Christmas dance show plan.

It was Thursday, late afternoon, when we found out what was happening about the S J Dance White Christmas show ,as it was called. The dance teachers told us a few things. Bring lots of food, like sandwiches bring lots of drink because there is no way to fill the bottles up. We were also told that when we were dancing we had to be energetic and look like we where exited. I decided to take my phone to keep me busy, when I wasn’t on stage, so I had to ensure the battery was fully charged. We hurried back to my dad to tell him the news.


One day  Amy and her two friends Millie and Nia were going on a trip to a forest  called Woodland Forest . As they happily walked through the woods, Amy turned the sharp corner and screamed.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.
“what”, shouted Nia. Then Millie saw what Amy saw. A tall man well statue I should say .Nia’s mouth dropped . “I wanna go home”, shivered Nia. The girls went back to the reseption scared and frightened. They called Amys mum to pick them up at 3 instea of 5.

The perfect photo gone wrong.

Click! flashed the camera, I look at the picture I had just taken, oh no everything was fuzzy. Everyone looked like a ghost.Then the lights started flashing on and of in the buildings around me. I got scared , but I was only 8. Oh  yeah I’m Sophie I am now 10. I’m going to tell you about my story of a trip to London. We were sight seeing in London so I was taking pictures and thats when the camera clicked and I took the  fuzzy photo .Even though the photo is a bit scary I will never forget that special photo

I hate my baby sister

So yeah my mum told me to tidy the playroom. As I walked into the room I saw my little sister, she had my colouring pens  with her . She was scribbling all over the paper and also all over herself. Mum was gonna kill her she wasn’t supposed to use my pens. I probably didn’t put them on a high enough shelf. I quickly cleaned her up and decided to hide the pictures but where would I hide it all? I know I’ll hide it under my bed. So that’s another problem solved. Well done to me.



Earlier today, I had a swimming competition.There were lots of  obstacles but my favourite obstacle was the hoop of flames. You had to slide to slide through a hoop on fire and land in the swimming pool.It sounds painful but it isn’t. Tomorrow we are having a party to celebrate my win in 2nd place. I am going to were my favourite dress,it is white with black polka-dots.The party is going to be singing and dancing and all my friends are coming.We are having a big feast including cupcakes,sandwiches and biscuits.I am so excited it will be an amazing day.

The weird reflection

I was on a walk though the park when I was the most strangest thing I had ever seen. I looked across the water and I saw my reflection shinning in the water. The only thing was it looked like I was sinking into the water. I told my  big sister so she looked across the water at her reflection but she looked as normal as ever. Suddenly I felt something or someone grab my leg and the next thing I new I was in the water. So my sister jumped in to. After that we found each other drifting to the bottom of the water!

A special something

It’s been with me my whole life even when I was a baby. It was my first ever cuddly toy.My mum and dad bought it before I was born. It used to be really fluffy and white. If I go round my friends house it comes with me if I am watching  TV it comes with me if I’m in a show it goes and watches me and I sleep with it.I like sitting down and giving it a big cuddle and lots of kisses. It has a black nose and black paws. I love it with all my heart.

My world

In my wold cats are always black and fluffy ,dogs wear glasses and look really funny.There are lots of beaches lots of dolphines .There are ten rainforests. Lots of cable cars to get where you want to go. There are 15 football pitches and 20 gyms, an ice rink, a ten story high M and M world  and loads of landscapes. My favourite place is the spa and the sweet store you can lay on candyfloss pillows even bubblegum bubbles. If you sit in them you can tell them where to go. In my world it is always my birthday and thats where I will live forever

Professor fluffy-kins and Princess

Once upon a time there was a professor called professor fluffy-kins.He had a purple pet crocodile called Princess.They were walking through the door of their house to find vines twisted all down the walls of the room.It was difficult to move around the room.As fluffy-kind took one more step he slipped.As he fell he caught a vine he landed in a pond full of bubbles in a jungle.He looked to find Princess but couldn’t find her . Suddenly a girl climbed in the bubble pool.”Hi I’m Princess I changed from a crocodile to a girl as I fell.But now we are stuck and can’t get out what are we going to do


The Land of Sweets

Crash the light fell on the floor and smashed. Suddenly rainbow coloured sweets came flying out of the light bulb.At that moment I felt myself shrinking down. I looked round to find i was the hight of a hamster. At first I thought the light had grown but than I realised it was me. I started to pick up some sweets. I felt like I was in the land of sweets.Well I was. There was bubblegum , lollipops ,ice cream, candy floss, and strawberry laces.I had some gum drops and brain lickers  and all kind of over sweets. Now this is my home because of that light bulb.

Amber’s dance night

”Amber time for dance”, her mum called .Every Thursday she has contemporary dance at 3:40 which gives her just enough time to get home and get ready for dance. So what lies ahead of her well when she arrives sitting in the corner there on her own was her best friend Holly .It was Holly’s first night so when she saw Amber there was a sigh of relief.Finally the end of dance. The girls had an hour until they had to go back for tap dance.Amber had dinner quickly put on her tap shoes and of she went to meet Holly.