i couldn’t reach him.But the rest of the day i enjoyed .Out of me and my uncle i caught the most fish i got 9 fish Sam got 1 fish.I had a great time!!!!


The end !!!!

My favourite toy

She sits in my bedroom all day.She  is my favourite toy to cuddle when I am sad,lonely and upset.When I was just born my mum,sister and my dad gave it too me.She is very fluffy,cute and the best waiting  for me when I come home I love her so much to the moon and back she is my world I would never forget.Its precious to me because when I was born it’s a cheerful,tearful and happy memory to keep until I’m older . I love her and will never leave her and when I’m older I will still keep her .

The end

The terrible storm

Oh hi there my name is Annie and I have a dog and her name is Molly listen to this story about a storm .

One evening Annie was walking her dog around the neighborhood and she bumped into her best friend Katie .She  felt surprised because the last time she saw her was when she was 4 years old now she’s 25.So she was on her way home until she heard thunder so she started running and she hid under a tree she thought it was a safe place  to hide   until thunder struck the top of the tree and nearly killed her .But she made it home .From that  day on she will never forget the moment she nearly got killed.

The crazy news

One day there was a girl named Nicola she goes to dance afterschool everyday.Her favourite sport is dancing !!!!of course.So one day afterschool no one was home for a few hours so she went to her dancing club. 1 Hour  later… she arrived home but her family were not home so she watched the news but all of sudden the person on the news said this “hello everybody there has been breaking news “the professor said .So carried on watching and the news was there was a crocodile in a purple twisted net stuck on a tree branch and the professor said they found it hard for them to get the poor creature down they would do what they can



The End

The day my house was broke into

On a normal evening a round the time 7:49 i decided to take my dog fluffy on a walk . So off we went round the block it was getting pretty late so i thought i’m  off home for bed……The next day at 7:01am i woke up in shock!i could not find my dog round the house my doors were open and so was my windows i was so scared so i called the police they said they will be here soon and i called my family to tell them the shocking news too.Around an 1hr later finally the police arrived .They searched around the house for any such evidence and they could not find any. One month later ….. the police arrived at my front door i forgot about it then at the time and they gave me my dog fluffy and the robber is now in jail.

The end

The pink,blue and red rose

One day I was walking my dog around the park all of sudden I bumped into a really pretty rose.It was pink,blue and red.It had lovely silky,smooth petals.It was plotted next to loads of wild plants.Danger so,what lies ahead of the wild plants could do something dangerous.Every night i dream of that shimmering rose maybe ill return to the park tomorrow.The next day …. I go to take my dog to the park again but i found that …. the red,blue and pink rose has vanished .Now its bed time Im dreaming about that lovely silky rose. Maybe ill find another rose one day.


The End