A Valentines Story

Chris looked at Chloe in embarrassment, she just saw him in a dress! “It’s not what it looks like,”He muttered with an awkward smile. “Oh, it is what it looks like… you’re a girl!”She screamed, running down the stairs! “MUM! Chris is a girl!”Chloe shouted, sprinting to find Mum. Mum was in the kitchen preparing dinner, then she just sees Chloe screaming random words about dresses and brothers.”Oh honey, of course I can buy a new dress for you, but I can’t get you another brother, you have a sister on the way”,Her Mum explained, stroking her stomach. Chloe stomped upstairs into her brother’s room and hugged him so tight, he couldn’t breathe!”I love you!”She explained.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! 🙂

Dear Diary Friday 13th…

This week all I have been thinking about was that strange noise that comes from the drainpipe outside my bedroom walls, it has been bothering me all night. I have told my little sister who sleeps in the same room as me, she said she hasn’t heard it, but she sleeps right next to the window! I’m so restless because of it. My Mum says it’s just the wind… it’s Summer in Spain! We hardly get wind here anymore! Keep it together Vivian, it will be ok… IT WILL NOT BE OK! We are all going to die, i’m not going to get my PS4 and I won’t get my IPhone X! Ok, ok I know what your thinking, it’s not a big deal, but still it is kind of creepy, nothing can fit through it? It’s like two centimetres wide! Huh, what was that it sounded like a window opening. I’ll check my window, it shouldn’t be open, I locked it like five minutes ago? Let’s see… oh no, the window is open! Oh gosh another noise, it sounded like it came down the drainpipe. I’m going to go outside to check. Right, i’m opening the door…

The Hero Hand

A girl named Melissa Cromer worked for The MMC ( Mysterious, Mythical Creatures). She was the Executive Worker which means she was a high rank in the business. Unfortunately she passed away a few months after the discovery, other workers researched about this creature and found out that it brings bad luck to people who ever see this deadly creature! His name is Hero Hand, but he’s not much of a hero. Well legend has it that this creature is born when someone of a bad life dies. Their spirit is turned into a angry hand ghost that can only be seen by people who it is willing to snack on…


These large hairy creatures are the things that give you your nightmares. I’m Chloe and I will be telling you about these horrid beasts. It all started around the 1700’s. A little girl who we will keep anonymous was sleeping one snowy night when she heard smashing and sliding coming from under her bed. Then she saw a pale green… monster reveal itself from under her bed, it grew larger and larger until it bent over with it’s back pressing hard against the roof. She let out a scream as the creature melt over and made a spell-casting movement. She fell asleep! She had a frightening nightmare that she couldn’t wake up from! That was the first sighting of the DreamGivers. The monsters haven’t been seen for a long ten years. But we still think they are out there, actually we know they are out there!

Cleocatra’s Tale

In the beginning a young ruler named Cleopatra, ruled over Egypt with her cat sidekick Cleocatra. But Cleocatra was jealous of the power that  made up the Cat’s Eye Necklace. She wanted to steal the necklace and make cats rule the kingdom for all eternity! One day when Cleopatra was asleep, Cleocatra tried to steal the Cat’s Eye Necklace but Cleopatra was awoken by the ferocious barks of a puppy! She grabbed the necklace and went over to the balcony and made it so that dogs shall now be man’s best friend and cats shall be banished from the land. Now where Cleocatra lies is still a mystery, but we all wonder whether if she is still out there or if she is long gone…

Based on the movie called Treasure Buddies

Time Flies

A girl named Angelica had a mirror in her attic that made so many strange noises at night. So on her fifthteenth Birthday she decided to take a look at that mysterious mirror! When the day came, she had her party and food, then she asked for some time alone but what they didn’t know was that she was actually going to the attic. Her attic was dark and dusty though she didn’t need to worry about that! The girl crept up the stepladder and peered into the darkness. She saw nothing but boxes and the mirror! The hopped up onto her knees and scrambled her way to the mirror. Angelica kneeled down and stared into the mirror and placed her hand gently on it… But to her surprise her hand went straight through it! She could see her brother, he was old! The girl stepped into the mirror and she saw herself in fifty years time! This mirror was a time teleporter! The vision faded. There she was, in her bed, like nothing happened!

