Professor Twisted

Professor Twisted was a crazy science teacher at a University in America. He always aimed for the impossible until one day he tried to do the most difficult potion in history called Purple Croc! So he asked a ZooKeeper if he could borrow a crocodile for his experiment…. They accepted! He made the potion but it didn’t exactly look purple…. But he still went with it, he took the crocodile to the University the students were terrified! He poured the potion all over the creature making it grow and grow until it crashed through the ceiling, crashed through the floors making the building crumble to the ground! The students survived but Professor Twisted…..

The End…

The Candy Filled Lightbulb!

I was just being me until I saw a giant lightbulb! It was strange because I had never seen the light in my house before. It was full of rainbow coloured… Candy! I went to touch it (for some reason)! I touched it and it moved a bit then I saw it drop a tiny bit. It was strange at first until it fell to the ground. It smashed throwing the candy everywhere I dropped my suitcase in shock. I stood there then I walked forward making all the sweets crumble into crumbs of candy! Then I stood there staring at the lightbulb.
The End!

The Pencil

I’m a Pencil, I get picked up everyday, I also get hurt! My owner takes this thing with a sharp blade and she cuts my hair, it makes it sharp! She picks me up and places me down, I’m used everyday I’m feeling down… Why don’t you just turn around, make me feel proud! I’m a Pencil, that’s what they call me please make a difference but I might be loud!

Poem by Chloe.

Rainy Talk

I was so bored at Afternoon Break so i went to read under a tree! As I did that my friend came over (Poppy). She read with me too! We were talking about Rain. I said “I like to put on my coat and boots and dance in the Rain!” Then the most weird thing happened… IT STARTED RAINING! As we ran to our Classroom I thought about what I said… and what happened after I said that! It was so weird but I ignored it for the rest of the day… I didn’t I actually bragged about it for the rest of the day!

The End!

The Shards

Sally was only about five at the time when she got a… WOLF! She was so excited! When she was fifteen her Dad was captured by The Ghost Wolf! It told her that his Amulet was destroyed into fifteen pieces that were now located in each part of The Forest! She wondered what lies ahead of her journey to find the fifteen shards. As she lurked throughout The Forest she finally encountered The Ghost Wolf! She fought it for hours until it gave up (Finally)! Her Dad was free… but she still needed to find the shards of the Amulet before her Dad was fully free! So she set off to find the pieces! After she found the shards her Dad was free. But it was already Moon High but she still needed to get home! Her home was Eighty Two Miles away, she had no clue what to do, neither did her Dad! Luckily her Dad brought some blankets while he was on his walk so they slept until Sun High. Then in the morning they went home…

The End!