Project: Germany’s revenge (part 1)!

At 48 minutes past midnight the trillion air died in a freak accident but it was not a accident at all and his name is  Jameson sweetsword! he had always hated the Germans because they killed his own father and they wanted to go do the same to him! So he had make sure that German was aloud for five miles from his headquarters and that had to put his house on top of the headquarters!


Project: end of World Domination!

Zoomy woke up one wet Friday morning, a letter by his bed from his School  he read it and got dressed. As soon as he walked out the door he was with his friends but they being chased  although they ran quickly they were still not making a enough progress two men ran into and shoved into a white limousine. Inside the limousine there was a giant laser was made to destroy the moon but Zoomy broke their laser they had fixed it and was reddy to do project: end of world domination!

The end or is it…

The smartest giant in town’s Easter

There was once a giant who’s name was George he was biggest giant in town. people from far far away,came to see his playground. It had been a while since he made the playground and children loved it. One, morning he was having a lunch in his house and there was a knock on the door it was the mayor he holding a werd egg and said “happy Easter”.George said ” what is it?” But the may had left 

The Smartest Giant in Town’s Playground

George was a giant, the biggest giant in town. He was a scruffy looking chap and he wore gown that he had to patch every day when he disagreed with the mayor. He liked to watch the children of the town play but there was a problem. Their park was empty, just grass and trees, no playground. The people of the town only wanted the park for people to run in.

But George disagreed with the people who owned the town and only wanted to make money from people running.

So, George went to his kitchen. It was a small scruffy looking kitchen.  Very beaten down very much like George himself.  George realised that he had some old cutlery and crockery that his grandma gave him when he was young. So he decided that as some of the set was missing he could give away the rest.

In the middle of the night he picked up his shopping basket. He went off with the things inside and sneaked carefully into the park. There was still a marathon going on. So he quietly put on his hood so he was hidden. He set about putting out his cutlery and crockery on the ground. Building up soil around it. Soon he had made a playground for the children.

It would take every child in the world standing on the cup just to make a dent because it was giant made and very, very strong.

In the morning the park keeper was cutting the grass getting ready for a marathon. He discovered there was a giant teacup in the way. With plenty of cutlery around it. He was astonished. He told the mayor immediately. Who was mad knowing it was George when he saw the CCTV from last night.  But to his surprise people all over the country started to learn about the playground that George had made. People from far and wide came just to see it. And the mayor was more happy than when the marathons were going on.


The adventures of Oleg the meerkat book 1 ?

Oleg the meerkat was a very brilliant,smart and small meerkat but in the beginning of his life he was found himself by Alexander’s mantion. But inside of the mantion is was a different story because Alexander was talking to Sergi his friend while they were setting up for a party and Alexander was saying” do you know why we don’t want to have a baby meerkat” yelled Alexander “I don’t know bro why” yelled Sergi. “Well they stop us from partying from 12:30pm to 9:30am”said Alexander ding dong  they both went to the door and then screamed at Oleg.

To be continued.?