Storyline based on a picture from Pobble365, April 26th.

Our Last Adventure

This weekend, me and my family travelled to this abandoned zoo! It was known for it’s still existing animals that wonder there. We were excited because this was a new place for us! I’m part of a group called The Derelict Debunkers! This group is for people who want to explore derelict attractions and check if it’s safe for explorers! But this weekend we were in for a shock!

We were called in for another exploration at an abandoned zoo in Florida. So as always we packed our equipment and set off to Florida. It was a long drive because we lived on the outskirts of Florida and this place was on the other side! But as soon as we got there it was already lunchtime, so we had to be quick! As we searched around we saw empty cages of past animals. We saw a lot of graffiti on the cage walls, so we assumed people have already been here. But the scary thing was that all of the drawings were of tigers!

Half an hour later we stumbled upon an exit, so we thought it was the end of the zoo but we were wrong! As we took one step out of the exit… a tiger jumped out of nowhere! We sprinted back to the entrance, not looking back at all! My best friend Poppy was behind all of us, and she was slowing down! She slipped into a dark cage and watched us all as we screamed in terror with the tiger still racing behind! Hannah (my other friend) tried to distract the tiger but ended up sprinting in front of me and Amelia! For a second I felt my heart stop beating and making my legs get faster and faster until i’m the fasted out of everyone! But then as I looked, and to my surprise the tiger was beaming down and staring at all of us. We trembled in fear to see that the tiger was blocking our escape! We fell to our knees and…

Baker Nan

One day I was at my Nan’s in her spare room I was listening to some music on my I-pod while eating a sandwich but unfortunately my I-pod died! So I had to charge the battery. After my sandwich I was so energetic! So I hurried over to my Nan to tell her the problem but she was no where to be seen. Then I suddenly saw some white sugar leading up to the kitchen. I peered around the corner and saw her baking! All this hard work running around the house, and she’s just baking!


One day a man named Jack was going to the next house to find more things to… STEAL! He hopped through one of the open windows and plopped onto the carpet with a *THUMP*! Luckily for him there was no one in the house. He looked through all the drawers and he found diamonds! He thought in his mind “but where would we hide it all?” He said ‘we’ because in his back pocket was a tiny rat! He heard footsteps running up the staircase so he backed away onto the windowsill, he tumbled and slipped, then eventually he fell…

The Flame-Filled Pool

There was a pool filled with tiny white flames. On the other hand one of flames was not like the others. It was HUGE! The small girl hopped on the slide that led right into the pool and onto the huge flame! She had celebrated her birthday just the day before this. She wanted to go swimming , it was her birthday wish and it came true! The little girl slid down the slide onto the flame, she burned, she itched, she swam away but the flame chased her! She hopped up onto the side of the pool to catch her breath before saying “Mum, I am never going here again!”.

Drifted Ghosts

As I walked around in my town during the midnight sky I saw blurred figures spread across my vision. I didn’t mind it at first, until it got clearer! These silhouettes are people who have had their time alive and have passed away! Their majestic, old fashioned stood out from the real beings other people saw. The more I stared, the more defined their figures became. Drifting, their bodies began to fade! Other people saw nothing; I saw the fading figures! I was clearly flummoxed: I had no idea how to react to this. So I leapt up into the air and tried to snatch one of the blurred creatures, but I slid right through it and hit the ground with a “THUMP”! Then they all vanished!


