The Air Ambulance.

Hi my name is Fin and I  love  paramedics I want  to be one when i”m older  now i’ll tell you a thing or two of the air ambulance ok so the air ambulance is a team of three or two in a helecopter now when I say two or three sometimes the pilot is a paramedic but at other times the pilot only helps carry the streacher also air paramedics are a bit more advanced than ground paramedics  so being better trained lets you do more things than less advanced lets you do less cool stuff thats it from me byyyyyeyeyyeyyeye!!!!!! 


It was a summers morning, the sky was blue and the sun was shining, but a girl named Susie wasn’t excited for the day ahead because she had to do a maths test. Susie was scared because she was one of the worst at maths even though she was in Year 6. When she got to school she was still scared, when she was in class she was still scared, but she just thought happy thoughts. At the end of the lesson she found out she got the highest mark, she was amazed, however, she couldn’t believe what she had done !

The Contest

It was a bright early Saturday morning and Aiden was up early for the Jibbleybob revolver contest. He was polishing his revolver practising with his bent nerf gun revolver  yes another bullseye Aiden was  so ecstatic he was almost screaming  he still has 2 more minutes until the Jibbelybob Competition. So minutes later he was in the car heading to the competition.  All the competitors were nervous so was Aiden. The ref fired a blank as a signal to start. They all fired, Aiden shut his eyes. Then the loudspeaker boomed, ‘ AND THE WINNER IS ….. AIDEN’ the crowd went wild Aiden was just pleased.

The Owl Of The Dark Forest.

One dark night a young boy about sixteen named Jack was exploring the forest that stood behind his house, first he ran through the long grass until he got there. But then he saw a sudden light , he went to see what it was. He heard laughter.Could it be a den of thieves? He crept closer and closer he started to wonder what it was. Jack took a peep inside , wait nothing? But he was sure he heard something, then there was a sudden BANG!!!AHHHHH!!! Just before he drifted away he heard something hooting. What could it be?


To be continued…

The mirror in the attic

She had found it lying alone, deserted, abandoned in the attic. After making the discovery, Anna had gazed and marvelled at it for some time. Where had it come from? Why had no dust settled upon it, as it had done over everything else that resided in her attic? A layer of the thick dust blanketed the attic floor, and as the sunlight glared through the attic windows, the dust particles yet to settle were illuminated as they hovered in the stuffy air. Yet, the mirror looked flawless, untouched by age, not a finger print in sight.

Anna propped the mirror up against one of the thick, timber beams that jutted from the attic floor. Settling down into a comfortable position, she tentatively placed a finger against the glass…

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