The ferocious fiery forest fire! Part 1.

One misty morning, Simon the snake was minding his own busissines when all of a sudden he heard hissing and creaking. He looks outside his home then he reilized the forest was burning. He went to alarm his friends, he ran into the forest. The animals  were stampeding out but, oh no he didn’t tell Luis the lion. He slithered in to alarm him when he told him he jumped up and ran. Although they ran quickly, they weren’t making enough progress. Then branch fell down almost hitting Luis “your right” he said “its bad, Simon if I don’t make it out of here you can lead them'” “stop being negative” replied Simon. But out of the shadows a tree fell and hit Luis, “NOOOOOOO!!!!” cried Simon but Luis had gone.


The Easter Rabbit (sounds like peter rabbit:)

I”m fury I’m magic did you guess who I am, if you guessed the easter rabbit then you’re correct, I’m the one dropping chocolate eggs in your garden. I do it every year but heres how Easter really started. It all began when a rabbit named No turned 3 he was called No because when everybody saw him they said No don’t do that No don’t do this…. But No got really upset so he went on the rabbit island when… HE SLIPPED! No fell down a hole and there was tons of machinery he told the others about it after that they made chocolate eggs:)

The Underground Basket.

One evening a boy named Jeff was out riding his bike  when he bumped into something he picked up his bike up and examined  the thing he bumped into, it turned out to be a basket he tried to pick it up but it was stuck in solid, but then a hatch opened  he didn’t know what to do so he crawled in. He was wowed it seemed to be a whole secret base all to himself, so he made himself at home it was a miricale!



He was a mad scientist…..all because of this…..

To be continued. For EPISODE 2 please follow my stories about Jeff!


Hi my name is Jeff, a Zookeeper I like my job looking after animals but my boss hates animals whenever one touches him he asks a Zookeeper to dust him off, or his servant(as he’s filthy rich) but what if I was was in charge? I would make the ZOO one of a kind. As I am caring and kind I think I should quit and make my own Zoo yes!


My zoo is finally Complete and I’ve made a fortune the mayor shut down the old zoo so all the keepers came her and I pay them double and I also pay for new animals.


A Day In The Life Of Snow.

Last  Monday, I was falling in the park  I love it when I glide down and go back in the air until I need to snow again but what I really hate is when little humans pick me up and throw me! Can you believe it they throw me, and I hit another human but, the only humans I like is the ones that build out of me. And what I really like is that they put  me in a really tall place of what they are building.

The other thing I don’t like is that humans let their beasts pee on, ME and tread on me it’s so painful. But what I hate the most is when humans lay down on me and I cover them they go inside and I…….melt I know it is so dreadful I have died a million times but luckily I reproduce in the sky.