One day I was walking near a lake, it was very large and it had a bench next to it. So I went to sit on that bench! As I sat down I stared down into the water, as I peered down I saw tiny fish swimming along in large groups. I placed my backpack down beside me and reached in to get a sandwich. Once I got my sandwich out I teared open the packaging and bent down to take a huge bite! As I scoffed down the sandwich I glanced up to see a bunch of girls from my school giggling and snorting behind me! I looked up in shock not thinking that they were planning and whispering something and shot up as my sandwich fell in the lake. I stared back at it as I heard one of the girls snigger “Oh, why don’t you go get your sandwich, it’s where you belong *CHUCKLE*!”. I frowned in confusion. Then all the girls stepped back as they shot forwards nocking me down on to the grassy, muddy ground making my backpack go down with me! They leant over me as I finally got back on to my weak, wobbly legs. As they slowly stepped forward I staggered backwards onto the rim of the lake and because I was wearing bright green crocks my heels got soaked! They took one more giant leap and that is when I started to slip off the side then I tried to do a front flip over the girls but I ended up doing a back flip into the water! I leapt backwards into the cold, fish infested water, I landed in a handstand position. And I never saw daylight again.

Circle Stars

Every night when I look up to the stars, I always think that they are round? I don’t know why I think that, but I do! I have always wanted to fly up into the sky and actually see the stars, but that will never happen. One day I decided to go see a museum about stars. As I got to the museum I saw that there were lots of displays of stars and what they look like! But they were pointed, they were not round so I suddenly felt a surge of fury flow through my soul! So I stormed off out of the building with rage in every footstep! Then I took a load of metal from the local Homebase, I didn’t buy it, I stole it! Then I painted the metal with super glue and it all came together, it was a spaceship! I flew up into the sky in my newly made spaceship and soared up into the solar system! I finally saw the stars, they ARE round! “I WAS RIGHT THIS WHOLE TIME!”. She was right and that is how it all came together. Stars weren’t star shaped, they were round!

~Circle Stars

Sorrows and Secrets *SONG*

I have sorrows, I have secrets

I have speed, I have feet

But they will never keep me…

From following my dreams


Sadness, madness

They keep me on my feet

I fall down, I get up

It will always be that way…


I have sorrows, I have secrets

I have speed, I have feet

But they will never keep me…

From following my dreams


I stay locked away… (Locked away)

I stay far away…(Far away)

My tears fall down, until they hit the ground…


I have sorrows, I have secrets!

I have speed, I have feet!

But they will never keep me…

From my dreams!




Daisy the…

It sits on a shelf, with lots of other friends. She sits at the front with all the other rares. I pick her up, I dress her up, but she doesn’t mind and that’s fine. Her name is Daisy, she is a bit crazy, I treasure her everyday. Her Best Friend Cristie, more like her adopted Mother. She comes to school with me sometimes because she is my friend. I play with her everyday, her sister’s name is May. I wonder what will happen next?

The End!

Nerdy Dog’s Adventures *PART 1*

Nerdy Dog was a dog that lived on the Adventure Playground because he always wanted to be on a adventure. Well that’s what he thought anyways! One day when the Adventure Playground finally opened to the children he was noticed! Nerdy Dog ran for his life and the dog was wearing glasses so they flew off his face making him skid across the mud! As Nerdy Dog stopped he ran back to his glasses but the kids were standing in front of them making amazed noises! As Nerdy Dog looked trying to find a place to squeeze through to get his glasses the kids grabbed Nerdy Dog as he wriggled to try a get away! The kids dropped him as he bit one of their arms! He ran away back to his glasses and back to his hiding spot in the Long Grass.

The End….

Ceramic Kitty *PART 2*

As Maddy got home she greeted the cats by saying her name and bowing! Then as she turned around she suddenly heard a spark of electricity! She turned around and she saw a tiny cat the size of her palm that was sitting and licking itself! It turned to look at her and mewed a little sentence, “My name is Greykin and i’m the first of the three cats that you will meet”, explained the tiny cat named Greykin. Maddy stared in amazed as she stuffed the cat into her pocket as she heard her Mother coming! “Ugh what was that for?”Hissed Greykin! “My Mums coming, i don’t want her to see you!”Whispered Maddy. Her Mum peered through the door and said “Dinners ready honey, please come down when you are ready”, explained her Mum. So Maddy shooed her Mum off then placed Greykin on her desk. “I have to go to dinner, sorry”, whimpered Maddy as she trailed off to her door… “WAIT! Please can you save some for me?”Asked Greykin. Then Maddy looked at Greykin sadly and nodded then tiptoed down the stairs. Greykin being the adventurous cat that he is went to Maddy’s dollhouse and snuggled up into one of the the toy pet beds and turned ceramic to go to sleep.

