Heoric Herobrine

One peaceful minecraft morning,  the evil Heorobrine  was looking at his prisoners laughing a grim laugh on CCTV of one of the worlds he saw his old best friend in trouble, oh no he is about to lose all his precious stuff  I must help him because he was my friend. So he got into his teleporter and got to him, he summoned his wither army to attack the players that was attacking his friend. Thanks Herobrine exclaimed his friend any tine mate replied Heorobrine would you want to come to mine said his friend yeah Heorobrine replied. Soon after, Heorobrine went back to his evil castle  well that is enough goodie doing for today and Heorobrine went to sleep .

The End.

The enchanted emerald sword of doom.

from part one the Dark lord rose looking for the enchanted emerald sword of doom . The little brothers are soon going to save the WORLD!

Inside the little cottage James, Adam and Mattis and their dog Flash were up in their bedroom frightened but tired they went to bed but soon were woken up by a shout of grim laugh they looked out of their window and soon found out they were looking at the dark lord. Scared they crept downstairs and opened the door quietly and creeped into their big hurricane shelter they swiched the light on went to sleep hearing once more the dark lords laugh and looked down to check on him but instead they saw inn Flash’s place was the DARK LORD “mwhahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa” screamed the dark lord. to be continued…

The enchanted emerald sword of doom

One calm morning three brothers called James, Adam and Mattis went down for breakfast their father Fintan said “bad news guys schools canceled” “nooooooooooooooooooo” the three brothers said together” why” “because the dark lord is back”  he said in a low whisper “what for “James said   ” the enchanted emerald sword of doom” their father  said. A while after  the three brothers were in the back garden playing suddenly  a flash of lightning crashed down “we should go inside ” shouted Adam. as soon as they got inside their dog flash started barking “yes we know your frightened we are to” Mattis told flash. To be continued…