The Cursed Railroad

Sometimes when something is old or falling apart, it either gets demolished or abandoned, but the one I am going to talk about is abandoned places. Generally abandoned places are small houses or bomb shelters, villages even! But this particular abandoned place is nothing like those other things. This is much more interesting… A railroad! Yes I know what you’re thinking, but actually it is more interesting than you think! These railroads are not found often, so that makes them sort of rare. This particular railroad is one hundred years old! It has survived all that time, scientists and explorers believe this railroad is cursed or magic! What do you think?

One Peculiar Flower

Me and my family were on a long car journey to France. It was late afternoon, so we stopped to get some lunch. My mum is the sort of person that would cook huge meals and snacks that there is enough left over for another week! After we had a toilet trip and a lot of lunch, we set off over a large bridge in London, called London Bridge, (it is quite a unique name don’t you think)? Anyways, I peered out of the front-seat’s window and glanced over at this strange, pink daffodil! It was huge, it was in the middle of some small, yellow daffodils that had been sprinkled in a large, crop field. I didn’t think much of it, it might be rare or dyed! It’s not some scary, poisonous flower from another dimension… Is it?


Pugs are the cutest animals alive in my opinion, with there smooshed faces and their crazy personalities! They are brachycephalic which means they have a short snout and they have trouble breathing, many pugs often get really bad breathing problems and have to go to the vet, they sometimes don’t even make it… I have a pug, his name is Charlie. Most of the time he is crazy, but we use dog calming music to calm him down, it helps a lot! Pugs are quite popular! My thought is, pugs are an ideal pet for advanced pet keepers. They also need a strict diet.

Queen Ant

Ever since I was little, I always have been fascinated by ants. Yes ants, you heard me right! They are interesting, tiny insects. I have an ant kit, called AntWorld, it is by Nick Baker. I ordered a queen off of AntKit.UK. She was free but the postage was £5.95! After school on Wednesday, I asked my Mum: “When did it arrive?” I asked. “She came today, in a test tub!” Explained my Mum. I got so excited, so as soon as I got home I grabbed the tube. My mum said “You have to clean your room before you touch them!”…

Trees From The Grave

During the 19th century people had myths about walking trees! Nobody was scared at first until they started to pop up everywhere…

My name is Detective Scrawl, chief Animal Cruelty officer. Me and my crew have searching the hills and seas for this rare specimen, now we are here to document our discovery! This rare creature is worth millions, millions! There are many different species of this ‘animal’ already. It has many names such as: Walking Trees, Giant Legs, Tree Giants or Tree Monsters. They are multiplying by the minute. They are getting out of control. “I can’t breathe…. AAHH!”.