In the morning, Maddy woke up still with a piece of bacon in her hand and smelt if it was still OK then she handed it to the half-awake Greykin. He munched it slowly as he bounced out of bed. Maddy told him that he would be going to school with her! Greykin spat out the bacon that splattered around the dollhouse and got so excited that he leapt out of his tiny bed and padded off into the pocket of her jacket that was lying on the floor. Then Maddy scooped up her jacket with Greykin in it then took the bus to school. As she got to school she went to show her friend Rachel a tall girl who always has her hair in a plait and loves Science. But when she went to show her… Greykin had turned ceramic! Rachel looked at Maddy in a confused way then said “Maddy it’s just a little cat toy, it’s not real!”Explained Rachel. Then Maddy ran off with tears in her eyes as Rachel stared back in guiltiness!

When Maddy got home she sat on her bed and looked at the ceramic Greykin then placed him in the dollhouse bed then looked back as she heard a little mew. “Ugh Greykin i’m not in the mood, first…. “Ah Ah Ah you cannot say that otherwise we will run out of KA and you will not be able to communicate with me anymore!”Greykin shouted as he interrupted Maddy! Maddy shrugged then went off to bed. Once Greykin woke up he found a note sitting next to him so he lifted it up slowly, it read “I’m sorry Greykin, but can you please stay a real cat so i can show my Best Friend Rachel”. Greykin sighed then strolled onto Maddy’s bed….

End of Part Two.

Ceramic Kitty

“Mum please can i get a kitten?”Asked Maddy. “No sweetheart, you know your brother has asthma!”Explained Mum. Maddy stormed off in a mood! She plopped down onto her bed and cried! After a few minutes her Mum crept in waking Maddy up. “Honey would you like to go to the Market, it’s only a one time thing?”Asked Mum. “Maddy shot up making the room shake, she threw on some clothes and raced down the stairs! Her brother stared in a confused look while eating his lunch. As they finished, Mum said that she would give them £10 each for the Market incase they wanted to buy anything!

When they got to the Market they saw a load of people selling and buying! Maddy saw lots of things she wanted, but she didn’t want to waste her money incase she saw something she really wanted! While she was looking at a stall, her brother sprinted towards her! Out of breath he said… “Maddy i saw a stall… that has a cat that won’t give me asthma!” Her brother grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the stall! There were three ceramic cats spread across the cloth, one was a chick yellow, the other was bright blue, and the last one was a deep purple! She asked the Lady standing behind the counter, the Lady was strange she had tiny plaits sprawled across her hair and she was wearing a Indian dress! The Lady said i will only take a pure heart for these or something worth a lot of heart. Maddy thought the Lady was strange until she pointed at Maddy’s coin necklace that was her Grandpa’s during the war! Maddy looked at the cats then at her necklace, then she nodded and tore the coin off her necklace and handed it to the Woman! She clutched the coin and threw it in her pocket as Maddy held back tears! She couldn’t believe she just did that! Then with the Women’s old, dry hands she grabbed the cats and placed them gently into Maddy’s hands, closing her fists then drifting away into the depths of the stall! Maddy’s Mum strolled over seeing Maddy holding the cats! “So I see you actually bought something, well it’s getting late lets go home!”

Maddy clutched the cats all the way back home! When she got home she placed the sweaty cats on her desk and sighed then slouched into bed….

My way on writing a book called:Pocket Cats Paw Power