Todays the day

Ok, lets take this from the top , today is the day that we start decorating my room, it might not seem like much to you, but I can ashore you it is to me as not only am I going to have a whole new room, but my dad bought me an amazing model togo in my room.

A day later

I have painted my room now(white) and everything is done all I need to do is put some models as decor. So I put 3 spiderplant’s in my room two on each end of the windowsell and one on my desk. then i put the amazing model of bones on my desk.

What to do when you are bored! Part 2

Before I carry on , I would recommend reading part 1 otherwise this one won’t sence.

indoor things:

You can colour in . Colouring in is so relaxing and it will take your mind off of things .

Play with your pet(if you have one). This is so fun ,you will love it and and I am pretty shore your pets will to !

Go to sleep. . It may sound boring but when you wake up you will feel as fresh as the morning sun.

Outside things (just saying i only have 2 outdoor things).

Go to an outdoor swimming pool , nothing like a refreshing swim.

Play with friends down the street. Knock on your friends door. At least now you are not bored and you have someone to play with.


What to do when your bored! Part 1

You bored? Your not alone, I know the feeling. Yesterday it was raining all morning and that is why I am writing a story on what to do when you are bored. Some will be to do outside and some will be for inside.

Inside things:

A good thing to do inside is to colour in. Colouring in is so relaxing and it takes your mind off of other things like school .

Another thing to do is play with your pet (if you have one) as you will love it and I’m pretty shore they will to.

The artwork of the gun !

She sat there for about an hour thinking about what to paint, though she was a famous artist so she couldn’t rush her work. Then a weird thought came into her mind. Why it did I don’t know but she decided to paint ……… a gun! But she had a slit twist on it. It would be made out of liquorish. She went round the shops looking for some licourish . When she finally found some after what felt like 6 hours , this is what she said: super call fraud lipstick expi ally dotios.

The Pink Daffodil on the Huge bridge.

Once upon a time, in the centre of London , on the very famous tower bridge ,there stood a small daffodil. This daffodil was very different as it was pink

One day a girl was travelling across the bridge and she noticed this strange pink artical  ” this day is magical,” said the little girl as she walked across the bridge. Suddenly she felt a sprinkle of rain but it was still sunny .  She sore a rainbow ” and it just got more magic;” . she started singing the rainbow: red orange yellow green blue purple pink